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​Russia suspends all confectionary imports from Ukraine
Russian consumer watchdog Rospotrebnadzor has suspended all confectionery imports from Ukraine after discovering two Ukrainian companies broke consumer protection laws.

05.09.2014 08:05

‘EU politicians know that sanctions are a shot in their own foot’
EU-Russian trade and contracts is not a small thing, so if there is a break down all of Europe could go down the drain and into a recession, economic analyst Michael Mross told RT.

05.09.2014 08:44

​Russian food ban to cost EU $6.6bn a year – internal document
Russia's decision to impose a food embargo in response to Western sanctions may cost the European Union €5 billion ($6.6 billion) a year, according to an internal EU document.

04.09.2014 08:31

​Russia to lift controls on Mongolian meat exports – Putin
Russia will lift restrictions on the import of meat products from Mongolia, President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday following talks with Mongolian President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj.

03.09.2014 13:17

Guatemala defies ‘Monsanto Law’ pushed by US as part of trade agreement
The highest court in Guatemala has suspended the controversial 'Monsanto Law,' a provision of a US-Central American trade agreement, that would insulate transnational seed corporations considered to have “discovered" new plant varieties.

03.09.2014 15:00

​European farmers not to receive full Russian embargo compensation
Farmers in Europe affected by the Russian food embargo will not receive full compensation, German Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt has said.

03.09.2014 08:57

India-Pakistan-Afghanistan: Will the triangle give peace a chance?
William Dalrymple’s so-called deadly triangle comprising India-Pakistan-Afghanistan is now locked in another series of events that experts feel might give regional peace and stability some trying times ahead.

02.09.2014 12:45

​Australia imposes new round of sanctions against Russia
The Australian government on Monday unveiled further sanctions against Russian oil and gas, financial and defense sectors, bringing Canberra in line with the European Union.

01.09.2014 07:46

Sanctions are of no concern at glittering 2014 Moscow car show
The Moscow International Automobile Salon (MIAS) - one the world’s top ten auto shows - has opened its doors to public on Friday showing that sanctions against Russia are of no real concern for participants and visitors.

29.08.2014 14:02

Crisis in Ukraine: A case study in mismanagement
The Ukrainian crisis has two closely intertwined dimensions: a domestic one and an external one, both testifying to the failure to manage the process correctly.

29.08.2014 12:40

'TTIP agreement is an attack on people, society and environment in both Europe and the US'
In TTIP talks the US and the EU are working on behalf of big businesses trying to attack the most prized social and environmental standards that people have fought for years to uphold and develop, executive director of War on Want John Hilary told RT.

28.08.2014 12:15

​Russia may extend Visa and MasterCard deadline to Jan 1
Russia’s Finance Ministry is ready to extend by two months the deadline for international payment systems Visa and MasterCard to set up domestic processing for Russian card holders, according to Deputy Minister Alexei Moiseev.

27.08.2014 12:19

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