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Beirut bombings are ‘a clear message by Saudi Arabia’
The blasts near the Iranian embassy in Beirut are a clear message by Saudi Arabia to Iran, as by targeting Iran it wants to spread chaos and war also inside Lebanon, political analyst Kevork Elmassian told RT.

19.11.2013 13:43

RT special report: US drone strike rips Yemeni community apart
The price of America’s drone war is normally borne in silence by nameless victims in distant lands left to pick up the pieces. RT’s Lucy Kafanov visited Yemen to put a human face to a community forever changed by yet another anonymous strike from above.

19.11.2013 11:56

Norway admits it carried out phone surveillance for NSA
Norway's intelligence services said they, not the US National Security Agency, collected data on more than 33 million phone conversations in Norway over the space of one month last year.

19.11.2013 13:27

Spetsnaz to reinforce Russian embassy security - Lavrov
Following a nationalist attack at its embassy in Poland, Russia plans to deploy elite Spetsnaz units to its diplomatic facilities around the world, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov revealed.

19.11.2013 11:44

Pushing boundaries: US eyes Russian encirclement via NATO ‘Trojan horse’
The US is using the NATO as a Trojan horse in order to take over militarily and politically the whole of Eastern Europe, from the Baltic to the Black Sea, and this is an open provocation vis-à-vis Russia, Rick Rozoff, manager of Stop NATO told RT.

19.11.2013 11:54

US plans to train thousands of Libyan security forces in Bulgaria
The Pentagon plans to train up to 8,000 Libyan soldiers, including special operation forces capable of carrying out counter-terrorism missions, in an effort to bolster security in the unstable oil-rich North African state.

19.11.2013 08:30

End to privacy? Western firms hawk mass surveillance technology to developing world
Human rights groups are sounding alarms as Western firms sell mass surveillance technology in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, equipping governments and companies new capabilities to snoop on citizens.

19.11.2013 08:32

Watchers watched: Boston cops grumpy over GPS trackers on cruisers
While some police officers would like to be able to use GPS trackers on suspects without a warrant, being on the receiving end of surveillance is taken quite differently. Boston cops are concerned about the pending use of trackers on their cars.

19.11.2013 07:26

Yahoo announces plan to encrypt all customer data, email by 2014
Yahoo will add encryption to all its services in an effort to shield customers from ongoing monitoring and data collection by the National Security Agency, company president and CEO Marissa Mayer announced in a blog post.

18.11.2013 21:59

US-Afghan security pact collapsing after Karzai refusal
A pact between the United States and Afghanistan to keep American troops inside the country is in danger of falling apart.

18.11.2013 17:25

M23 gangs are returning to Rwanda from Congo
The ‘Defeat of M23’ is perhaps orchestrated. The group is returning home to Rwanda only because it is most likely needed there.

18.11.2013 14:09

Snowden effect: NSA struggles with 888% increase in FOIA requests
The number of Freedom of Information Act requests filed with the National Security Agency has increased by 888 percent this fiscal year, according to USA Today, indicating an even broader interest exists in the NSA’s domestic surveillance programs.

18.11.2013 16:18