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‘Destruction of Palmyra would be a great loss, whole humanity will suffer’
International action is needed to fight ISIS in Syria and to prevent Palmyra, the birthplace of human civilization from destruction, Edmund Ghareeb, Middle East researcher and lecturer, told RT.

21.05.2015 10:59

Arm-ageddon: US to resupply Israel’s bombs & missiles arsenal, sell attack choppers to S. Arabia
The Pentagon has announced new multibillion dollar arms contracts with the regimes in Israel and Saudi Arabia, America’s primary allies in the Middle East. Both are knee-deep in military conflicts destabilizing the region.

21.05.2015 05:49

'Like Hiroshima, Nagasaki': Iran urges UN to condemn Israel for alleged nuke threats
Israel has drawn fire from Iran for alleged threats of a nuclear strike. Tehran told the UN Security Council that recent comments by the Israeli Defense Minister bore reference to “what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”

21.05.2015 07:52

​Terror threat: Belfast most dangerous city in Europe – risk analysts
Belfast faces the highest risk of terrorism of all European cities, while London is “low risk” despite being an “attractive target,” a new study claims.

21.05.2015 08:23

Israel confiscates 'ISIS-promoting rings' in airport en route to Palestine
Israeli customs officials have confiscated a package with at least 120 rings, claiming the inscriptions in Arabic the jewelry bears are promoting Islamic State (formerly ISIS/ISIL).

20.05.2015 21:10

​WikiLeaks takes spy contractor database under its wing amid death threats
A searchable database containing employment profiles of government employees and contractors is now being hosted by WikiLeaks after spawning cyberattacks and deaths threats.

20.05.2015 20:18

Gyrocopter pilot who landed on Capitol lawn indicted on 6 charges
The Florida postal carrier who flew a gyrocopter onto the grounds of the US Capitol faces up to nine and a half years in prison.

20.05.2015 20:39

DoJ prods Congress to take action on NSA surveillance programs before expiry
The National Security Agency’s authority to conduct dragnet surveillance on the phone records of Americans is set to expire on June 1, but the Department of Justice now says the NSA should start preparing to end the program as early as this week.

20.05.2015 20:00

​World swatting away Ukraine like ‘an annoying fly’ – ex-president Yushchenko
Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has warned that Ukraine is falling out of the international spotlight, comparing his country to an “annoying fly” everyone is bored with. A new format is needed for resolving the conflict in Donbass, he said.

20.05.2015 11:44

Rand Paul filibusters NSA surveillance in Congress
United States Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) vows to filibuster any attempt in Congress to extend the eavesdropping powers provided to the government through the US Patriot Act before they expire at the end of the month.

20.05.2015 19:46

​Ex-Royal Navy sailor to RT: Trident whistleblower’s security allegations true
As Royal Navy whistleblower William McNeilly remains in military custody for criticizing Trident nuclear safety procedures, an ex-Navy sailor who backs many of his allegations has spoken at length to RT.

20.05.2015 12:24

​‘Strategic smokescreen’: Family of UK pensioner deny he sold Bin Laden’s location to CIA
Family members of a London pensioner and former Pakistani army officer accused of selling the secret location of Osama bin Laden to the CIA have flatly denied the allegations.

20.05.2015 14:27