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NSA considers amnesty for Snowden if he stops leaks
Senior National Security Agency officials in the United States say they’ve considered making a deal with former contractor Edward Snowden that would give amnesty to the leaker charged with espionage if he stops disclosing secret documents.

13.12.2013 15:19

Pirate Bay founder kept as ‘political prisoner’ in solitary
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has slammed Sweden over Gottfrid Svartholm’s case. Since his transfer to a Danish prison, the Pirate Bay founder has been kept in solitary confinement and denied access to mail and reading material.

13.12.2013 12:49

Torturous debate: US Congress, CIA face-off over interrogations, secret prisons
The US Senate Intelligence Committee is writing up a report highly critical of the CIA’s past use of torture on detainees, including “waterboarding,” even as the Obama administration has ramped up the use of deadly drone strikes.

13.12.2013 10:22

American who vanished in Iran was on unsanctioned CIA mission – report
The retired FBI agent who seemed to vanish in Iran seven years ago was in fact on a strange unauthorized mission for the CIA that was organized by intelligence agents who did not have the authority to do so, a shocking new report has revealed.

13.12.2013 00:26

Female cops sue police dept for deploying secret surveillance cam in locker room
A police department in Battle Creek, Michigan is being sued by one former officer and two currently employed cops who say their superiors secretly installed a surveillance camera in the woman’s locker at a local precinct.

12.12.2013 22:35

North Korea executes Kim Jong-un’s powerful uncle over 'treason'
The disgraced uncle of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un - Jang Song-thaek - has been executed, the country’s state media reports. This comes after the second most powerful man in North Korea was dismissed for committing "criminal acts."

12.12.2013 21:39

General who opened Guantanamo prison urges for shut-down in 2014
The American general in charge of opening the Guantanamo Bay prison camp in Cuba has come out in favor of closing the facility, declaring, “the entire detention and interrogation strategy was wrong.”

12.12.2013 19:49

EU parliament votes to invite Snowden to testify over NSA spying
The European Parliament has voted to formally invite former NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden to provide official court testimony on NSA spying, in the face of overwhelming concern from conservative MEPs.

12.12.2013 14:37

Drone strike kills 15 'wedding party-goers' in Yemen
Fifteen people who had been heading to a wedding in Yemen have been killed in an air strike. Local media reported that a drone attack had been responsible, and the party-goers had been hit instead of an Al-Qaeda convoy.

12.12.2013 18:42

‘Personal data exposé’: Outcry in France against new i-snooping law
Outraged opponents of the new law allowing French intelligence and the government to spy on internet users without any authorization, say it will "weaken the country's position" in the European and international debate on protection of personal data.

12.12.2013 12:34

UN ‘concerned’ by Israel’s displacement of Palestinian families
The United Nations has decried Israel’s decision to destroy over two dozen Palestinian properties in the West Bank, issuing a statement Wednesday accusing Israel of pushing the same Palestinian families out of their homes in less than two weeks.

11.12.2013 22:01

Let us spy: NSA chief pleads with Senate to keep surveillance programs
The director of the National Security Agency implored lawmakers in Washington on Wednesday to continue authorizing the NSA’s controversial surveillance programs due to emerging threats against the United States.

11.12.2013 21:44