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‘Good timing for EU to close its borders covered by the IS threat’
The UK, French and German governments are faced with critics from the right-wing anti-immigrant parties, so it’s a good time for them to demand stricter border controls to stop possible jihadi militants from coming,political analyst Chris Bambery told RT.

07.10.2014 08:51

3,000 ISIS fighters reportedly cross into Iraq as Kurdish forces prepare to fight
Three thousand Islamic State fighters have crossed over into Iraq from Syria, the Anbar Provincial Council reports from western Iraq. However, while desperate for outside help other than airstrikes, Kurdish forces are readying for battle.

07.10.2014 05:21

‘Stop ISIS!’ Kurdish protesters storm Dutch parliament in The Hague (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Several dozen Kurds have stormed the Dutch parliament building in The Hague, making their way inside the lobby following a spontaneous demonstration against Islamic State fighters attacking the Kurdish town of Kobani in Syria.

06.10.2014 21:22

‘ISIS terror threat was created by previous interventions’
The anti-ISIS campaign launched by the West in the Middle East has created a humanitarian chaos, while its real goals and consequences remain obscure, Lindsey German from Stop the War coalition told RT.

06.10.2014 17:27

Pentagon can’t decide which rebels to train in Syria
As reports surfaced on Monday suggesting the group that calls itself the Islamic State is close to capturing the Syrian town of Kobani, The Guardian revealed that the Pentagon is still far from taking the next steps towards tackling the militants.

06.10.2014 16:40

NATO promises to protect Turkey against ISIS threat
NATO will not abandon Turkey if it is attacked by Islamic State fighters which are closing in on the member state's border from Syria, the alliance's secretary-general, Jens Stoltenberg, said.

06.10.2014 15:58

US airstrikes over Syria targeted French intel officer who joined Al-Qaeda - report
​A former French intelligence officer who joined Al-Qaeda was a prime target for one of the initial US airstrikes in Syria late last month, European intelligence sources told McClatchy news service.

06.10.2014 14:10

2,000 evacuated as ISIS flag raised on outskirts of Kobani, Syria
The black Islamic State flag has been raised over a building on the outskirts of a strategic town of Kobani on the Syrian-Kurdish border, according to various sources. However, Kurds defending the border town say that the city has not yet fallen.

06.10.2014 12:30

Airstrikes not enough, ground troops needed to defeat ISIS – UK general
Syrian Kurds have echoed the warning of a British military official, claiming that airstrikes against ISIS are not enough to defeat it.

06.10.2014 11:59

​Khorasan terrorists will attack US 'very, very soon,' FBI director warns
The Khorasan Group, the Al-Qaeda-linked cell that just landed on the US intelligence radar last month, allegedly has Americans in its ranks fighting in the Middle East whom the FBI cannot prevent from re-entering the country.

06.10.2014 12:50

Pending question: ‘What’s after ISIS is weakened?’
The US and its allies have little choice but try to weaken ISIS, though their strategy is unclear as they have no idea who will take IS positions both in Iraq and Syria after the goal is achieved, counter-terrorism expert and advisor Walid Phares told RT.

06.10.2014 11:58

‘Biden's comments on ISIS will cause embarrassment for US-led coalition’
Vice President Joe Biden’s remarks about US allies supporting ISIS will have an effect in those countries and make others think twice about cooperating with the coalition, independent researcher and writer Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich told RT.

06.10.2014 11:11

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