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Chemical inspection stalled: UN team can’t be trusted ‘politically’ without Russian experts – Syrian information minister
Without hard evidence, American accusations of chemical weapons use in Syria fall short of UN proof standards, says a UN chemical inspector. And in the way proposed, a probe would only result in an Iraqi scenario, the Syrian information minister told RT.

27.04.2013 01:17

Bloomberg: New Yorkers will 'never know where our cameras are'
New York City police officials intend to expand the already extensive use of surveillance cameras throughout town. The plan, unveiled Thursday, comes as part of a drive for increased security around the US following the Boston Marathon attack.

26.04.2013 21:49

Pentagon in PR fight over F-35 fighter jets’ cyber vulnerabilities
The United States Department of Defense is conducting damage control after the head of the Pentagon’s multi-billion dollar F-35 fighter jet program said he has doubts those planes could withstand a sophisticated cyberattack.

26.04.2013 17:03

Fracking debris considered too radioactive even for waste site
A truck carrying drill cuttings from a fracking site set off a radiation alarm at a landfill in Pennsylvania. Emitting gamma radiation ten times higher than the permitted level, the waste was rejected by the landfill.

26.04.2013 16:06

Boston police chief wants drones for next year’s marathon
United States Vice President Joe Biden says the 2014 Boston Marathon will be "bigger, more spectacular" than ever before, and the city’s police commissioner could see that through with some serious changes starting at next year’s race.

26.04.2013 14:28

Hundreds of Jordanians rally against deployment of US troops to Syrian border (VIDEO)
Three hundred Jordanians have demonstrated against the proposed deployment of 200 US troops on their nation’s border with Syria. The protest comes as Jordanian monarch King Abdullah II meets with US President Barack Obama.

26.04.2013 13:21

FSB: 140 detained in Moscow for connection to ‘Islamist extremist groups’
Russia’s Federal Security Service announced that 140 people have been detained in the Russian capital for suspected membership in extremist Islamist organizations.

26.04.2013 15:19

Judge rejects FBI's request to use 'extremely intrusive' hack tactic
A federal judge in Texas has denied a Federal Bureau of Investigation request to move forward with an investigation tactic that would have tracked alleged hackers by turning a suspect’s computer into a surveillance agent.

26.04.2013 02:58

NYPD will deploy 'harmless' gas into subway in terror response drill
The New York City Police Department announced Wednesday that it will deploy, then track, what it calls “harmless” gases into the city’s subway system over three non-consecutive days this summer.

25.04.2013 21:51

Victims start suing owners of West, Texas fertilizer plant
Two separate lawsuits have been filed against the owner of a Texas fertilizer plant, which exploded last week and killed 15 people. With 75 demolished homes and more than 200 injuries, a firestorm of lawsuits may soon follow.

25.04.2013 18:41

Terror attacks in Europe rise by a quarter as EU citizens fight in Syria – Europol
The number of terror attacks in Europe rose significantly last year, pan-European police force Europol reported. The agency warned that conflicts in Syria and Mali provided potential breeding grounds for future militants.

25.04.2013 17:15

Boston bombing suspect goes silent, parents vow to seek the truth in the US
The surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, stopped talking to investigators when read his Miranda rights. Tsarnaev’s parents met US diplomats in Russia, and his father plans to go to the US to “find out the truth."

25.04.2013 15:23