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More benefits for Ukraine refugees urges Russian human rights body
The Presidential Council for Human Rights has called upon the authorities and businesses to provide more help to people who agree to settle in the Russian Federation after fleeing the war in Eastern Ukraine.

14.08.2014 08:13

Satellites may soon be able to snap photographs of your face
Satellites run by Google and other private companies may soon have the ability to capture images of a person’s face and other sensitive information if federal restrictions continue to loosen from lobbying.

14.08.2014 03:52

Netanyahu blasts at UN rights body for ‘legitimising terror group’ with Gaza war crimes probe
Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu has blasted at the UN Human Rights Council’s decision to investigate war crimes committed by both Israelis and Palestinians during the Gaza conflict, accusing the organization of bias and legitimization of Hamas.

14.08.2014 01:28

FBI uses facial recognition to arrest 14-year fugitive overseas
After spending 14 years on the run from American law enforcement authorities, a man suspected of child sex abuse was detained in Nepal by the FBI using the State Department’s new facial recognition technology.

13.08.2014 22:44

UN declares highest level of emergency in Iraq over ISIS advance
The UN has declared the highest level of emergency in Iraq as the ISIS advance threatens minority groups in the country as the Security Council urged Iraq's new PM to form an inclusive govt to preserve state integrity and ease sectarian tensions.

13.08.2014 22:17

​NSA bot MonsterMind can wage cyberwar on its own – Snowden
The US National Security Agency owns a “MonsterMind” program designed to prevent foreign cyberattacks and, also, automatically strike back, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden told Wired magazine.

13.08.2014 14:22

Libya’s parliament in UN plea for ‘international intervention’
Libya’s newly elected parliament has asked the United Nations to intervene as militia related violence rages across the country.

13.08.2014 19:23

Hillary Clinton says she didn't attack Obama after calling his foreign policy a 'failure'
Hillary Clinton said she was not attempting to attack President Barack Obama’s foreign policy moves in Syria and Iraq when she cited in a recent interview his administration’s “failure” to contain Islamic extremists in the region.

13.08.2014 15:56

Gun sales spike around Ferguson after 3 days of riots
The fatal police shooting of an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri, and the subsequent civil unrest in the St. Louis suburb, has led to a spike in firearm sales at some local gun shops, according to the St. Louis Business Journal.

13.08.2014 14:08

‘Life stopped for us’: RT joins Lugansk residents fleeing violence in E. Ukraine
Lugansk, where the sound of gunfire is routine and basics like water in short supply, has seen thousands flee for safety. RT’s crew joined civilians, driven out of their homes by “outright panic,” on their way to a refugee camp.

13.08.2014 08:46

‘US used ISIS as an instrument to reinvigorate its influence in Iraq’
After withdrawal of US forces from Iraq, American power there was waning, and the advance of ISIS, or the Islamic State, became a tool for the US to restore its influence in Iraq, Middle East expert Zayd Alisa told RT.

13.08.2014 09:57

Sanctions war between Russia and West a bad idea
Until recently sanctions in the world of international law were regarded as a bit passé. Not only did they fail to achieve their objective, they also proved to be a very fast way to impoverish innocent people; a blunt instrument that did no one any good.

13.08.2014 10:37

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