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'US unchained itself from constitution': Whistleblowers on RT after secret Snowden meeting
Edward Snowden’s revelations of NSA surveillance programs prove that the US has abandoned the rule of law, betraying its own constitution, whistleblower Thomas Andrews Drake, told RT.

10.10.2013 12:02

America’s trade tango with Tehran
Media reports are suggesting an almost unseemly haste amongst American corporations to export to Iran at the faintest whiff of a rapprochement only months after more swingeing sanctions were applied…

10.10.2013 11:50

Libyan PM freed after capture by former rebels over US raid
Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan spent several hours in captivity after a 'former rebel' militia kidnapped him from a Tripoli hotel in retaliation for his apparent cooperation with a US anti-terror raid.

10.10.2013 04:27

Snowden's father arrives in Moscow
The father of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has arrived in Moscow. Lon Snowden's flight touched down at Sheremetyevo Airport - where his son famously spent five weeks in transit limbo before receiving asylum in Russia.

10.10.2013 04:02

MI5 threat assessment does not match concrete terrorist activities
The MI5 latest assessment on the terrorist threat level in the UK does not match reality, political writer John Wight told RT. Instead Andrew Parker’s speech creates fear that is used as a basis for an attack on Edward Snowden.

10.10.2013 01:35

Israel and Saudi Arabia: Best frenemies forever?
While Iran has launched a “charm offensive” in an attempt to restore contacts with the West, Israel and Saudi Arabia, who don’t have diplomatic relations, are rumored to be creating an alliance, which may well become the region’s new “super power.”

09.10.2013 19:32

'ScareMail' seeks to confuse NSA programs with nonsense
An Illinois man has developed a Gmail browser extension designed to randomly insert fake, nonsensical stories into the signature of every email one sends to confuse the NSA’s surveillance operations.

10.10.2013 00:56

US opens drone facility in Germany, insists ‘not for spying purposes’
As two new US ‘Hunter’ drones are set to start traversing German airspace next Monday, the army remains firm that they will be used solely for training drone operators rather than spying purposes, and will not be carrying weapons.

09.10.2013 16:20

NYPD agent arrested for biker beating spied on Occupy activists
A NYPD cop arrested in connection with the violent biker brawl last month in Manhattan reportedly worked as an undercover officer and tried to infiltrate the Occupy movement and the activism community that supported Anonymous hacktivist Jeremy Hammond.

09.10.2013 16:54

Declassified FBI files detail secret surveillance team
The Federal Bureau of Investigation has turned over new documents detailing how the FBI collects cell phone location information about criminal suspects, but most of the secretive program will remain under wraps for now.

09.10.2013 14:26

Mossad ‘resorts to threats’ to block agents’ family life documentary
The Israeli secret service has gone to great length to prevent the production of a documentary looking at the lives of its agents from a personal perspective. Filmmakers reportedly saw their interviews canceled under pressure from Mossad.

09.10.2013 12:15

Hunt for Silk Road users and Bitcoin fortunes intensifies
Officials in Britain, Sweden and the US have arrested eight more people in connection with Silk Road, the website for criminal services, as the search for millions of dollars in bitcoins – the currency of choice for online users – steps up a gear.

09.10.2013 12:06

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