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Russia launches large-scale naval drill in Black Sea same day as NATO (VIDEO)
Some 20 warships, over 20 airplanes and helicopters, as well as the marines and coast artillery are taking part in the Black Sea Fleet exercise, Russian Defense Ministry reported. The war games launched the same day as NATO's military drill in the area.

04.07.2014 16:32

'We’ll take back Spain': Fighters claim ISIS to seize 'occupied lands'
A group of jihadists claiming to be part of ISIS have vowed to invade Spain along with all other “occupied lands” in a video posted on the web.

04.07.2014 11:05

Israeli police, Palestinians clash in Jerusalem as Arab teen’s funeral held
​Israeli police and Palestinian protesters are clashing in Jerusalem where thousands of mourners gathered for the funeral of an Arab teenager who, Palestinians believe, was killed by Israeli extremists in a revenge attack.

04.07.2014 12:04

‘They send us junk’: Kiev troops complain of poor ammunition, stale food, old maps
While Ukrainian authorities expect troops to spare no effort in bringing the south-eastern regions back under Kiev’s control, soldiers on the ground appear to doubt if the government is doing all it takes to provide for those it sends to warzones.

04.07.2014 05:39

‘Without international joint action ISIS would have cells worldwide’
ISIS is obviously attempting to penetrate Northern Lebanon and Tripoli, and eventually have cells operating in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and other states, until somebody stops them, Middle East analyst and counter-terrorism expert Walid Phares told RT.

04.07.2014 11:31

NATO arming Ukraine with Soviet weapons – Deputy PM Rogozin
NATO’s newest Eastern European members are handing over their Soviet arms stockpiles to the Ukrainian army, Russia’s Deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin says, adding that the alliance is in danger of pouring gasoline on the flames of that country’s civil war.

04.07.2014 05:25

‘They fled like rats': ISIS snatches key Syrian oilfield from rival militants
ISIS fighters have seized an oilfield on the Syria-Iraq border, snatching it from the control of rival militants. The Pentagon has said while it considers the Iraqi Army capable of defending Baghdad, outside aid may be required to repel the jihadists.

04.07.2014 07:46

US-bound airlines to screen smartphones, laptops amid new Al-Qaeda terror threat
​Airlines that fly direct to the US will be forced to step up checks on mobile phones and shoes in light of threats of an Al-Qaeda bomb attack. US officials say terrorists have found a way to conceal incendiary devices inside phones to avoid detection.

04.07.2014 05:22

NATO holds reduced Black Sea naval exercises without Ukraine
Four NATO warships are in the Black Sea for annual Sea Breeze military drills with regional navies, but this year the number of participants has fallen significantly due to the civil war in Ukraine, which hosted the exercises in previous years.

04.07.2014 04:41

‘Nowhere to hide, NSA owns the network’
NSA global reach is omnipresent. The US intelligence controls the entire cyber network across the globe, violating individual piracy by storing endless data on its increasingly enlarged servers, former NSA crypto-mathematician, William Binney, told RT.

04.07.2014 03:24

F-35 fleet grounded for the eighth time over unknown engine issue
As the cost of Lockheed Martin’s F-35 fighter jet continues to grow, so do the headaches: the United States military announced on Thursday that its entire fleet of aircraft has been grounded until engine inspections are completed.

04.07.2014 03:38

Protesters vow to block the transport of undocumented immigrants
Protesters in Murrieta, California are vowing to turn out in even greater numbers if more buses carrying illegal immigrants arrive in the city of 100,000.

04.07.2014 02:50