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Tunisia museum attack: Who’s behind it, what are their goals?
Groups like IS, which could be behind the Bardo Museum shootings, have a long history of collaborating with the West and may have attacked tourists just to maintain their anti-Western façade, says independent political analyst Dan Glazebrook.

19.03.2015 08:40

​Obama & Prince Charles in US talks, MidEast likely to top agenda
Heir to the throne Prince Charles is set to discuss his appraisal of powerful Arab royal families during talks with US President Barack Obama at the Oval Office on Thursday, as the finale of an overtly political trip to Washington.

19.03.2015 09:38

​US warns Damascus against interfering with its ‘aerial assets’ in Syrian airspace
The Pentagon is yet to officially acknowledge the downing of a surveillance drone over ISIS-free territory controlled by the Syrian govt, but scarce details of the incident hint at US involvement going beyond its self-mandated anti-ISIS plan in Syria.

19.03.2015 01:15

If Damascus falls, Europe won’t be far behind – US senator
As a new report details the devastation wrought upon Syria by four years of rebellion, a Virginia state senator who once thanked the Syrian government for defending Christians is worried about the fate of Damascus, the Middle East and Europe.

19.03.2015 00:13

Israelis vote against pretence of peace
Despite the predictions, the Israeli left has been soundly beaten in Tuesday’s elections by its more honest ‘right wing’, whose commitment to the total eradication of the Palestinians as any kind of political entity is openly stated.

18.03.2015 13:18

​‘Protected from himself’: Travel ban for teen whose brothers died fighting in Syria
A 16-year-old boy whose two elder brothers were killed fighting in Syria's civil war has been banned from traveling abroad. The move is to prevent him from following in his siblings’ footsteps.

18.03.2015 09:48

Syrian air defenses bring down US surveillance drone – reports
Syrian military have reportedly brought down a “hostile” US surveillance drone flying in Syrian airspace, apparently without Damascus’s consent. A US official confirmed that the military “lost contact” with one of their UAVs over Latakia province.

17.03.2015 20:40

UK must put an end to youth radicalization – Cameron
The UK must “get to grips” and put an end to youth radicalization, including a fresh focus on radicalized girls, Prime Minister David Cameron said.

17.03.2015 13:52

Plane drops of ammunition helping to reinforce ISIS – reports
The Islamic State is getting outside help, with plane drops providing ammunition for the terrorist organization, according to an RT Arabic report. Iraqi government soldiers also say this is a recurring theme and the group is as strong as ever.

17.03.2015 15:39

The Middle East oil/nuclear puzzle
US Secretary of State John Kerry may be starting to enjoy the brinkmanship, as he says it’s “unclear” whether the US and Iran would reach a political framework nuclear deal before the end of this month.

17.03.2015 14:45

​‘They’ll be dead in a week’: Veterans question experience of ex-army anti-ISIS squad
Eight men claiming to be British Army veterans say they are preparing to fight Islamic State militants at a secret European training location, but other veterans have aired concerns about the group’s battle skills.

17.03.2015 11:44

‘Kerry, Obama not ready to send envoys for talks with Assad’
US leaders recognize it could get worse in Syria if President Assad is dropped, they say it’s too early to send diplomats to talk with the government in Damascus, Jonathan Steele, columnist for the Guardian on international affairs, told RT’s In the Now.

17.03.2015 10:05