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Here you see him, there you don't: Ukrainian rebel commander appears on Ferguson video
A video showing a prominent field commander of the East Ukrainian militia amid rioters in Missouri’s Ferguson neighborhood sparked wild online speculation in Russia that the man, called a secret Russian agent by Kiev, is now on a mission in the US.

18.08.2014 10:19

​West has more influence than Kiev on oligarchs’ armies in Ukraine – Lavrov
Moscow believes the West has more influence on various paramilitary forces in Ukraine - sponsored by local oligarchs - than Kiev does, Russian FM said citing the latest bickering between Right Sector and the Interior Ministry.

18.08.2014 07:48

Autopsy reveals cop shot Ferguson teen ‘at least 6 times’
The preliminary results of a private autopsy showed that Michael Brown, the black teen killed by a police officer in the city of Ferguson, St. Louis County, Missouri, was shot at least six times, the New York Times reported on Sunday night.

18.08.2014 05:03

Syrian Air Force strike ISIS positions in Raqqa
Syrian government forces carried out airstrikes against the Islamic State, killing at least 31 jihadists on Sunday. The moderate rebels are calling for US strikes, as in neighboring Iraq, saying the regime is not fighting the Islamic State hard enough.

17.08.2014 23:45

World’s most pierced man turned away from Dubai over ‘black magic’ concerns
Rolf Buchholz, a German famed for having 453 piercings and an implanted pair of horns, was prevented from entering Dubai for a nightclub show, after customs officials deemed his presence a “security risk.”

17.08.2014 13:34

Syrian rebels call for Iraq-style US airstrikes against ISIS
The Syrian National Coalition has urged the international community, namely the US, to carry out airstrikes against the Islamic State radicals in Syria. According to Al Jazeera sources, Washington advised the Western-backed group to make such a plea.

17.08.2014 01:07

Germany tapped John Kerry’s phone, spied on Turkey for years - report
Germany’s foreign intelligence agency eavesdropped at least one telephone conversation of US Secretary of State John Kerry and spied on NATO ally Turkey since 2009, Der Spiegel newspaper revealed on Saturday.

16.08.2014 18:45

​'Do not disturb': Top Ukrainian official asks to be left alone over missing Russian journalist
An adviser to Ukrainian Interior Minister, Anton Gerashchenko, has demanded on his Facebook page that journalists – especially Russian – do not disturb him concerning missing Russian journalist Andrey Stenin.

16.08.2014 12:59

Spanish police nab woman smuggling 1.7kg cocaine in breast implants
A woman flying from Colombia has been arrested at Madrid’s Barajas airport for carrying 1.7 kilograms of cocaine hidden in her breast implants. Police said her behavior was suspicious, which led to drugs agents intervening.

16.08.2014 12:54

Ebola spreading faster, out of control for next 6 months – Doctors without Borders
The spread of Ebola is outrunning efforts to stop it, according to international aid group Doctors Without Borders, which estimates it might take six months to get the situation under control.

16.08.2014 05:14

17 Ukrainian soldiers cross into Russia, lay down arms – FSB
Seventeen Ukrainian soldiers crossed into Russia's southern Rostov region on Saturday and laid down their arms after fleeing the fighting, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) said.

16.08.2014 08:48

‘Relations with US strategic asset we cannot endanger’ – Israeli finance minister
Amid reports of straining relations between the Obama administration and the Israeli government, Israeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid has stated that the ties with the US “are a strategic asset which we cannot endanger."

15.08.2014 07:42