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‘Syria needs to find a neutral third party’
The UN says some 400 people have been killed in Syria over the past 10 days despite Arab League observers’ efforts to quell the continuing violence and assess the implementation of a peace plan.

10.01.2012 23:11

Assad to nation: ‘The victory is near’
President Assad accuses "foreign conspirators" of efforts to destabilize the situation in Syria. Addressing the nation, he claimed that the international community’s aim to cause “psychological collapse” has failed and the victory is near.

10.01.2012 11:09

Syria’s pathway: From one dictatorship to another?
Despite an Arab League observer mission in Syria, there has been no let up in the bloodshed. Author and scholar Gene Sharp told RT in exclusive interview that non-violence is the only way for people to bring about democratic change.

10.01.2012 08:11

‘Syrian people in for very rough time’
Violence continues to mount in Syria along with the international pressure on the regime of Bashar Assad, while the opposition claims the Arab League's observer mission is only giving the regime more time to crush the dissent.

09.01.2012 23:36

Syria: Deadly price of pursuing change
Amid heavy criticism for failing to stop violence in Syria, the Arab League has renewed calls for the regime to end bloodshed and open its borders to more observers. As the carnage continues, many say they are paying too high a price for change.

09.01.2012 06:04

Arab League Syria mission to linger despite barrage of criticism
Arab League observers have delivered their initial report on the ongoing crisis in Syria. And despite the monitors’ failure to put an end to the bloodshed, the mission has been green-lighted to continue.

08.01.2012 19:21

Syria: Heart of a global struggle?
Thousands attended the funerals of 26 people killed in Friday’s terrorist attack in Damascus. But while the world focuses on violence within the country, Syria is just a pawn in a big geopolitical game, political analyst Jamal Wakim told RT.

07.01.2012 17:08

Arab League calls on Hamas to bring Syria to reason
The Arab League has urged the Damascus-based leader of Hamas to ask Syria to end its bloody crackdown on opposition protests. Meanwhile, a deadly blast in Damascus provoked harsh rhetoric from Syria’s Interior Ministry.

06.01.2012 18:57

Suicide attack kills and wounds dozens in Damascus (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
A suicide bomb attack has hit the central Damascus neighborhood of al-Midan, killing at least 25 and wounding dozens, Syrian state TV reports. Casualties are reported among both civilians and law-enforcement officers.

06.01.2012 10:29

Syrian opposition pushing Libyan scenario
Syria's opposition has rounded on the Arab League observer mission whose presence has failed to quell a government crackdown. They say the League is giving succour to Assad’s regime, and are urging the UN to approve a Libya-style no-fly zone.

06.01.2012 08:22

Arab League's Syria mission slammed from all sides
Over 500 Syrian anti-regime protesters were released on Thursday as Damascus makes moves to comply with the Arab League’s peace plan. But while the League’s observer mission is to file its first report, pressure on the monitors is increasing.

05.01.2012 19:02

‘America preparing military intervention in Syria’
Damascus is criticizing the US for sending an envoy to Cairo's Arab League discussions about ending the Assad regime’s crackdown on dissent. London-based political analyst Chris Bambery says the US is preparing for a military intervention in Syria.

04.01.2012 23:46

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