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Yahoo exec grills NSA director over ‘backdoor’ access to private data
Yahoo’s chief information-security officer attacked the NSA's director over building “backdoors” to allow government spying on selected users. Mike Rogers defended the practice, saying it should be done within a “legal framework.”

24.02.2015 02:15

Florida police used warrantless 'Stingray' surveillance over 1,800 times
Law enforcement officials in Florida have used ‘Stingray’ surveillance to track cell phone locations on more than 1,800 occasions, according to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). And they did it without obtaining warrants.

23.02.2015 23:13

‘I would have come forward sooner’ - Snowden on NSA leak regrets
Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden has frequently said that he does not regret blowing the whistle on the agency’s mass surveillance programs. However, he has now stated that he would change one thing if he could do it all again.

23.02.2015 23:33

ISIS plans to capture Lebanese territories, declare emirate – report
Islamic State militants are planning to extend their positions to Lebanon and declare an “Islamic emirate” there, Lebanese media says. IS extremists are also planning suicide bombings in Beirut, according to the report.

23.02.2015 21:05

Putin: France, Germany genuinely want to find compromise over E. Ukraine
The leaders of France and Germany genuinely want to find a compromise that would help end the conflict in eastern Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his latest interview.

23.02.2015 19:16

​Gemalto says SIM cards ‘secure’ despite NSA, GCHQ hacking claim
Gemalto – the world’s largest SIM card manufacturer – says its SIM products are secure, despite leaked documents that say its encryption codes were stolen by the NSA and GCHQ. The conclusion is the result of a preliminary investigation, the company says.

23.02.2015 18:02

‘Eye popping’ City bonuses highlight scale of UK inequality – tax justice group
Bonuses paid by financial firms since the onslaught of the financial crisis will surpass £100 billion in 2015. Campaigners warn that Britain’s finance sector is continuing to breed inequality, while ordinary taxpayers clean up the mess.

23.02.2015 16:01

Lavrov: Time to decide if we want UN focused & effective or on the sidelines
The UN would be effective in settling international disputes, if some member-states didn’t try to use it for dominating world affairs, Russian Foreign Minister believes, adding that such efforts led to bombings in Serbia, war in Iraq and chaos in Libya.

23.02.2015 11:40

​‘16 nuclear reactors vulnerable to terrorist drone attacks’ – UK govt adviser
Britain’s aging nuclear power plants are vulnerable to terrorist attacks by unmanned drones that could kill thousands of people, a government adviser has warned.

23.02.2015 15:00

Scandal after Norwegian plane took off despite crewmembers’ walkout
A scandal is gathering pace after a Norwegian airliner lifted off despite the crew bickering about weather conditions with the captain and co-pilots, which resulted in the walkout of almost half of the cabin staff.

23.02.2015 07:08

First in France: 6 nationals’ passports seized after planning Syria trip
Six French citizens who were planning to travel to Syria have had their passports confiscated. It’s the first time it’s happened since new counter-terrorism laws were introduced to stop French nationals joining militant groups in the Middle East.

23.02.2015 13:17

Japan set to loosen control over military introduced post WWII – report
Japan wants to revise the existing law prioritizing civilian control over national self-defense forces, Japanese media reports. The idea of civilian participation in military decision-making was fostered following the defeat in WWII.

23.02.2015 05:53