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Labour councilor's son accused of trying to join ISIS ‘flown back to UK’
A Labour councilor's son who was detained in Turkey on suspicion of trying to enter Syria to join the terror group ISIS is being flown back to the UK, an MP claimed.

13.04.2015 08:11

Christians in peril – because of Western foreign policy
Easter should be a time of celebration for Christians, but for those of the faith living in the Middle East, there hasn’t been too much to celebrate in recent years.

13.04.2015 03:52

Appalling ISIS video shows ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud being razed to ground
A video allegedly showing Islamic State militants using bulldozers and explosives to destroy the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud has been posted online. The UNESCO cultural site near Mosul is one of Iraqi’s greatest archaeological treasures.

12.04.2015 21:59

'Equal of men': Female militant group 'fighting for country' emerges in Syria
A video of a mysterious group of Syrian jihadi female fighters, who have no affiliation to the Islamic State, has emerged. The Islamists, who are based in Aleppo, say they want “to fight for our religion and our country,” and be the “equal of men.”

10.04.2015 14:41

'Stop arming Saudi Arabia!' Anti-war activists protest UK-backed Yemen airstrikes
Crowds will gather in central London on Saturday in protest against Saudi-led airstrikes in Yemen. Protesters say the intervention is motivated by Western and Middle Eastern governments’ agenda of quashing remnants of the Arab Spring.

09.04.2015 16:02

'Moderates in Syria? Snowflake’s chance in hell'
The chances that democrats or moderates will take the place of the current secular government in Syria are zero- the only powerful forces that can take over are extremist Islamists, Peter Ford, former British Ambassador to Syria, told RT.

09.04.2015 11:06

Counter-terror police take over Syrian imam murder probe amid fears politically motivated
The Metropolitan Police counter-terror unit has assumed control of the investigation into the murder of a former imam and outspoken critic of Bashar Assad, who was found shot dead Tuesday.

09.04.2015 08:06

ICC unlikely to investigate ISIS leaders over war crimes – prosecutor
The International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor says the chances to probe Islamic State leaders despite evidence of numerous war crimes are low, as they are mostly from non-member states Iraq and Syria.

08.04.2015 17:27

'New Saudi regime more aggressive, seeks hegemony in Mideast'
The older generation of Saudi diplomats was more passive, while newcomers, such as the defense minister, want to assert Saudi hegemony in the Middle East in a more venous manner as we are seeing in Yemen, Danny Makki of the Syrian Youth Movement, told RT.

08.04.2015 08:13

Syrian anti-Assad imam shot dead in London
The Metropolitan Police have opened an investigation after a former imam at a west London mosque who was an outspoken critic of Syrian president Bashar Assad was found shot dead.

08.04.2015 07:57

Power shift in Latin America
Panama is hosting the Seventh Summit of the Americas on April 10-11. Organized by the OAS – Organization of American States – this event will bring together the heads of state and foreign ministers of 34 nations including, for the first time, Cuba.

06.04.2015 13:17

‘Drone strikes remarkably ineffective in countering terrorism’
The US drone campaign against ISIS has been a failure. It created an illusion that Americans can engage in countering terrorism without a big loss of life, but only boots on the ground can make it a success, says Max Abrahms of Northeastern University.

06.04.2015 10:27