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Russian free-rider sets world record with active Kamchatka volcano jump (VIDEO)
One of the world’s foremost free-ride skiers and Russian champion Ivan Malakhov has set the world record for the highest helicopter jump. He did this by leaping into the crater of Kamchatka’s active Mutnovsky volcano.

12.06.2015 14:20

Bikini-clad crowds brave Siberian cold to set world skiing record (VIDEO)
Hundreds of skiers and snowboarders, dressed in nothing but scant swimwear, have slid down a 500-meter slope at Siberia's Sheregesh resort, in a bid to grab the Guinness world record for the greatest number of participants in a nigh-naked downhill.

20.04.2015 12:52

‘I had to keep my promises’ – two-time snowboarding world champ Tudegesheva
Russia’s top female snowboarder, Ekaterina Tudegesheva, says her second World Championship gold came at a harder price than her first success in 2007 as many people had pinned their hopes on her.

28.01.2013 09:06

Russian snowboarding stars show off their skills on screen (VIDEO)
Hundreds of snowboarders have flocked to a Moscow cinema to watch a movie enigmatically called "What is this?” RT went along to find out what it was.

29.11.2012 11:31

Amateur snowboarders battle for chance to turn pro
Winter is only just beginning in Russia and amateur jibbers gathered at the all-season alpine skiing venue in the Moscow Region to fight for a set of snowboarding gear for the whole year and a chance to become professional.

30.10.2012 09:20

Not-so-snowy-White: Snowboarding star arrested for drunkenness and vandalism
American snowboarding icon Shaun White has been charged with public intoxication and vandalism, after causing mayhem at a Nashville hotel, which saw him ending up in the hospital after hitting his head.

18.09.2012 12:48

Russia’s snowboarding haven hosts major European event
Heard of Park City Mountain Resort in Utah? Now think of the St Petersburg region. Tucked away near Russia’s northern capital is Russia’s snowboarding haven in the making.

13.03.2012 14:58

Home ramp turns unlucky for Russian snowboard star
The snowboard World Cup has two new leaders following the capricious Moscow stage, which left Russian hopeful Ekaterina Tudegesheva off the podium.

05.03.2012 09:35

Christmas spirit: 250 Santas dash through the snow
A huge crowd of bearded, red-clad Santas sped downhill on skis and snowboards at the annual “Santa Sunday” event in the US state of Maine.

06.12.2011 09:14

Top American snowboarder willing to race for Russia
One of America’s best snowboarders, Vic Wild, husband of Russia’s world champion in parallel slalom Alyona Zavarzina, has expressed a wish to compete for the Russian national team, says the head of the Russian skiing and snowboarding federation.

07.09.2011 08:40

Six new disciplines included in Winter Olympics program
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has included six new events in the program of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

07.04.2011 10:16

Chelyabinsk, Russia’s winter fairytale
When the Soviet Union broke up, businessmen in Chelyabinsk saw an opportunity to turn this once closed-off region into a major tourist destination. The magnificent and chaste landscapes of the Southern Urals have much to offer.

02.04.2011 02:14