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‘Take Syrian president’s ideas into account’ - Moscow
As Russian and US diplomats prepare for a meeting with the international mediator for Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, Russian diplomats are calling for a balanced approach to settling the 21-month political crisis.

10.01.2013 13:43

No Game: App on bloody Syrian conflict raises ethical questions
Apple won’t back the “Endgame: Syria” app, saying it is “targeting a real government.” Questions remain on how ethical it is to simulate an ongoing conflict, with RT’s Egor Piskunov - who’s tested the game - saying it lacks objectivity.

09.01.2013 18:13

Prisoner swap: 2,130 Syrians for 48 Iranian 'pilgrims'
Syrian rebels have released 48 Iranian hostages held captive since last August as part of a prisoner swap in Damascus, according to Iranian state TV. In return for the hostages Syria will release 2,130 rebel prisoners.

09.01.2013 10:25

Germany begins deployment of Patriot missiles to Turkey
Following suit with the US, Germany and the Netherlands have begun deployment of troops and Patriot missiles along the Syrian-Turkish border. Despite claims they will protect against a Syrian threat, some fear Turkey is now the real "security risk".

08.01.2013 13:25

President Assad outlines political solution to Syrian conflict
Syria’s president has outlined a plan to end the country's conflict, starting with a halt to international support to “al Qaeda-linked terrorist groups.” The solution proposes a new constitution and government, as well as national reconciliation.

06.01.2013 10:44

US Patriot missile battery crews arrive in Turkey
A group of 27 US troops has arrived in Turkey to operate NATO Patriot surface-to-air (SAM) missile batteries. At least six of those will be deployed along the country’s border with Syria.

04.01.2013 12:10

RT correspondent injured in Damascus crossfire
A group of international journalists – including members of RT's Arabic team – have been caught in crossfire in Syria while covering the army's operations outside the capital. RT’s correspondent suffered light injuries while trying to escape.

04.01.2013 03:28

Israel's new barrier with Syria: Another brick in the ‘apartheid’ wall?
The walls around Israel are growing as the country’s army builds a new physical barrier, this time on its border with Syria. The wall will reportedly begin in the southern part of the occupied Golan Heights, extending north from there.

03.01.2013 22:13

Free Syrian Army claims chemical weapons capability
A prominent member of the Free Syrian Army claims the rebels have all the components to produce chemical weapons and have the know-how to put them together and use if necessary.

02.01.2013 19:25

New Year’s violence in Syria: Activists claim further atrocities
Dozens of bodies showing visible signs of torture were found in Damascus, activists have claimed. In a separate incident, a video emerged online Tuesday showing the corpses of three young men with blood on their faces and their hands bound.

01.01.2013 13:52

Brahimi-Lavrov talks: Syria facing choice between 'hell' or political process
Syrian-led talks are the only way to reach peace in Syria, otherwise the country will descend into dire sectarian conflict, UN-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi said following his meeting with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow.

29.12.2012 09:55

RT recalls 2012: Syria’s conflict ‘infiltrated’
The Syrian conflict intensified in 2012, becoming more sectarian and violent, with the number of refugees climbing. Mass massacres shook Syria, with the UN saying both sides are to blame, while international involvement is increasing every day.

28.12.2012 15:19