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'External Syrian opposition wants military intervention due to lack of popular support'
­The opposition inside Syria opposes foreign intervention, while some leaders of the external opposition – who left the country decades ago and lack popular support – see intervention as a way to return, argues Agnes Mariam, a local Christian leader.

04.09.2012 00:34

France warns of 'massive' response if Syria uses chemical weapons
The West will retaliate harshly if the Syrian army deploys chemical weapons, France’s foreign minister said Monday. Damascus vowed not to use its chemical arsenal against its own people, but left the option open in the event of a foreign invasion.

03.09.2012 15:41

Bahrain slams Iran over summit speech translation debacle
Bahrain has demanded an apology from Tehran after the mistranslation of a critical speech by Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi by Iranian official translators, which replaced the word "Syria" with the word "Bahrain."

02.09.2012 22:13

Syria’s opposition SNC to reform, expand
The Syrian National Council, an umbrella organization bringing together a diverse group of opponents to the Assad government both inside and outside Syria, has announced that it is to expand and become more representative.

02.09.2012 21:26

Twin bombings targeting security service buildings rock central Damascus
Twin blasts have rocked the Abu Rummaneh district in central Damascus. The explosions targeted the offices of the Syrian military's joint chiefs of staff.

02.09.2012 11:20

Hands off Syria! Frankfurt protests against military intervention (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
The UN Security Council's push for a human corridor in Syria, which critics say could bring military intervention, has sparked protests in Germany. About 1,000 people gathered in Frankfurt demanding an end to foreign meddling in the Syrian conflict.

02.09.2012 03:55

Syrian rebels give airlines '72-hour warning' before they plan to seize civilian airports
The Free Syrian Army (FSA) gave a 72-hour advance warning to airlines to suspend flights to Syria before the rebels try to seize civilian airports in Damascus and Aleppo. They claim the Syrian Air Force is using them 'illegally.'

01.09.2012 11:44

Syria: Ground zero for geopolitical machismo (Op-Ed)
The war in Syria is divisive on many levels, especially so in gender. It's a men's war, where decisions are executed by men, and where women are the faceless victims of massacres. Men are the leading actors, while women only play a supporting role.

01.09.2012 10:19

UN Security Council has no authority to support revolution in Syria – Lavrov
The UN Security Council has no right to support a revolution or foreign intervention in Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned. Any plan to withdraw government troops while fighting continues is untenable, and naïve at best, he added.

01.09.2012 06:51

Humanitarian aid to Syria must be neutral - Russia's UN ambassador
Some of the proposals for solving the humanitarian crisis in Syria voiced at a United Nations Security Council meeting Thursday do not fully comply with the principles of neutrality and impartiality, Russian envoy Vitaly Churkin said.

31.08.2012 01:09

France and UK ‘not ruling out’ Syrian no-fly zone
Britain and France are "not ruling out" the possibility of enforcing a no-fly zone over Syria. However, UK Foreign Secretary William Hague says such a move would require military intervention, and is unlikely to get past the UN Security Council.

30.08.2012 22:56

'We can't take Morsi at face value'
It’s no surprise that Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi delivered a speech calling the Syrian government an “oppressive regime,” journalist and broadcaster Neil Clark says.

30.08.2012 16:22