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US fear-mongering over ISIS ignores America’s border problem
On the 13th anniversary of 9/11, a survey showed that 47 percent of Americans – about 150 million citizens - feel less safe today than they did before the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon (NBC/Wall Street Journal survey).

11.09.2014 11:42

ISIS Fight Club: France is in while Germany not so willing
France may take part in the US bombing campaign in Iraq aimed at crippling the Islamic State militants if it is asked to do so. The US is now calling for an international coalition to defeat IS, but the UK and Germany are reluctant to join in the strikes.

11.09.2014 10:46

‘The US is arrogating to itself the right to bomb cities all over Syria and Iraq’
The world would not have been in this crisis if the US had not fractured Iraq and Libya, not fueled the civil war in Syria that gives rise to this type of jihadist extremism as exemplified by the Islamic State, anti-war activist Brian Becker told RT.

11.09.2014 01:45

‘No safe haven’: Obama declares airstrikes on Islamic State ‘wherever it exists’
President Barack Obama on Wednesday outlined his plan to authorize broader US military involvement for hunting down the fighters of the notorious Islamic State jihadist group in Iraq, Syria and “wherever they exist.”

10.09.2014 22:44

​'State of perpetual war seems to guarantee Obama and Congress remain popular and re-electable’
Either the US is run by a bunch of fools, or it found it necessary to exist in a state of perpetual war, so when the US ran out of real bad guys, it goes out and creates new bad guys of its own making, former US diplomat Peter Mark van Buren told RT.

10.09.2014 13:35

Obama claims ‘enough authority’ to act against Islamic State
President Obama told Congressional leaders that he has enough authority and doesn’t need their authorization to take action against the Islamic State, ahead of a speech on 9/11 eve that may pave way for further US military action in Iraq and even Syria.

10.09.2014 03:11

​‘US policy in the Middle East is extremely reckless, leading to deeper war tension’
The situation in Iraq and Syria shows that war is really not the answer, but the current US government and its current regime is not willing to pursue another course, activist from the Answer Coalition Eugene Puryear told RT.

09.09.2014 12:50

Lavrov: West may use ISIS as pretext to bomb Syrian govt forces
If the West bombs Islamic State militants in Syria without consulting Damascus, the anti-ISIS alliance may use the occasion to launch airstrikes against President Bashar Assad’s forces, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

09.09.2014 12:18

Sotloff was sold to ISIS by ‘moderate’ Syrian rebel group, family spokesman says
Slain American journalist Steven Sotloff was sold to Islamic State militants before they eventually beheaded him, a spokesperson for the man’s family now claims.

09.09.2014 14:31

‘Brand suicide’: Companies sharing name with ISIS forced to rebrand
ISIS has become an uncomfortable term for both companies and people sharing their name with the terrorist group operating in Iraq and Syria. The situation has left many with no choice but to change their brand or get the media to stop using the word ISIS.

09.09.2014 03:27

State Dept. attempt to fight ISIS online with gruesome videos brings backlash
The US State Department recently released a propaganda video in English to counter gains made by the Internet-savvy militant group Islamic State. Yet the use of the extremist’s own violent footage may have the opposite effect, critics say.

08.09.2014 14:06

​British ISIS women form 'sharia police' force – report
British females fighting with the ‘Islamic State’ militant group are operating a ‘sharia police force’ that punishes activities deemed ‘un-Islamic’, a leading think tank says.

08.09.2014 12:24

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