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‘US used ISIS as an instrument to reinvigorate its influence in Iraq’
After withdrawal of US forces from Iraq, American power there was waning, and the advance of ISIS, or the Islamic State, became a tool for the US to restore its influence in Iraq, Middle East expert Zayd Alisa told RT.

13.08.2014 09:57

Islamic State supporters leaflet Central London, declaring ‘dawn of a new era’
Supporters of the extreme militant group, Islamic State (formerly ISIS), handed out leaflets in central London calling on Muslims to pledge religious allegiance to their cause, witnesses say.

13.08.2014 08:38

​Iraq – a crisis for the Western elites? Or is it all going to plan?
It has all turned out rather differently from how those very distinguished neocon “experts”’ told us it would, hasn’t it?

13.08.2014 09:24

Syria’s sarin gas stockpile destroyed, Pentagon confirms
​The entire Syrian stockpile of precursors required to make sarin gas has been destroyed by US experts on board a US neutralizer ship, Pentagon officials have confirmed.

12.08.2014 20:31

Obama calls criticism of his Syria policy 'horses**t'
President Barack Obama has been roundly criticized in recent years for a supposed lack of support for so-called moderate rebels fighting the Syrian government. What does he think of such critiques? "Horseshit," he recently told lawmakers.

12.08.2014 16:12

Why Obama is bombing the Caliph
This is the way the multi-trillion dollar Global War on Terror (GWOT) ends: not with a bang, but with a bigger bang.

12.08.2014 08:59

US sends arms to Iraq – to solve problems Washington helped create
The US is conducting air strikes and supplies weapons to help outgunned Iraqi Kurds fight off the offensive of Islamist militants. The Kurds are battling against extremists armed with American arms and nurtured thanks to America’s policies.

12.08.2014 03:38

‘US policy in Iraq shredded it as national entity’
​Atrocities committed by ISIS in Iraq did not generate a US response, but the desire to protect Kurdish oil-rich fields from the Islamic Group prompted Washington to carry out military strikes, anti-war activist Brian Becker told RT.

12.08.2014 01:20

Hillary Clinton bashes Obama's foreign policy for giving rise to Islamic State in Iraq
Hillary Clinton criticized her former boss President Barack Obama in a new interview, citing the “failure” of his administration to contain the spread of Islamic jihadists in Syria who are now marching through Iraq.

11.08.2014 14:07

​Islamic State militants threaten Turkey with violence if Euphrates water supply not restored
Islamic State militants have directly threatened Turkey with violence as they swore to “liberate” Istanbul in order to reopen a dam on the Euphrates River. Water flow to parts of Syria and Iraq is at a record low.

11.08.2014 05:18

​Photo of boy holding decapitated Syrian soldier’s head ‘barbaric’ - Australia PM
A grisly photograph showing a young boy, said to be the son of an ISIS rebel, holding the severed head of a slain Syrian soldier, proves the ‘hideous atrocities’ the terrorist group is capable of, said Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

11.08.2014 12:00

‘US involvement in Iraq must be part of regional coalition's efforts’
To stop the havoc in Iraq and the whole Middle East, the US and its Western allies must reconsider their entire regional policy and act as part of a coalition of regional state actors, writer and journalist John Wight told RT.

09.08.2014 00:47

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