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FTC: Security risks within ‘Internet of Things’ may require new industry regulations
The “Internet of Things” consists of roughly 25 billion objects sending invisible signals to communicate in a way that was unheard of a decade ago. Now, according to a new report, the risks involved are growing rapidly and might warrant new rules.

28.01.2015 15:11

White House wants $1.2bn to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria, looming superbug epidemic
The White House has called for increased investment to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria to prevent resurgent diseases once thought eradicated and new superbugs that similarly gain strength thanks to the modern penchant for profligate antibiotic use.

28.01.2015 15:19

Hundreds of UK child sex offenders spared jail, let off with cautions
Hundreds of sex offenders are being given lenient punishments by British judges despite committing “abhorrent” crimes against children.

28.01.2015 16:47

How the super-rich deal with social inequality?
As social inequality is increasing, the rich look to protect their wealth and many invest in supporting candidates who’d lighten their regulatory and tax burden, Robert Johnson President of Institute of New Economic Thinking told RT.

28.01.2015 14:26

Foreign intervention ‘100 times more likely’ in oil-rich states – study
Cutting-edge research from British universities has confirmed a belief long held by conspiracy theorists, realists and hawkish neoconservatives alike: oil drives foreign intervention and war.

28.01.2015 11:51

European anti-terror plan wants 42 pieces of data from air travelers
Passengers flying to and from Europe will now be forced to submit a long list of personal details, which can be stored for up to five years. The counter-terrorism plan would record data such as meal preferences and how many flights someone has missed.

28.01.2015 08:36

Off-duty drunk federal employee flew drone over White House - report
An off-duty Department of Defense employee trying out his friend’s drone from an apartment is responsible for flying the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) over White House grounds, The New York Times reported.

28.01.2015 01:49

Israel launches airstrikes on Syria following rocket attack, ‘red line’ warning from Iran
Israeli jets struck several targets in Syria in response to Hezbollah rocket fire into the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, the IDF said. The exchange came as Iran warned Tel Aviv of crossing a “red line” with the murder of an Iranian general in Syria.

27.01.2015 23:50

Infamous 'Regin' malware linked to Snowden's NSA files
​Researchers say that a powerful computer program that was discovered last year and is linked to campaigns of espionage waged against global targets is strikingly similar to a piece of malware used by the National Security Agency and its Five Eyes allies.

27.01.2015 20:11

Militarized security prepared for Super Bowl (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Super Bowl security will be reinforced by Black Hawk military-style helicopters and massive X-ray machines designed to scan large cargo trucks, all courtesy of US Customs and Border Protection.

27.01.2015 19:41

Unmanned, unregulated & on White House grounds: Obama says drones need rules
President Barack Obama has acknowledged that federal laws for unmanned aerial vehicles – or drones – lag behind the technology readily available to consumers. His remarks came hours after a small UAV was found to have crashed on White House grounds.

27.01.2015 15:29

​Pollution damaging English economy, public health – experts
Pollution in England is damaging its economy, an independent advisory group has warned, as it urged the government to rethink its attitudes to environmental wellbeing.

27.01.2015 15:47