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UK jihadists don’t warrant reactionary legal overhaul – former MI6 director
Britain should refrain from a reactionary legislative overhaul sparked by an unproven domestic threat of British militants fighting in Iraq and Syria, warns a former MI6 director of global counter-terrorism.

26.08.2014 09:19

​US mulls airstrikes in Syria, gets intelligence on Islamic State targets – reports
In order to stop the Islamic State from gaining more power, the United States is prepared to use a variety of options, including airstrikes in Syria without Damascus' consent, if backed by regional and European partners, US officials said.

25.08.2014 23:46

Father of suspected 'Jihadi John' awaiting trial for bombing embassies, was a bin Laden lieutenant
The father of the man suspected to be ‘Jihadi John,’ who beheaded journalist James Foley, is awaiting trial in New York for the bombing of two US embassies, which killed a total of 224. He is also accused of being a top lieutenant for Osama bin Laden.

25.08.2014 17:01

'Guilty until proven innocent': Boris Johnson suspicious of any Briton traveling to Iraq, Syria
London Mayor Boris Johnson has stated that a “minor” law should be changed: Any British national traveling to Iraq and Syria should be presumed guilty, rather than innocent, according to Johnson.

25.08.2014 14:41

‘And give us this day our daily Evil’
The prayer of the news’ lords has been granted: we finally have the ISIS.

25.08.2014 12:27

‘Sponsored by West ISIS will become a nightmare for the entire world’
ISIS is worse than Al-Qaeda, it is not going to stay just in Syria and Iraq, they are going to come everywhere where they can create violence, havoc, and they would do anything, Imam Syed Soharwardy of Calgary told RT.

25.08.2014 09:23

US journalist freed in Syria after 2 years in captivity
American journalist Peter Theo Curtis was released by his kidnappers to UN peacekeepers in the Golan Heights, Syria after being held captive for nearly two years by Al Qaeda’s Nusra Front. The Qatari government is said to have negotiated his release.

24.08.2014 21:17

​UK Islamist suspected of slaying US journalist ‘identified’
British intelligence forces, MI5 and MI6, say they have identified the Islamic State fighter from the UK suspected of killing US journalist James Foley, according to top government sources, The Sunday Times reported.

24.08.2014 12:34

Britain plans new laws to tackle home-grown jihadists
The UK home secretary, Theresa May,said Saturday the UK will strengthen laws to deal with British Islamic militants travelling to the Middle East to fight for IS, after a video indicated a Briton was behind the beheading of US journalist James Foley.

23.08.2014 19:06

US considers broad military action against ISIS in Iraq and Syria – report
As the US has acknowledged that the Islamic State group is a greater threat than Al-Qaeda, the White House is reportedly seeking domestic legal justification at home to use unlimited military force against the Sunni extremists in Iraq and Syria.

23.08.2014 04:57

ISIS spokesman who pledged to 'raise flag of Allah' in US is dead
The Islamic State spokesperson who threatened the United States by pledging to “raise the flag of Allah” over the White House has been killed.

22.08.2014 22:24

‘US realizing that ISIS getting stronger is bad alternative to Assad’
If the United States is to really degrade the capability of ISIS it needs to be done not only in Iraq but also in Syria, Max Abrahms, professor at Northeastern University, told RT.

22.08.2014 12:44

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