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White House computer network hit by sustained cyberattack
A sustained cyberattack that lasted almost two weeks was detected on the computer network used by officials of the Executive Office of the President, a White House official said.

29.10.2014 01:45

CIA refuses to make torture report readable, blames Senate for delay
The Central Intelligence Agency is firing back at allegations that it is responsible for delaying the release of the Senate report on the controversial post-9/11 interrogation program, insisting that lawmakers themselves are to blame.

29.10.2014 02:50

Terror alert: US steps up security at govt buildings over attack threats
The United States is beefing up security at thousands of government buildings around the country due to “continued public calls” for terrorist attacks, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced on Tuesday.

28.10.2014 22:11

Revealed: US mail subjected to widespread government surveillance program
Questions are being asked of the United States Postal Service after the release of an audit confirming that roughly 49,000 pieces of mail were monitored by the agency during the last fiscal year.

28.10.2014 20:20

Turkey wants anti-Assad army in control of Kobani – Turkish PM
Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu says Ankara wants the Free Syrian Army, renowned for its opposition to President Bashar Assad, to gain control of the northern Syrian border town of Kobani which has been besieged by Islamic State jihadist fighters.

28.10.2014 14:37

FBI pretended to be Seattle newspaper in order to hack suspect’s computer
The editor of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Seattle Times newspaper says she’s “outraged” to learn only this week that the FBI made a mock-up of the publication’s website in 2007 in order to spread spyware onto the computer of a suspect.

28.10.2014 14:24

‘Militant groups operating in Lebanon are totally different from those in Syria and Iraq’
The militant groups operating in Lebanon, especially in Tripoli, were enjoying the sponsorship of influential political figures in Lebanon, including members of government, unlike the extremists in Syria or Iraq, geopolitical analyst Jamal Wakim told RT.

28.10.2014 12:33

Sick move: Australia shuts borders to 'Ebola-affected' African countries
Australia is the first country to temporarily close its borders to people traveling from West African states battling against the Ebola epidemic. The move comes despite the fact the Ebola-free country has not sent aid workers to any afflicted regions.

28.10.2014 08:27

‘US allies against ISIS are actually ISIS’ main allies’
The way the US is carrying the anti-ISIS war is a total failure because the countries that initially supported, financed and armed ISIS are within the US coalition right now, Talal Atrache, an expert on Jihadist and Islamist mentality, told RT.

28.10.2014 07:41

Americans fear ‘getting hacked’ more than murder, terrorism - Gallup
US citizens said they fear having their credit card information compromised by computer hackers more than any other crimes, including ‘being the victim of terrorism,’ according to a major polling agency.

28.10.2014 06:51

​Watch your attachments: Microsoft Office bug lets hackers take over computers
A dangerous new security vulnerability has been discovered in Microsoft’s Office software, threatening to hijack users of virtually every existing version of Windows.

27.10.2014 23:15

Former CBS reporter accuses government agency of bugging her computer
A journalist formerly with CBS News claims in her new memoir that a United States “government-related entity” hacked into her computer to conduct surveillance and set her up for possible criminal charges.

27.10.2014 19:06

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