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'US epidemic of police violence - symptom of sick society dominated by social inequality'
US society is riven by unprecedented levels of social inequality where the state including the military and the police see themselves as an occupying force fighting a hostile population, Andre Damon, World Socialist Web Site reporter, told RT.

22.04.2015 14:05

‘Maidan snipers trained in Poland’: Polish MP alleges special op in Ukraine to provoke riot
Snipers who are thought to have operated in Kiev’s Independence Square amidst events that led to a coup in February 2014 were trained in Poland and sent to Ukraine to “do a favor” for the US, a Polish Euro-MP claimed in an interview.

22.04.2015 09:42

​US uses Ukraine crisis to derail Russia-Germany partnership – Lavrov
Washington’s strategy is to sow discord throughout the world to keep itself in the loop in every region, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told Russian media. The Ukrainian crisis was initiated to prevent an alliance between Russia and Germany.

22.04.2015 13:34

US can ‘penetrate’ S-300 air defenses in Iran if necessary – Obama
However good Russia’s S-300 air defense system is, when supplied to Iran the US will be capable of dealing with it, President Barack Obama said in an interview to MSNBC. He mentioned the Pentagon’s incredible budget compared to Iran’s as proof.

22.04.2015 05:48

Radioactive drone found on Japan PM’s office roof
A drone marked with the radioactive sign and equipped with a camera, flare and water bottle, was found on the roof of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Tokyo office. A police investigation is underway.

22.04.2015 08:37

Jeb Bush praises Obama for continuing NSA metadata surveillance
​President Barack Obama isn’t likely to hear many kind words from Republicans looking to succeed him in office. However, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is praising him for continuing a controversial surveillance program.

22.04.2015 00:58

Justice Dept. investigating death of man killed in Baltimore PD’s custody
The US Department of Justice announced on Tuesday that it is opening a federal civil rights investigation into the death of Freddie Gray. The Baltimore man who died after his spine was severed while he was being held in police custody.

21.04.2015 22:24

Twitter gets tough in tackling internet trolls
Twitter has announced it is initiating new measures to stop users from receiving violent threats and abuse. These will include a new message filter and blocking the accounts of abusive users.

21.04.2015 20:48

​Caffeine come-down: Serbian presidential plane plunges due to spilled coffee
The Serbian president’s aircraft, en route to the Vatican, was forced to return to Belgrade because the co-pilot spilled coffee on the instrument panel, it has been revealed.

21.04.2015 15:31

Pumps at Fukushima plant halted, toxic water leaking into ocean - TEPCO
All the eight water transfer pumps at the Fukushima 1 nuclear power station have been shut down due to a power outage, leading to a leak of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean, the plant’s operator said.

21.04.2015 12:27

‘Israel is elephant in the room in Iran-US relations’
Israel is a key obstacle to the US-Iran thaw since the growing regional economic influence of Tehran presents a number of geopolitical and strategic stumbling blocks for Israel and its hegemony in the Middle East, political analyst Eric Draitser told RT.

21.04.2015 10:57

Mediterranean migrant crisis: ‘EU and US have to own up to what they have done in Libya’
The West should recognize that the situation with African migrants trying to escape to Europe is a serious crisis which needs to be addressed on an international level, Abayomi Azikiwe, editor, Pan-African News Wire, told RT.

21.04.2015 10:56