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EU-Canada trade deal gateway to 'super' no-tariff zone
The European Union and Canada have signed a landmark free-trade agreement, that’ll boost growth and create jobs. The deal also paves the way for Europe to create an even bigger no-tariff zone with the US, that’ll represent half of the global economy.

18.10.2013 12:26

US to become top oil producer in 2014, break ‘commodity curse’ stereotype
The IEA says the US will overtake Russia as the biggest oil producer next year, citing the ‘shale revolution’ that has reshaped the global energy market. Some experts believe this will sober Russia and put a lid on talk of a ‘commodity curse’.

11.10.2013 05:48

APEC issues timely warning, says global economy will slow down
Most of the world economies are still suffering the worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s, and the Asia-Pacific leaders are warning against further economic slowdown.

08.10.2013 08:58

Putin seeks to boost trade with China to new record $100bn
Russia wants to use its growing cooperation with China to boost trade by 15%. President Putin told the APEC Summit in Bali that Russia is poised to increase trade from the current record $87.5bn to at least $100bn.

07.10.2013 10:43

Major companies warn US not to rush Asia-Pacific trade deal
Big US companies like Wal-Mart and FedEx say Washington shouldn’t compromise on the 12-nation Asia–Pacific free trade agreement and rush it through by the end of 2013. Policymakers insist each extra $1 billion in exports would create 5,000 jobs.

07.10.2013 06:33

Obama’s absence at APEC summit regretted by Singapore PM
The cancellation of US President Barack Obama’s APEC summit visit was commented on by Singapore’s Prime Minister on Sunday, who said that global leaders wanted to see “a US president who is able to travel and fulfill his international duties.”

06.10.2013 19:44

China to test economic freedom in Shanghai
China launched its first experimental economic free trade zone in Shanghai, seeking to transform the city into an international financial hub and drive yuan convertibility. It is intended to boost growth which is now heading for a 23-year low.

30.09.2013 07:45

Uralkali CEO now under house arrest, employees and mother demand release
A month after Vladislav Baumgertner, CEO of the world’s largest potash company, was arrested in Belarus, he has been moved to a private apartment from solitary confinement in a former-KGB prison.

26.09.2013 14:31

Russian diamonds and restaurants to try luck in US and China
Some of Russia’s biggest retailers will try their hand in foreign markets. Russia’s biggest diamond producer ALROSA, sporting goods retailer Sportmaster, and a popular sushi restaurant will test out their products in Beijing, London, and New York.

25.09.2013 10:05

Arctic quest: The Great Game points north
Energy and trade have long dominated great power politics. The new “hot” region for development is in fact one of the coldest: In the Arctic, power means all manner of energy as well as influence in key developing trade routes.

25.09.2013 09:50

Down the ‘Iron Silk Road’: Russia, North Korea open railway link
Russia opened a cross-border freight railway with North Korea as part of the Trans-Asian Railway project aimed at accelerating trade by connecting Asia and Europe, in the event the two conflicting Koreas unite to form a train network on the peninsula.

23.09.2013 15:14

Kalashnikov switches to private hands in $41mn deal
Russia’s largest weapons producer has struggled to be profitable in the post-Cold War years, and now 49 percent of the Kalashnikov Group will be sold to private buyers for nearly $41 million.

23.09.2013 10:39

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