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Copyright vs free speech: TPP will take away basic rights if ratified
Through the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), US corporatists are aiming to exert their legal control globally, by backing a move to extend intellectual property (IP) laws. But according to Snowden leaks, the move will come at the cost of free speech.

10.12.2013 19:58

Ukraine currency sell-off puts reserves at 7yr low
Political unrest and economic instability have forced Ukraine to take drastic measures to protect the fast-depreciating hryvnia. In November the Bank spent $800 million to ‘save’ the currency, sending foreign reserves to their lowest since 2006.

09.12.2013 12:23

Chinese border city gives green light to use of ruble
Chinese government has allowed the usage of Russian currency, the ruble, along with the yuan, in the city of Suifenhe on the Sino-Russian border in northeast China.

08.12.2013 13:06

Bitcoin falls $300 after Chinese crackdown
The value of bitcoin has dropped by $300 and continues to fall following a clampdown on the controversial crypto-currency by the Chinese government.

07.12.2013 15:17

WTO salvages historic $1 trillion trade deal
The World Trade Organization has formally approved a historic package of agreements after over a decade of negotiations. Trade talks among 159 world economies came to an end after Cuba dropped its objections to the draft agreement.

06.12.2013 10:31

​Ukraine protests: ‘Pros and cons of EU deal not evaluated, just emotions’
Neither Ukrainians nor EU citizens have been shown the whole picture of the consequences of Ukraine signing the EU association deal, Jeffrey Sommers, Associate Professor of Political Economy & Public Policy at the University of Missouri, told RT.

05.12.2013 14:26

Cameron visit accepts China's new superpower status
Isn’t it a sign of the times when a British prime minister visits China trailing a clutch of businessmen in his wake, desperate to attract investment to an ailing British economy?

04.12.2013 14:31

Ukraine gets $8bn investment from China
Ukrainian President Yanukovych left Kiev in search of foreign cash for his country's near bankrupt economy, and now he says he's secured $8 billion in investment from China.

05.12.2013 12:17

​Salesman David Cameron makes up to China
After straining relations with China by meeting exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama in May 2012, UK Prime Minister David Cameron effected a volte-face this week on an unabashed commercial visit that kept sensitive human rights issues at bay.

05.12.2013 12:27

China’s century: ‘More and more economies will want to trade in yuan’
China’s economy will soon be the world’s dominating economy and it’s natural that other economies would want to trade in yuan, not in US dollars, Daniel Wagner, CEO at Country Risk Solutions, told RT.

04.12.2013 14:39

Yanukovich kicks off his ‘big lender’ tour: First stop China, next Russia
President Viktor Yanukovych left the chaotic streets of Kiev for planned trips to China and Russia, in search of a fix for Ukraine’s near bankrupt economy, which has left him walking a narrow line between European and Russian trade deals.

03.12.2013 12:44

Cameron lobbies for a trillion EU-China trade deal
UK Prime Minister David Cameron, along with 120 business people, has begun an official visit to China. The largest British mission of its kind seeks to lay ground for $1 trillion free trade deal between China and the EU.

02.12.2013 07:50

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