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ISIS Fight Club: France is in while Germany not so willing
France may take part in the US bombing campaign in Iraq aimed at crippling the Islamic State militants if it is asked to do so. The US is now calling for an international coalition to defeat IS, but the UK and Germany are reluctant to join in the strikes.

11.09.2014 10:46

‘The US is arrogating to itself the right to bomb cities all over Syria and Iraq’
The world would not have been in this crisis if the US had not fractured Iraq and Libya, not fueled the civil war in Syria that gives rise to this type of jihadist extremism as exemplified by the Islamic State, anti-war activist Brian Becker told RT.

11.09.2014 01:45

Chile on high alert after 3 explosions in 3 days
Chilean capital is on high alert after three explosions struck the country, causing injuries. Authorities say they are seeking help from foreign security agencies in identifying those responsible for the blasts.

11.09.2014 06:00

‘Our countries’ – the little slip that revealed so much
It was a little “slip” which tells us so much about how the US views the world.

10.09.2014 13:24

Japan may receive offensive military weapons from US amid rising tensions with China, N. Korea
The United States could provide offensively geared weapons to the Japanese military within five years, Tokyo officials say. The discussions between the two countries come as Japan’s rivalry with China intensifies and alliances shift among Pacific powers.

10.09.2014 17:14

Police agencies that use military weapons at riots may be forced to repay federal grants
The United States Department of Homeland Security may require the local police forces it supplies with military-grade weapons to repay federal anti-terrorism grants should the items be used to suppress dissent.

10.09.2014 17:00

Armed citizen militias build up along US-Mexico border
Armed militias continue to patrol the United States-Mexico border seeking to repel any migration north, but critics warn that these self-styled ‘freedom defenders’ lingering on private land represent a powder keg that could have “disastrous” consequences.

10.09.2014 14:12

‘Dangerous’ to remove Trident nukes from independent Scotland – former UK defence chief
Removing the UK’s Trident nuclear submarine base from an independent Scotland would “add a dangerous period of destabilization” to the UK’s “nuclear defense posture,” warned a former defence chief.

10.09.2014 13:15

Defeating ISIS requires genuinely collective effort and total commitment
The rise of the ISIS terrorist group in Syria and Iraq poses a threat not only to the Middle East, but to the rest of the world as well.

10.09.2014 11:42

UK military plans 3 new Middle East bases to battle ISIS
Three British military bases could be set up in the Persian Gulf to fight the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), a source in the Ministry of Defence said. The bases could be part of a larger US-led offensive to battle militants in Iraq and Syria.

10.09.2014 08:04

‘Internet to be no longer a place where everyone has a voice and every link is equal’
Consumers and companies will be hurt by FCC plans to roll back Title II protections that means that the Internet will no longer be a wonderful playing field where everyone has a voice, activist Liz McIntyre told RT.

10.09.2014 09:51

Putin to discuss Ukraine with Asian allies in Dushanbe
The Russian president is starting his visit to Tajikistan to take part in a major SCO summit, discussing ways to boost cooperation and also the political bloc’s policies regarding the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

10.09.2014 07:17

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