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ISIS capitalizes on Libya security vacuum, establishes ‘legitimate foothold’ – State Dept.
Amid a chaotic situation in Libya three years after the US-led NATO operation toppled Colonel Gaddafi, Washington is voicing strong concerns over the growing influence of Islamic State radicals in the country.

21.03.2015 04:52

Police encounters kill hundreds of disabled Americans every year, ACLU argues
The American Civil Liberties Union filed an amicus brief arguing that hundreds of disabled Americans are killed in police encounters every year. It was filed in support of a mentally ill woman suing police for shooting her five times.

20.03.2015 23:39

LAPD wrongly took ex-mafia member out of prison to address businessmen - report
Los Angeles police spent $22,000 and weeks of intense, advanced planning to take an ex-mafia member serving two life sentences for murder out of prison so he could address dozens of business leaders – without the authority to do so, no less.

20.03.2015 20:50

Kaspersky slams Bloomberg report on company’s alleged ties to Russian ‘spies’
Eugene Kaspersky, founder and CEO of the multibillion dollar private software security group, slammed the recent Bloomberg article as “sensationalist” and “false,” asking whether it could be linked to Equation Group revelations by his firm.

20.03.2015 18:23

Heli-flop-ter: Britain mothballs costly Apache helicopters after brief Afghan, Libyan service
A quarter of the UK's hugely expensive Apache attack helicopter fleet was mothballed when Afghan combat operations come to a close, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has admitted.

20.03.2015 15:10

ACLU sues TSA for airport ‘behavioral detection’ program
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has filed a complaint with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) about the controversial airport-security practice known as ‘behavioral detection’, which they say is ineffective.

20.03.2015 16:39

Christian Taliban? Ukraine nationalist craves jihad against Russia, reports Intercept
A Ukrainian ultranationalist of Polish descent wants to turn the armed conflict in the east of the country into a crusade against Russia. The Chechen war veteran wants to amalgamate Orthodox Christianity with Islamic jihadism against Russia.

20.03.2015 05:48

UK troops start training Ukraine’s army, US confirms own mission
UK military personnel have arrived in Ukraine and are beginning their training mission there, Britain’s Ministry of Defence has announced. Meanwhile the US will send nearly 300 paratroopers to start training the country’s national guard next month.

19.03.2015 13:38

US plans show of force with ‘Dragoon Ride’ through Eastern Europe
The United States is planning a military exercise that will weave its troops through Eastern Europe before they arrive at their home base in Germany – a show of force intended to reinforce its commitment to the Baltic states.

19.03.2015 23:28

2 Lithuanian railway stations cordoned off after ‘train with Russian conscripts’ scare
Police and border guards briefly surrounded two railway stations in Lithuania’s Vilnius and Naujoji Vilnia after an alleged tip-off suggesting Russian troops were heading to the country by train, local media reported. The scare turned out to be false.

19.03.2015 20:28

CISA text released: Cyber bill revisions fail to impress privacy campaigners
Senate lawmakers say the updated language in its Cyber Information Sharing Act will protect the nation’s computer networks against attacks, but privacy advocates say they aren’t satisfied with CISA's supposed safe-guards.

19.03.2015 19:58

‘You are surveillance target’ – Snowden to IT specialists
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden appeared via video link from Moscow at the CeBIT IT trade conference in Hanover, Germany. He warned IT specialists they are the target of government surveillance.

19.03.2015 15:41