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Over 1,000 inmates, incl Al-Qaeda suspects, escape Yemeni prison
Around 1,200 prisoners, including some Al-Qaeda suspects, managed to stage one of the biggest jailbreaks in years in Yemen’s south-eastern town of Taiz, after violence broke out and guards abandoned their posts, according to officials.

30.06.2015 21:56

License to snoop: Court revives NSA spy program through December
The NSA can reboot its bulk collection program, which expired on June 1, for a period of five more months. This was the decision of a federal spy court put in charge of reviewing the agency’s future petitions for records under the USA Freedom Act.

30.06.2015 18:25

As Iran nuclear deadline passes, narrative battle heats up (Op-Ed)
It’s D-Day in Vienna, and the parties sitting across the negotiating table still haven’t ironed out terms to settle a 12-year standoff over Iran’s nuclear program. Expect this deadline to be missed. And prepare for a lot of hot air to fill its space.

30.06.2015 14:17

​ISIS beheads female civilians for the first time - monitor
Islamic State militants have beheaded two civilian women in Syria for the first time, a monitor says, adding that the victims were accused of sorcery and witchcraft and were executed along with their husbands.

30.06.2015 09:06

France to Italy: Schengen border controls legal, migrants will be checked
France’s leading administrative court says that border controls on the boundary with Italy are legal and do not violate the Schengen agreement. Rights groups had filed a complaint supporting hundreds of migrants who were looking to cross into France.

30.06.2015 09:24

‘US 4th-class allies France, Germany should cipher everything they have’
France and Germany seem to have a servile attitude towards the US and its foreign policy which has to do with their ‘anti-terrorism’ collection capabilities. They felt they had not to upset the collection arrangements says former CIA officer Ray McGovern.

30.06.2015 10:06

Coastal UK residents at ‘high risk’ of deadly asteroid tsunami, scientists warn
Britain is at “very high risk” of an asteroid tsunami that could kill hundreds of thousands of people living near the coastline, scientists have warned.

30.06.2015 10:24

SAS-style police counter-terror unit unveiled in wake of Tunisia attack
Scotland Yard has revealed the creation of a new unit of armed police officers who will be used to tackle the threat of a gun attack in Britain.

30.06.2015 07:53

NSA intercepted French corporate contracts worth $200 million over decade – WikiLeaks
Washington has been leading a policy of economic espionage against France for more than a decade by intercepting communications of the Finance minister and all corporate contracts valued at more than $200 million, according to a new WikiLeaks report.

29.06.2015 19:41

Exeter city center evacuated in double bomb scare
A number of streets in the historic southern English city of Exeter were evacuated on Monday morning after the discovery of two suspicious packages.

29.06.2015 13:14

Palestinian to be freed by Israel after 56-day hunger strike
A lawyer for a Palestinian held prisoner in Israel says he will be released in exchange for ending a 56-day hunger strike. Khader Adnan is set to be set free on July 12, after spending around a year in jail without being charged.

29.06.2015 14:16

‘New demands on Iran – deliberate stumbling blocks’
Additional demands on Iran at the nuclear talks put forward by France are basically impossible to fulfill; it’s unlikely that they were made without the full knowledge and approval of the US, says political commentator Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich.

29.06.2015 12:51