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Tom Barton

Russian Coast Guard arrests 25 environmental activists in Arctic Sea - Greenpeace
Russia arrested 25 activists from the ‘Save the Arctic’ campaign who tried to hinder the work of a Gazprom oil rig in the Arctic Sea, Greenpeace said. It comes after Moscow lodged a protest with the Netherlands over the actions of the activists' vessel.

19.09.2013 16:15

Soyuz spacecraft lands successfully, crew safe (PHOTOS)
Three ISS crew members have successfully returned to Earth on board a Soyuz spacecraft that landed on the Kazakhstan steppe on Wednesday. Two Russians and an American spent 166 days in space.

11.09.2013 05:06

Moscow rips into ‘vicious practice’ of extraditing Russian nationals to US
Moscow voiced outrage over the arrest of a Russian national in the Dominican Republic and his swift transfer to a US jail without Russia’s consent or knowledge last month. Moscow deemed Aleksander Panin’s extradition “unacceptable."

01.08.2013 11:38

Snowden asylum still under review, stays in airport for now
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden will have to stay at a Moscow airport for a little longer as his asylum plea is still being reviewed by Russian immigration authorities, according to his lawyer.

24.07.2013 11:40

Covert crackdown: RT's correspondent water-cannoned in Ankara night raid (VIDEO)
Turkish police are continuing crackdown on protesters and apparently the press, which RT’s Tom Barton experienced first-hand when attacked by a water cannon. Social media are also flooded with pictures of the wounds from the police’s non-lethal force.

22.06.2013 21:59

Seagull in space: 50 years after first female space flight
When Valentina Tereshkova, call sign Chaika (Seagull), reached orbit on June 16, 1963, she believed she had opened space up to women forever. Yet 50 years on, female cosmonauts remain an anomaly in the Russian space program.

16.06.2013 03:50

Greek govt threatens to arrest teachers over strike
Athens has threatened to arrest high school teachers if they carry out a strike this week, in a move seen as reassurance to Greece’s foreign bailout creditors that the country will not abandon its harsh austerity measures and unpopular reforms.

13.05.2013 08:39

ISS crew fixes coolant leak during spacewalk
The crew of the International Space Station (ISS) has taken an unscheduled spacewalk to inspect and fix a coolant leak in its power system. During a nearly six-hour-long spacewalk they have installed a new cooling system pump.

May 11, 2013 11:51

‘Mentally abnormal’ inmate escapes Moscow prison 'using spoon’
An inmate charged with two counts of murder has escaped from one of Russia’s oldest and most famous detention centers through a hole in the ceiling. The escapee may have only used a spoon in his jailbreak, a police source said.

07.05.2013 11:23

Greek parliament approves draconian civil service job cuts
A new law which will cut some 15,000 state jobs by the end of next year, including 4,000 in 2013, has been passed by the Greek parliament. The harsh move is a part of austerity measures imposed by the Troika in return for a $11.4 billion bailout loan.

28.04.2013 06:57

Dozens dead in psych ward fire near Moscow, 3 survive
At least 36 people have been killed in a fire at a psychiatric hospital on the outskirts of Moscow that housed as many as 41 people, including medical staff. A nurse and two patients were the only survivors.

26.04.2013 00:50

Left out in cold: Crisis has Greeks foraging forest for heat source
Austerity measures and spiraling unemployment have left many Greeks without the means to pay for heating. In desperation some have taken to illegally chopping down firewood, damaging historic forests.

April 04, 2013 21:13