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TSA forces dying leukemia patient to take off bandages
A 34-year-old woman with terminal leukemia went through the Seattle-Tacoma Airport recently to take the last trip of her life — a vacation to Hawaii. She says she was traumatized, however, after the TSA humiliated her at a security check-point.

10.10.2012 17:26

Arab monarchies: Muslim Brotherhood 'source of all problems in Islamic world'
The rulers of several major Arab nations have accused the Muslim Brotherhood of ambitions to seize power illegitimately. Several governments branded the organization a major threat to stability as the party’s influence grows steadily.

10.10.2012 15:23

Russian Interior Minister sees ideological extremism as primary security threat
The chief of the Russian police has named extremist activities aimed at changing the state and the seizure of power by force, as the main threats to the country.

10.10.2012 14:27

Texas schools punish students who refuse to be tracked with microchips
A school district in Texas came under fire earlier this year when it announced that it would require students to wear microchip-embedded ID cards at all times. Now, students who refuse to be monitored say they are feeling the repercussions.

09.10.2012 18:34

DHS to start testing drones over US for 'public safety'
Don’t be surprised if you catch a federal fleet of sneaky spy drones soaring over your head in the near future, but don’t be too terrified — it’s all in the name of public safety.

09.10.2012 16:14

14yo schoolgirl activist shot in head by Pakistani Taliban
The Pakistani Taliban confirmed that one of its members shot and gravely wounded a 14-year-old schoolgirl who earned attention for speaking out against the group.

09.10.2012 13:15

Assange and Cypherpunks: Freedom and the Future of the Internet
Julian Assange is set to publish a book based on his interview with the people he believes know the solution to the problems of privacy and freedom. The new piece develops the ideas of the cutting-edge thinkers brought to you earlier by RT.

09.10.2012 02:06

CISPA 2.0? Cyber-bill author says Congress has 'rekindled' interest in his failed legislation
It’s only been a few short months since the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act evaporated before it could be put on the books, but the author of CISPA says reemerging threats could let his legislation finally see the light of day.

08.10.2012 17:17

Undercover report reveals rampant TSA screw-ups at Newark airport
An undercover investigation targeting TSA procedures at Newark Liberty International Airport has leaked, and with it comes a shocking statistic: security screeners there are performing pat-downs properly only 16.7 percent of the time.

08.10.2012 15:58

Afghan government could fall apart after NATO withdrawal – report
The Afghan government is unprepared to assume security responsibility following the withdrawal of NATO forces in 2014 and could potentially collapse, the International Crisis Group warned in a new report.

08.10.2012 11:32

Israeli cyber attacks targeted offshore oil, gas platforms – Iran IT head
Iran’s offshore oil and gas platforms were the targets of the cyber attacks aimed at crippling the country. All threats were repelled and Israel was behind them, according to head of IT at the Iranian Offshore Oil Company, Mohammad Reza Golshani.

08.10.2012 10:13

‘We win, you lose’: Taliban jeers at US, NATO as Afghan war enters 12th year
NATO forces “are fleeing Afghanistan” in “humiliation and disgrace”, proclaims the Taliban as the US-led war in the country enters its twelfth year.

08.10.2012 01:51

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