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Our business doesn’t depend on collecting personal data – Apple
Apple’s transparency report on governmental data requests assures the company mostly helps investigating criminal offences, such as thefts of Apple products. The company complains of a ‘gag order’ banning disclosure of number and core of such requests.

06.11.2013 05:12

Border Patrol rejects review suggestion to curb deadly force against rock-throwing
The United States Border Patrol rejected a recommendation from a government-commissioned review for the agency to stop using deadly force against anyone throwing rocks at agents.

05.11.2013 22:55

Iran and Israel meet for secret denuclearization talks – diplomats
Iran, Israel and Arab states took part in a secret meeting that laid the groundwork for international talks on banning nuclear weapons in the Middle East, diplomats said on Tuesday.

05.11.2013 20:04

FBI seeks to ID suspects with video recognition technology
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is asking for help in developing “a roadmap for the FBI's future video analytics architecture” as the agency prepares to make their high-tech surveillance abilities all the more powerful.

05.11.2013 17:28

Assad advisor: With political will, Syrian crisis over in 2 weeks
There’s a chance to end the Syrian crisis in two weeks if there’s political will on all sides, according to Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, political and media advisor to the Syrian president.

05.11.2013 12:58

Brazil admits spying on Russian, Iranian diplomats
Brazil's government has confirmed it spied on a number of targets, including representatives from Russia, Iran and the US. The confession came after recent reports on unsophisticated surveillance methods used by Brazil’s intelligence agency a decade ago.

05.11.2013 02:32

GCHQ intercepts Google, Yahoo cloud data hosted in Britain, feeds info to NSA
The National Security Agency is fed internal information from Google and Yahoo’s private networks by British counterpart GCHQ, which intercepts communications traveling between company data centers based in Britain.

04.11.2013 22:19

One-third of DC covered by acoustic sensors
Around 20 square miles within Washington, DC — or one-third of the nation’s capital — is monitored by acoustic sensors that help police officers identify crime scenes where gunshots may have been fired only seconds earlier.

04.11.2013 16:43

Alleged LAX gunman was on the hunt for TSA agents
The suspected gunman in a deadly shooting spree at the Los Angeles International Airport last week intended to die after killing at least one airport security official, a key lawmaker said on Sunday.

04.11.2013 17:27

US military doctors participate in torture of detainees, report says
An independent report has charged that medical personnel, working under the direction of the Department of Defense and CIA in military defense facilities, violated medical ethics by participating in the torture of detainees.

04.11.2013 13:03

Customers caught on cameras: Minority Report-style eyeball scanners to identify shoppers in UK
Face-scanners equipped with a hidden camera have been installed in 450 Tesco petrol stations in the UK to spy on supermarket shoppers and promptly target them with personalized ads.

04.11.2013 12:20

President Obama, tear down this wall of fear!
A few minutes of surfing the Internet quickly reveals a disturbing trend: Americans are becoming increasingly fearful of the one institution that they have held with some degree of contempt since the nation’s founding, and that is their very government.

04.11.2013 10:26