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Police ramp up patrols in Jewish areas after Paris attacks – Scotland Yard
Police will step up patrols in Jewish areas of British cities amid fears of copycat terror attacks following last week’s massacre in Paris.

16.01.2015 15:11

​British man arrested for PlayStation, Xbox hack
British police say they have arrested a man in England for his role in last month’s hack on Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox systems.

16.01.2015 17:02

Recruiting girls into Army Cadets ‘could cut teen pregnancy rates’ – UK education minister
Army cadet units could be used to help tackle social issues affecting teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds, including teenage pregnancy, an education minister has said.

16.01.2015 13:13

Record numbers of French turn to tranquilizers after Charlie Hebdo attack
People in France have reportedly consumed a record number of tranquilizers over the week that followed the deadly Charlie Hebdo attack, with the intake increasing by 20 percent in just a few days.

16.01.2015 14:04

UK military jets risk mid-air crash with airliner due to lack of safety systems – report
Royal Air Force Typhoon jets could be involved in a mid-air crash with passenger airliners because the fighter jets have not been fitted with a collision avoidance system, the RAF’s chief has warned.

15.01.2015 16:03

​First UK school specifically for gay and transgender pupils planned
A school catering to only lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) young people could be open within three years. The backers say it would provide a safe haven from discrimination.

16.01.2015 12:14

Cryptic cross words: Cameron ban on encrypted messages sparks ‘China-style’ comparison
Prime Minister David Cameron’s plan to ban encrypted messages has come under fierce criticism, as UK and US intelligence agencies announce plans to stage transatlantic cyber “war games” to test their resilience against cyber-attacks.

16.01.2015 09:17

‘European Jews should be allowed to carry guns to protect their lives’
If governments are unable to protect Jews in Europe, at least a few people in each Jewish community should be permitted to carry a gun, Rabbi Menachem Margolin, General Director of the European Jewish Association, told RT.

16.01.2015 10:38

​Charlie Hebdo sells out hours after hitting UK shelves
The latest edition of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was greeted in the UK with huge lines, as swathes of people waited to get their hands on one of the limited 2,000 copies on sale in London.

16.01.2015 09:24

‘Drone pilot crisis’: Pentagon promises pay rise to ‘stressed’ operators
The United States Air Force has announced a pay rise incentive for its drone pilots, as officials admit the operators are working under significant stress due to the shortage of unmanned aerial vehicle operating personnel.

16.01.2015 03:52

Hezbollah reserves right to retaliate against Israeli attacks on Syria
Israeli hostilities against Syria should be considered an attack on all of Damascus’ allies, said Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, warning that all necessary preparations for a future war with Israel have been made.

16.01.2015 02:31

US, UK plan cyber ‘war games’ to boost defense against hackers
The United States and United Kingdom will conduct joint cyber “war games” against each country’s banks, financial institutions, and other critical infrastructure in order to improve defenses against cyber attacks.

16.01.2015 03:08