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‘It’s our right!’ Syria votes for president in controversial election amid civil war
Polling station across war-torn Syria have opened for the first multi-candidate presidential election in more than 40 years. Despite loud calls in and outside the country to boycott the vote, many Syrians still want their voices to be heard.

03.06.2014 04:28

'West hard pressed after Syrian Islamic insurgency it supported backfired'
Both the EU and the US are confused as they are anti-Assad, but they are disturbed at the turn of events where Islamist insurgents seem to have an upper hand, Paul Lashmar, investigative journalist at Brunel University, told RT.

02.06.2014 11:30

‘Syrian elections show real Western contempt for democracy’
The West has been calling for democracy in Syria for years, and when the elections took place they not only denounced them but actually prevented some Syrians from voting outside the country, political writer and journalist Dan Glazebrook told RT.

02.06.2014 09:57

From ‘blind eye’ to crackdown: UK confused over Brits fighting in Syria?
Britain is about to unleash plans for a tougher crackdown on Britons allegedly fighting in Syria. Human rights activists believe the UK could have inspired some of its citizens to join extremists by its own support for the anti-Assad rebels.

02.06.2014 06:24

​Why are US-backed politicians in Lebanon angry when Syrians want to vote freely?
Not only has the US-supported March 14 Alliance opposed voting in Syria’s June presidential elections by the Syrian refugees in Lebanon, but it has shown it cares very little about democracy or voting.

02.06.2014 08:56

ISIL kills 102-year-old Syrian man in Alawite massacre – report
A 102-year-old Syrian man was shot dead while sleeping, along with his entire family, according to a new report of atrocities committed by the merciless ISIL jihadist group fighting the forces of Bashar Assad.

02.06.2014 00:02

Hollande vows to battle homecoming jihadists as Brussels shooting suspect detained
​Francois Hollande has promised to monitor and engage in “constant battle” with jihadists returning from abroad. This comes just hours after a French suspect who reportedly fought in Syria was arrested over last week‘s Jewish Museum shooting in Brussels.

01.06.2014 12:35

American who joined Syrian rebels becomes first known US suicide bomber
Social media posts by an Al-Qaeda affiliate claim a man named Abu Hurayra Al-Amriki (Abu Hurayra the American) blew himself up in an attack in Syria. US officials say he is the first-known American suicide bomber in the civil-war besieged country.

29.05.2014 15:45

'Obama says the US is indispensable, meaning all other countries are dispensable?'
If indispensable means invasive than there is no country that has invaded more states in the world, that has violated human rights and international law more than has the US, foreign policy expert Richard Becker told RT.

29.05.2014 08:46

Obama: Military to remain backbone of America’s leadership
As the United States prepares to remove its combat forces from Afghanistan after almost 13 years, President Barack Obama said Wednesday that the US military remains at the core of America’s ability to influence changes abroad.

28.05.2014 14:20

US trains Syrian rebels in Qatar to ‘ambush' soldiers and 'finish off' the wounded – report
At a secret base in Qatar, the US military is training rebels to raid Syrian government troops and vehicles, as well as to “finish off the soldiers still alive after an ambush,” first-hand interviews in a Frontline documentary have revealed.

27.05.2014 19:27

‘Most bloody jihadists’: Syrian rebels slam UK extremists for atrocities (GRAPHIC)
A senior Syrian rebel commander has said that Britons in Syria make up the majority of the foreign members of the country’s most bloodthirsty terrorist group, renowned for its involvement in beheadings and crucifixions.

27.05.2014 08:15

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