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Over 90 killed in Iraq suicide bombings targeting Shiites
A string of bombings has killed at least 96 people in the Baghdad suburb of Sadr City, Ur district and the northern city of Baiji, adding to the worst year of violence since US troops began leaving the country in 2008.

21.09.2013 16:12

Russia may change stance on Syria if Assad ‘cheats’ - Kremlin
Moscow could change its position on Syria if it is discovered that Damascus is “cheating,” Kremlin Administration Chief Sergey Ivanov said on Saturday.

21.09.2013 11:35

Watchdog examines Syria’s disclosure on chem arsenal as Damascus meets deadline
The Hague-based chemical weapons watchdog has begun to examine the chemical arsenal report supplied by the Syrian government, which has thus met the first deadline of a US-Russia brokered deal to have the arms under international control.

21.09.2013 07:45

Spying scandal sends US influence on Latin America into nosedive
Democratic leaders from Mexico to Argentina are so resentful of American influence that they are now willing to take action. Spies did the trick.

21.09.2013 10:07

UN: Thousands of children fleeing Syria alone, vulnerable to abuse and exploitation
Over 4,000 Syrian children have fled the nation without any adult supervision, a United Nations agency said, stressing that children are extremely vulnerable to abuse and exploitation when they do not have a chaperone.

21.09.2013 03:13

‘Operation Socialist’: UK spy agency behind Belgian telecom hack
UK spy agency GCHQ carried out hack attacks on telecoms firm Belgacom, data divulged by Edward Snowden has revealed. Fingers initially pointed to the NSA when Belgian authorities reported a “foreign state” had invaded the networks of the state company.

20.09.2013 08:41

Tales from village-turned-battlefield: Maaloula siege survivors talk
Maaloula residents, forced to flee their homes when the Christian village was taken over by jihadists, have found refuge in Damascus. Many live in fear having not overcome the shock of what had happened. RT managed to speak to some.

20.09.2013 04:51

Deliberately flawed? RSA Security tells customers to drop NSA-related encryption algorithm
An encryption algorithm with a suspected NSA-designed backdoor has been declared insecure by the developer after years of extensive use by customers worldwide, including the US federal agencies and government entities.

20.09.2013 04:37

Bolivian president to sue US govt for crimes against humanity
Bolivian President Evo Morales will file a lawsuit against the US government for crimes against humanity. He has decried the US for its intimidation tactics and fear-mongering after the Venezuelan presidential jet was blocked from entering US airspace.

20.09.2013 04:33

EU is ‘incapable’ of pursing common goals on Syria
The EU’s main problem in regards to Syria is “lack of political will,” former MEP Glyn Ford told RT as he discussed NATO Secretary-General Anders Rasmussen’s speech which stated that a military strike option should be kept open.

20.09.2013 00:23

Predator drones ‘useless’ in combat scenarios - Air Force general
Drones used by the US to spy on, hunt, and kill terror suspects are “useless” in just about every other combat-related scenario, a top Air Force general said.

19.09.2013 23:50

Syrian civil war has reached stalemate – Deputy PM
Syria’s deputy prime minister said that neither side is strong enough to win the country’s civil war. He denied reports, however, that the government would call for a ceasefire if the proposed Geneva peace talks take place.

19.09.2013 21:59