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#SydneySiege: 'Islamist' hostage drama in Australia
Police operation at a café in central Sydney, Australia is over after the gunman Man Manis held some 40 hostages for over 16 hours.At least 5 have been injured including a policeman.

15.12.2014 03:52

Gunman takes hostages in Sydney cafe, displays black ‘jihadist’ flag
A police operation is underway at a café in central Sydney, where up to 40 hostages are being held by an armed attacker and a black flag with Arabic inscriptions can be seen. Australia is contributing to the US-led operation against the Islamic State.

December 15, 2014 13:48

At its 27th birthday parade, Hamas vows to destroy Israel
Hamas paraded 2,000 of its armed fighters and truck-mounted rockets through Gaza on Sunday, vowing to destroy Israel. It comes as a sluggish rebuilding program of the coastal strip threatens the August ceasefire that ended the 50-day war with Israel.

14.12.2014 20:11

'Stripped naked, kept in solitary': Manning tortured like terrorist, Welsh relatives say
US authorities tortured Chelsea Manning with barbaric CIA techniques, which posed a threat to her psychological health, the Welsh aunt of the jailed whistleblower revealed to local media.

14.12.2014 10:11

Head of UK torture probe requests CIA data on British role in rendition
Sir Malcolm Rifkind has requested data from the US to learn the extent of British intelligence’s involvement in the CIA’s torture program. The UK government’s contradictory statements on the issue have only fanned the flames of suspicion.

14.12.2014 06:31

Moscow to Sweden: Alleged 'colliding' jet 70km from civil route, used NATO tactics
Russia’s Defense Ministry has dismissed Sweden’s accusation that an unresponsive Russian military aircraft nearly collided with a passenger plane over the Baltic Sea. The ministry added that NATO planes in the area also have their transponders turned off.

14.12.2014 03:08

China offers military help to Iraq to defeat ISIS – report
Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Jafari says that his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, has made an offer to help Iraq fight Islamic State militants. Beijing has volunteered to assist with airstrikes, though it will not join the US-led coalition against ISIS.

13.12.2014 20:41

Frontline handshake: Kiev army, militia meet amid Donetsk airport ruins
In the wake of the latest ceasefire in war-torn eastern Ukraine, commanders from both sides of the conflict met and shook hands at the wrecked Donetsk airport, agreeing that they do not want the “fraternal” conflict to continue, according to a report.

13.12.2014 16:21

British troops to return to Iraq next month to fight ISIS
UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon has announced that hundreds of British troops will be sent to Iraq next month to train local Kurdish and Iraqi forces to fight the Islamic State.

13.12.2014 19:25

Rioters clash with police in downtown Zurich, rampage through city center (VIDEO)
Massive scenes of violence were reported in Zurich, one of the world's most quiet and prosperous cities. Some 200 masked left-wing radicals clashed with police and set streets in the city center ablaze. Seven policemen were injured in the incident.

13.12.2014 13:13

Guns-n-burkas: Yemen troops kill Al-Qaeda suspects disguised as women
Dressing like women didn’t help Al-Qaeda operatives after their bus was checked by a soldier at a checkpoint not far from the Saudi border, resulting in a shootout.

13.12.2014 13:54

Cryptoy: UK intelligence app for teens teaching tool or PR spin?
British intelligence agency GCHQ has launched an application for teenagers to clue them in on encryption techniques and message security to ensure protection from surveillance.

13.12.2014 12:58