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Revealed: Extent of British anti-ISIS airstrikes
The UK has dropped more than 200 bombs on Islamic State targets using fighter jets and drones since airstrikes began in September 2014, analysis for the Guardian newspaper has revealed.

11.05.2015 12:47

Greece & Turkish Stream: ‘Athens in Russia v West, investment v debt dilemma’
To solve its financial problems Greece needs to have foreign investment which could come from Russia, but if the Greeks choose the West it means only future debt, says Patrick Henningsen, a geopolitical Analyst at

11.05.2015 14:13

ISIS and its mission: Religious cleansing, genocide & destruction of the past
The Islamic State has become part and parcel of global news cycles, but its goals remain little discussed. Instead, Westerners focus on determining whether or not IS should be understood as representing Islam or rather as an aberration of the faith.

10.05.2015 06:47

Hollande admits arming Syrian rebels in breach of embargo - book
The French president has admitted delivering weapons to the Syrian rebels during a period of EU embargo, a new book about to be published in France reveals.

06.05.2015 11:45

‘Saudis condemned cluster bombs in Syria but used banned munitions in Yemen?’
The stigma against the use of cluster munitions is so great that countries that haven’t joined the treaty banning them often deny using such bombs, recognizing the political consequences, says Megan Burke, campaigner against mines and cluster munitions.

05.05.2015 10:18

Enduring Syria war: Photographer documents shattered childhoods (IMAGES)
The Swedish photographer Magnus Wennman has documented the suffering that hundreds of thousands of children have to endure in Syria. He spoke to RT about their plight and how he is trying to raise awareness through his photographs.

04.05.2015 08:42

US-led airstrikes kill 52 Syrian civilians in a day, not 1 ISIS fighter – monitor
US-led airstrikes have killed 52 Syrian civilians in one day, a monitoring group reports. There was fighting in the vicinity, but the strike allegedly failed to kill even a single Islamist fighter. The US military, however, denies the report.

02.05.2015 10:11

US denies visa to nun set to testify about ISIS atrocities
Conservative commentators are up in arms over the State Department’s decision to deny a visa to a Catholic nun who was part of an Iraqi delegation supposed to testify before Congress about Islamic State (ISIS) atrocities.

02.05.2015 00:03

​‘Direct aggression’: Syria accuses Turkey of helping militants
Syria’s foreign ministry has accused Turkey of providing “logistical and fire support” that empowered “terrorist groups” to capture the Syrian city of Idlib and the strategic town of Jisr al-Shughour.

28.04.2015 19:34

Crisis, what crisis? -The al-Qaeda takeover of Syria
This weekend it was reported that al-Qaeda affiliated rebels were “almost completely in control” of the last major government held city in the Idlib province in northern Syria.

27.04.2015 15:32

Israeli military strikes Golan Heights to foil terror plot
The Israeli Air Force launched a strike on a militant cell, who had arrived from Syria, after they were attempting to plant a bomb in the occupied Golan Heights. Reports say that up to four people have been killed in the operation.

27.04.2015 03:19

Millions worldwide mark 100th anniversary of Armenian genocide (PHOTO, VIDEO)
Armenians from around the world have been taking part in public memorial services, to commemorate the 1915 massacre of up to 1.5 million of their ancestors at the hands of the Ottoman Turks.

24.04.2015 20:51