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Drones over New York? NYPD chief admits he’s interested in an UAV
The head of the New York City Police Department announced this week that the largest local law enforcement agency in the United States might soon rely on spy drones for conducting surveillance.

11.01.2013 22:07

United States ill-prepared for skyrocketing cyberattacks against critical infrastructure
Cyberattacks against the United States’ critical infrastructure are increasing, but even the Department of Homeland Security is reporting that the country is ill-prepared to respond.

11.01.2013 17:56

Snow scares: IDF urges avoidance of Golan minefields after worst storms in decades
The Israeli army has called on people to avoid visiting Golan minefields covered with snow after the country was paralyzed due to the harshest snowstorm in decades. There are around 2,000 mines within the territory of the Golan Heights.

11.01.2013 13:41

Three Kurdish women including co-founder of PKK separatists assassinated in Paris ‘execution’
Three Kurdish women have been found shot dead in Paris. One of them is a co-founder of the PPK separatist movement. Hundreds of people have gathered to protest what the French Interior Minister dubbed "intolerable assassinations.”

10.01.2013 07:20

New York artist to debut 'drone-proof' anti-surveillance clothing line
Some fashonistas strive for sexy when it comes to clothes, but one artist from New York is taking a rather utilitarian approach with outfits — he’s about to unveil a whole line of garments designed to make the wearer nearly invisible to drones.

09.01.2013 21:55

Judge orders student to wear ‘Mark of the Beast’ ID badge
A federal judge has ruled that a 15-year-old Texas girl must wear an identification badge to her high school for monitoring purposes or else face suspension.

09.01.2013 18:35

Moscow, Beijing reconnect as reset with US fizzles
Russia and China, which share many of the same international concerns, are looking to fortify their strategic partnership.

09.01.2013 11:52

Missouri lawmaker wants drone use to require a warrant
Drones have been employed throughout the US for surveillance purposes, but a Kansas City lawmaker perceives this type of spying as a violation of the Fourth Amendment and is working to limit the government’s use of domestic drones.

08.01.2013 18:23

Germany begins deployment of Patriot missiles to Turkey
Following suit with the US, Germany and the Netherlands have begun deployment of troops and Patriot missiles along the Syrian-Turkish border. Despite claims they will protect against a Syrian threat, some fear Turkey is now the real "security risk".

08.01.2013 13:25

Obama nominates Hagel for Secretary of Defense, Brennan for CIA head
President Barack Obama nominated two new members to his administration on Monday, endorsing current counterterrorism advisor John Brennan and former Sen. Chuck Hagel to serve as CIA director and secretary of defense, respectively.

07.01.2013 18:17

Kuwait anti-government rally dispersed with tear gas, stun grenades (PHOTOS)
Tear gas and stun grenades have come into force in Kuwait when riot police tried to disperse a crowd of more than 1,000 anti-government protesters, disobeying the royal writ that practically bans political rallies in the oil rich state.

06.01.2013 23:33

Christmas terror attack foiled in Russia (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Russian authorities have prevented a Christmas terror attack in the southern region of Kabardino-Balkaria. A car with three suspects exploded during a shootout with police, the National Anti-Terrorism Committee reported.

06.01.2013 22:49

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