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‘US should form united front with Assad if it really wants to fight ISIS’
The US-led coalition’s bombing of Syria will not stop the spread of terrorism and will inevitably lead to an escalating cycle of violence in the region, Brian Becker of the Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER) coalition, told RT.

25.09.2014 03:53

​America’s Syria Chemical Weapons Redux: Regime Change Back on Agenda?
Is it a coincidence that just when the US has assembled its multinational coalition to fight ISIL, it conveniently mentions that Syria has violated the CWC?

25.09.2014 06:45

‘Unbiased witness’: DC police to wear body cameras in $1mn pilot program
The DC police have announced a million-dollar pilot program that will see 165 officers wear body cameras for six months, with a prospect of the practice embracing the whole of the department in two to three years.

25.09.2014 04:39

‘Highly reliable info’: Israel accuses Iran of nuclear weapons tests ahead of Rouhani’s UNGA speech
​The day before the Iranian president’s address to the UN General Assembly, Israel issued a statement, again accusing the Islamic Republic of allegedly testing technology that could only be used for nuclear bombs.

25.09.2014 02:35

UNSC demands tough global laws to stop foreign extremist fighters
In the wake of the rise of the Islamic State the UN Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution demanding all member states to make it a serious criminal offense for their citizens to travel abroad to fight with extremists or support them.

24.09.2014 19:10

Bitter nuke promises: Nobel Peace laureate Obama spending billions on US nuclear arsenal
Barack Obama’s vision of a nuclear-free world seems to be unraveling at an alarming rate. In 2009 he won the Nobel Peace Prize for his commitment for nuclear disarmament. Five years on, the US’s nuclear arsenal sees a $355 billion investment.

24.09.2014 15:34

Obama: ISIS must be destroyed, there will be no negotiations
President Barack Obama presented a four-pronged approach to battling violent extremism from the likes of the Islamic State on Wednesday and pleaded with the international community for assistance during an address at the United Nations.

24.09.2014 14:54

US drone strike kills as many as 10 in Pakistan
A suspected US drone strike has killed as many as ten Uzbek and local alleged militants near the Afghan border in northwestern Pakistan, according to reports citing unnamed intelligence officials.

24.09.2014 14:19

Russian govt to protect anti-corruption whistleblowers – report
Russia’s State Duma plans to widen legal protection for people who help fight corruption among state officials, reporting the cases to police or the media. The bill is currently in the works, Izvestia reported.

24.09.2014 11:28

‘US needs to push Israel to stop Palestine occupation’
The US president needs to send a message to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that with every day of ongoing occupation Israel becomes more alienated and more isolated, Palestinian Chief Negotiator Saeb Erekat told RT.

24.09.2014 12:43

Over 1,000 arrested in Europe crackdown on organized crime – Europol
European police have arrested more than 1,000 suspects in an unprecedented nine-day swoop on organized crime. At least 30 Romanian children have been saved from child traffickers and over 2,000kg of drugs have been seized.

24.09.2014 11:58

First sponsoring, now fighting? Lavrov on West's anti-ISIS op
The Western powers that fostered Islamic extremists to incite them against Middle Eastern regimes should stop dividing terrorists into good and bad, Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, said in a TV interview.

24.09.2014 08:07

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