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Israel surprises with unexpected military drills in West Bank
Israel's army announced it is carrying out a two-day “surprise exercise” in the West Bank, with thousands of reservists participating in what marks the first drill of its kind in three years.

01.03.2015 23:25

Mossad busts coded terrorist communications on eBay, porn sites – report
Terror groups are using encrypted messages on eBay, Reddit, and pornographic websites. When decoded by Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency has discovered information concerning specific attacks – including when they may happen, a book claims.

01.03.2015 16:28

​Lugansk has fully withdrawn heavy weapons, passed info to OSCE – militia
The self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) has announced it has withdrawn all of its heavy weapons from the demarcation line in compliance with the Minsk-2 peace agreements and has informed the OSCE of the hardware’s new location.

01.03.2015 11:32

Russia ready to repel any nuke strike, retaliate – missile forces command chief
Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces are ready to react to any nuclear strike even if it is lightning fast, SMF Central Command chief said. A retaliatory strike would take place in all circumstances, “without hesitation,” he added.

01.03.2015 09:41

'Jihadi John' known to MI5 since 2008, but they let him escape – report
Mohammed Enwazi, the Islamic State terrorist known as “Jihadi John,” was identified by British intelligence but allowed to escape to Syria. It was also revealed that he had links to the failed 21/7 attacks in London, the Observer reports.

01.03.2015 10:33

Over 100 Bosnians to be deported from the US over 90s war crimes – report
US authorities reportedly plan to deport at least 150 Bosnians suspected of committing atrocities during the Bosnian War of 1992-95. Some are accused of participating in the mass executions in Srebrenica in 1995.

01.03.2015 06:36

Israel asks US for additional $300mn for missile defense – report
Israel reportedly bypassed the White House and asked the US Congress for an extra $317 million to be added to President Barack Obama's budget for the next fiscal year in order to fund Israeli missile defense programs, Bloomberg reported.

01.03.2015 02:37

NSA spying program renewed ahead of congressional showdown
A federal court has renewed a National Security Agency program allowing for the bulk collection of Americans' phone records, highlighting a battle between the White House and Congress to reform the nature of mass surveillance in the country.

28.02.2015 09:51

Washington supplying Kiev with satellite intelligence of conflict in east – report
The US is supplying Kiev with spy satellite imagery of enemy positions in eastern Ukraine, but does so by deliberately reducing the quality, apparently so as not to anger Russia too much, according to The Wall Street Journal.

28.02.2015 10:34

US hammers out ‘bottom lines’ for Iran nuclear deal
The Obama administration has laid out a rigorous outline for Tehran to follow before an agreement can be reached regarding Iran’s nuclear program, the details of which will be discussed in talks next week.

28.02.2015 09:27

US, UK meddling in OSCE’s mandate in Ukraine – Russia's envoy to UN
The US and UK are attempting to change the OSCE’s existing mandate in Ukraine, according to Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitality Churkin. His comments came after a closed-door UN Security Council meeting on the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine.

27.02.2015 23:05

Cracked cantaloupe shows bulletproof baseball cap will save your melon
Body armor is heavy, unwieldy and impractical for everyday use. And bulletproof vests, which can be worn under clothing, don’t protect the head from a kill shot. One company aims to solve those issues with an impenetrable, yet inconspicuous baseball cap.

27.02.2015 18:22