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‘Day of Rage’: Lebanon prepares to bury slain security chief
Gunshots have been reported in several areas of downtown Beirut, Lebanon, where people rallied outside the Prime Ministers office. Anti-Syrian protesters called for a “Day of Rage” to coincide with the funeral of slain security chief al-Hasan.

20.10.2012 18:59

Beirut blast: Who serves to gain?
The deadly blast in Beirut which killed eight and wounded 118 more has risked destabilizing Lebanon while civil war rages in Syria. Middle Eastern analyst Ali Rizk told RT that the one with the most to gain from the attack was not Syria, but Israel.

19.10.2012 19:48

California dreaming? Putin pushes peace on Fort Ross anniversary
President Vladimir Putin took the opportunity - at a time when bilateral relations between the two former Cold War powers are showing signs of strain - to send a message of peace and friendship to the United States on a very historic occasion.

19.10.2012 12:20

Turkey pounds Syria in response to shells
Turkey's military has fired two shells into Syrian territory after two Syrian shells landed in Turkey on Friday.

19.10.2012 11:14

Missiles for Syrian rebels: Smuggled Manpads may end up in extremist hands
Manpads - portable anti-aircraft weapons - have reached rebels in Syria, media report. But with little information as to who is operating them, concerns are mounting that Al-Qaeda affiliated extremists may benefit from advanced supplies.

18.10.2012 20:31

Russia offers Washington advice – for a change in Syria
The United States should refrain from lecturing Russia regarding its policy on Syria and at the same time stop sponsoring the Syrian opposition, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Thursday.

18.10.2012 14:49

Arms for Syrian rebels go mostly to jihadists – report
Most of the arms funneled to Syrian rebels reportedly end up in the hands of hardline Islamist extremists, including those affiliated with Al-Qaeda. There is no way of vetting rebel groups to bolster only those with more secular views.

16.10.2012 09:00

UN peace envoy to Syria denies plans to deploy 3,000 peacekeeping troops
Reports on an alleged plan to deploy 3,000 peacekeeping troops to war-torn Syria are “false,” said Lakhdar Brahimi, the new UN-Arab League peace envoy to Syria, denying mass media speculations.

15.10.2012 16:35

No proof of Russian cluster bombs in Syria - Lavrov
The Foreign Ministry has not confirmed allegations by human rights organizations that Russian cluster bombs are being widely used in Syria.

15.10.2012 09:53

Turkey closes airspace to Syrian civilian flights after similar move by Damascus
Ankara has placed a ban on Syrian Airlines flying into Turkish airspace, after a diplomatic row that began when Turkey seized cargo from a Syrian civilian plane it forced to land in Ankara. Earlier, Damascus closed its airspace to Turkish airlines.

14.10.2012 01:09

Missing journalist in Syria possibly kidnapped
A 40-year-old Ukrainian journalist collaborating with several Russian news outlets went missing in Syria. Colleagues and relatives believe she may have been kidnapped.

13.10.2012 14:00

‘US clearly favors Assad's overthrow’
Washington has accused Moscow of "morally bankruptcy" in Syria after Turkey intercepted a Syrian civilian plane. But the US cannot be an honest broker, analyst Jeff Steinberg told RT, because of its ill-covered support of the Syrian rebels.

13.10.2012 05:45