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9/11 trial censorship? Gitmo court feed cut
The first day of a pretrial hearing for five men accused of plotting the September 11 attacks was swirling with intrigue on Monday after the audio feed at a Guantanamo war crimes court was abruptly cut off.

29.01.2013 14:24

Mother loses all four children to Chicago gun violence
A shooting in Chicago left seven people dead on Saturday, one of which was the last remaining son of a woman whose other three children had already died as a result of gun violence. Six others were injured in numerous shootings throughout the city.

28.01.2013 21:52

9/11 suspects' lawyers demand CIA 'black sites' to be preserved as evidence
Self-confessed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other defenders claim they were tortured in Guantanamo, prompting their lawyers to call for the preservation of the CIA secret prisons to use them as evidence.

28.01.2013 19:44

Lower Mississippi River shut down after huge oil spill
Two barges struck a Mississippi River bridge Sunday morning, causing an oil spill that kept part of the waterway shut down to ship traffic and held up at least 21 boats, barges and vessels.

28.01.2013 18:15

Senators release blueprint for Obama's immigration reform
A group of bipartisan senators have announced an immigration reform plan that will provide a path to citizenship for 11 millions of illegal immigrants while also tightening border security.

28.01.2013 17:04

Explosion at Fordow: Israeli propaganda or Iran’s biggest secret?
The International Atomic Energy Agency has backed up Tehran’s claims that there was no atomic explosion at one of Iran’s nuclear plans last week. Iran has accused the West of trying to sabotage upcoming talks.

28.01.2013 14:51

Israel uses deadly weapons on unarmed Palestinian protesters - watchdog
Israel is using lethal force on unarmed Palestinian protesters in the West Bank, according to the latest report by the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem. It says 56 people were killed in the clashes, with an average age of 18.

28.01.2013 09:32

Pentagon to increase cyber security force fivefold - report
The Pentagon will expand its cyber security force from 900 personnel to a massive 4,900 troops and civilians over the next few years following numerous concerns over the dangerously vulnerable state of their defenses, according to US officials.

28.01.2013 07:52

CIA’s secret prison: ‘Poland dragging out investigation’
A Polish investigation into secret CIA jails is being suppressed because it will embarrass the top echelon of the country’s government, lawyers of two men held illegally in one of the CIA’s ‘black sites’ in Poland tell media.

27.01.2013 13:21

Nightclub fire kills over 230 in southern Brazil (PHOTOS)
A major blaze at a nightclub in the southern Brazilian town of Santa Maria has left at least 231 people dead, police said.

27.01.2013 10:45

New Mexico moves to ban aborting rape pregnancies as 'tampering with evidence'
A New Mexico lawmaker has introduced legislation that would prohibit rape victims from having an abortion and charge violators with a third-degree felony for “tampering with evidence”.

25.01.2013 21:59

British man claims he was tortured and forced to sign confessions by CIA
A British man who was handed over to the CIA under the suspicion of being an Islamist terrorist says he was severely tortured by collaborators of the intelligence agency and forced to sign a confession.

25.01.2013 18:48

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