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Pentagon needs Russian rocket engines to guarantee access to space till alternative is found
​Until a viable alternative is available to bring “sensitive” US satellites into orbit, the US military does not envisage a speedy abandonment of the Russian RD-180 rocket engines as sought by politicians motivated by US national interests.

20.11.2014 02:09

WhatsApp starts encrypting user messages on Android devices
WhatsApp, the world’s most popular mobile messaging application, is adding a default encryption service for messages sent on its platform, what is said to be the largest encryption service of its kind.

19.11.2014 19:22

Navy vet to RT: I was fired, called ‘terrorist’ for posting photos of DHS vehicles near Ferguson
Mark Paffrath, a Navy veteran, was fired and branded a “terrorist” for taking pictures of dozens of Homeland Security vehicles parked at the hotel where he used to work in Ferguson, as grand jury decision on Michael Brown shooting is due, he told RT.

19.11.2014 17:53

The Cult of ISIS
No, we’re not talking about any ancient Egyptian religious lore, even though geographically, we’re in the same general area.

19.11.2014 11:43

‘US policy - number one driver of terrorism in the Mideast, around the world’
If the US was serious about re-evaluating not only how it fights terrorism but how terrorism is spread, it would begin by looking in the mirror as its counter-terrorism strategy that foments terrorism abroad, geopolitical analyst Eric Draitser told RT.

19.11.2014 09:57

US to open detention facility for women, kids illegally entering country
US Immigration and Customs Enforcement says it will open a detention facility for illegal female immigrants with children in Texas. It will open its doors in December, but has drawn criticism from rights groups who label it ‘inhumane’.

19.11.2014 09:31

‘UK foreign policy to blame for sense of hatred, alienation of young Muslims’
The main threat to UK home security is presented by young alienated Muslims who are under constant surveillance and harassment by the government, but not those citizens who went to Syria or Iraq and came back, political commentator Chris Bambery told RT.

19.11.2014 07:19

​Pro-government surveillance Congressman to chair House Intelligence Committee
A lawmaker known for favoring the National Security Agency will head the House Intelligence Committee in the 114th Congress that begins next year, as House Speaker John Boehner picked California Rep. Devin Nunes for the position.

18.11.2014 20:59

Torture report's release might risk American lives overseas – ex-CIA chief
Making public the Senate’s comprehensive review of the CIA’s controversial post-9/11 interrogation and rendition program could endanger the lives of Americans working overseas, warned former CIA director Michael Hayden.

19.11.2014 00:52

Chelyabinsk meteor #2? Massive flash over Russia’s Urals stuns locals & scientists
An extraordinary bright orange flash has lit up the sky in Russia’s Sverdlovsk region in the Urals. While locals captured the massive ‘blast’ on numerous cameras, both scientists and emergency services still struggle to explain the unusual event.

18.11.2014 20:44

Obama: I will send US troops to fight ISIS if they get nukes
US President Barack Obama has, for the first time, admitted he would deploy US ground troops to Syria and Iraq to fight Islamic State - that is, if the extremist group obtained a nuclear weapon.

18.11.2014 15:06

Israel violence spiral: '3rd Intifada will be different'
Palestinians’ anger against the Israeli state is boiling over with attacks occurring almost on a daily basis over the last month. The main question haunting Israelis is whether the “Third Intifada” will start any day now, or has already started.

18.11.2014 07:15