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Syrian TV cameraman assassinated outside Damascus by 'armed groups’
A cameraman working for Syrian state TV was killed in front of his house in a west Damascus neighborhood, state news agency SANA said. The assassination of yet another Syrian TV employee was reportedly carried out by an “armed terrorist group.”

22.12.2012 13:24

Doomsday re-scheduled? Archaeological record suggests Mayan Armageddon is Sunday
Just as the world sighs in relief at having escaped the Mayan Armageddon, the ancient prophesy may still hold true. According to one archaeologist, the end could come as early as this Sunday.

21.12.2012 23:45

Wired’s Most Dangerous: Russia’s cyber-security mogul behind Flame virus downfall hits top 15
Two US whistleblowers, Syria’s president, a Mexican drug lord – and Evgeny Kaspersky, the founder of Kaspersky Lab., one of the biggest international malware-fighting companies – make it into the list of Wired magazine’s Most Dangerous People.

21.12.2012 20:51

After defeat in California, New Mexico takes on Monsanto and GMO producers
A lawmaker in New Mexico wants to make it mandatory for genetically modified foods to be properly labeled in supermarkets across the state. Given the last attempt, though, it’s likely to be an uphill battle.

21.12.2012 18:21

FBI gun control database resembles Swiss cheese
Gun buyers in the US are required to undergo background checks, but gaps in the FBI database have allowed thousands of Americans to buy firearms each year, despite suffering from mental health conditions.

21.12.2012 17:16

UN approves military force to combat Islamist terrorists in Mali
The UN Security Council has given the green light for the use of military force to combat Islamist terrorists in northern Mali. The Council said that the 3,300 troops will use "all necessary measures" to pacify the northern territories.

21.12.2012 08:59

New dawn in Korean politics unlikely to bring sunshine (Op-Ed)
South Korea's President-elect Park Geun-hye promises more openness with the North. But a resumption of the 'Sunshine' policy is unlikely as she makes demands Pyongyang will find impossible to meet.

21.12.2012 07:18

American atomic secrets at risk - probe
A US Department of Energy probe has revealed that the body tasked with safeguarding nuclear weapons has failed to disclose details on the rising number of cyber-attacks, thus putting the agency's information systems at “increased risk.”

21.12.2012 04:04

'End of the road' for ACTA in Europe as EC withdraws court appeal over treaty
The European Commission has withdrawn its request to review ACTA’s compatibility with the EU law in the European Court of Justice. The move virtually ensures the treaty will never be adopted in the Union.

20.12.2012 22:04

Gun deaths to exceed car accident fatalities in 2015
Car accidents have been the leading cause of non-medical deaths in the US for decades, but new data shows that the number of firearm fatalities will soon exceed traffic deaths for the first time.

20.12.2012 20:42

Texas trooper suspended after conducting roadside cavity searches
A Texas State Trooper who conducted an inappropriate and humiliating roadside body cavity search of two women has been suspended from her position while she is being investigated for violating the Fourth Amendment.

20.12.2012 18:41

21 December 2012 is here: 'Apocalypse' LIVE UPDATES
The much-anticipated date for the end of the world is finally coming, as predicted by the Mayans, and we’ve got the latest updates on how the globe is dealing with 'Armageddon.'

20.12.2012 14:17

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