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The use and abuse of British Muslims
The British state continues to facilitate “Islamist terrorism,” but is using new legislation to promote racism and crackdown on dissent.

04.12.2014 15:16

Abu Bakr Baghdadi, the Pied Piper of hypocrisy
As news comes through intimating that ISIS leader Abu Bakr Baghdadi’s wife and children have been arrested by Lebanese security forces, the only surprise is that anyone remains surprised at the sheer hypocrisy of the self-styled caliph.

03.12.2014 16:38

11 Syrian & 2 Afghan migrant children found hiding in Dover tanker
Thirteen migrants were found in a tanker filled with plastic granules at the port of Dover in Kent on Tuesday.

03.12.2014 12:15

‘Come home’: Sister of absconded British jihadist speaks out
The sister of a British jihadist fighting for Islamic State has made a public plea for his safe return, even if it means facing a prison sentence.

03.12.2014 11:40

ISIS claims to have developed dirty bomb – reports
So-called Islamic State militants claim to have developed a crude nuclear weapon using materials seized from Mosul University, Iraq. A British extremist boasted of the damage the dirty bomb would do if detonated in Iraq, UK media reports.

02.12.2014 08:36

US coalition launches 55 airstrikes on ISIS over weekend
Hitting Islamic State buildings, vehicles, tanks, and fighting units, the US Central Command said its latest bombing campaign against militants in Iraq and Syria took place over four days and involved 55 airstrikes.

02.12.2014 02:21

‘One of deadliest attacks’: 50 ISIS militants reported dead in Kobani assault
At least 50 so-called Islamic State (IS) militants were reported dead in an intense day of clashes and US-led airstrikes in the Syrian border town of Kobani, a monitoring group has said.

01.12.2014 08:36

Iraqi Kurdistan – wet dream for foreigners and the rich
While Iraq is a bloodbath, the Kurdish capital of Erbil promotes itself as an island of stability and prosperity, with many foreigners coming for oil. But underneath the stability there is anger, despair and fear among the local population.

01.12.2014 09:30

ISIS attack on Kobani comes from Turkey – Kurds
An attack by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) jihadists on the Syrian border town of Kobani has come from Turkish territory for the first time, a Kurdish official said.

29.11.2014 14:26

Syria: US-led strikes failed to weaken ISIS
The Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) has not been weakened since US-led airstrikes began in September, Syria’s foreign minister said, adding that nothing will change until Turkey increases security at its borders.

29.11.2014 02:27

Pancakes for jihadists: ISIS shares new online cooking tips
An Islamic State-run campaign targeting women has released its second recipe online, explaining how to keep jihadists happy and fulfilled by making pancakes after a day of fighting.

28.11.2014 23:24

'Happy Thanksgiving!' Syrian Electronic Army 'hack mayhem' hits Western media sites
The Syrian Electronic Army has claimed responsibility for hacking into multiple news websites on Thursday, including the New York Times, CBC and the Telegraph. Visitors saw this pop-up message: “you’ve been hacked by SEA.”

27.11.2014 16:52