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Assad asks BRICS ‘to intervene’ in Syria crisis – aide
Syria’s President Bashar Assad has pleaded for BRICS countries to mediate the on-going conflict in the country, according to a close adviser.

16.03.2013 18:48

Drone strikes in Syria? CIA ‘boosting’ intelligence force to ‘size up’ Syrian extremists
The CIA may be preparing for lethal drone strikes in Syria, as it is extending its intelligence-gathering on Islamic radicals in the country, US media has reported. At the same time, US officials are pressing for the supplying arms to rebels.

16.03.2013 07:44

'Fueling the violence:' Humanitarian intervention in Syria in full swing?
The Syrian conflict could worsen significantly if the EU pushes through the idea of openly arming the country's rebels. Using the humanitarian pretext for intervention, experts say, Western governments remain biased against the Syrian government,

16.03.2013 02:42

Syria conflict may spin out of control, 2 years on
Two years since the start of the Syrian conflict inspired by the Arab Spring before turning into a bloody civil war, there is no solution in sight. And if EU countries start to openly arm rebels, the escalation is likely to reach a whole new level.

15.03.2013 12:31

Damascus warns of strike on Syrian rebels hiding in Lebanon
Syria says its patience is “not unlimited” and its army could launch a strike against rebels hiding out in Lebanon. The rebels have been using the Lebanese border as an entry point into Syria, and Damascus wants the Lebanese army to act.

15.03.2013 10:30

Syrian rebels ramp up extrajudicial killings, kidnappings – Amnesty Int’l
Syrian rebels have increasingly resorted to torture and the summary execution of soldiers, suspected informants, pro-government militias and captured or kidnapped civilians, Amnesty International has warned.

14.03.2013 12:25

France, UK may arm Syrian rebels 'without EU support,' despite embargo
Paris and London will call for an early unscheduled EU meeting on the Syrian arms embargo in order to lift the ban. If the union does not end the embargo, the two nations will still arm the Syrian rebels, France said.

14.03.2013 09:36

‘If you were a man, we’d kill you’: Captive journalist tells RT how she escaped Syrian rebels
‘I couldn’t bear it any longer’, recalls Anhar Kochneva. The Ukrainian journalist who escaped Syrian rebels five months after she was kidnapped told RT about what she had to go through while in captivity and how she managed to run away.

13.03.2013 18:52

Arming opposition in Syria is violation of international law - Lavrov
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that plans to arm the Syrian rebels would violate international law, citing Libya, where anti-Gadhafi forces received arms despite an embargo on the country.

13.03.2013 16:23

Captive Ukrainian journalist escapes Syrian rebels
After five months of captivity in fear of execution, Ukrainian journalist Anhar Kochneva has safely escaped from Syrian rebels, Kochneva’s ex-husband told RT.

11.03.2013 13:50

'Govts intimidate journalists, whistleblower hunt worrying'
The US government is inconsistent in its policies and the job of a journalist is to point out that inconsistency, AP journalist Matthew Lee told RT.

11.03.2013 11:12

US, UK and France training Syrian rebels in Jordan - reports
Foreign instructors are training Syrian rebels in modern warfare in Jordan, suggest media reports from Europe. Sources claim the trainees will be the security force if Assad goes, while the combat skills they are being taught distort the picture.

11.03.2013 03:49