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​New realities: Parliamentary BRICS
The idea to establish a parliamentary forum emerged as a result of the active development of diverse cooperation within the framework of BRICS.

24.03.2015 14:12

​Russia may ban food imports from Serbia if re-export confirmed
Imports of apples from Serbia to Russia may be banned, as a sudden increase in supplies raises fears in Moscow the fruit could have been re-exported from Poland, who is under a food embargo, Russia’s agricultural watchdog warns.

23.03.2015 13:48

‘Ruble unstable for artificial reasons’
The US has created a belief that money would leave Russia, but money doesn’t flow out of countries that have extremely low debt and strong export earnings, Paul Craig Roberts, former US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, told RT.

23.03.2015 11:01

​Global carmakers suspend supplying Russia on ruble slide
The biggest US vehicle maker General Motors and the fourth largest South Korean automaker SsangYong are to suspend deliveries to Russia, saying they are “changing the business model” in the country to adjust to the falling ruble.

19.03.2015 09:43

West losing up to €40bn from sanctions war– leading Russian MP
Western countries are experiencing loses of up to €40 billion as the sanctions imposed by them on Russia impede productive cooperation, claims Aleksey Pushkov, Chairman of Russian State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs.

16.03.2015 15:06

​Crimea signs first investment deals since reunification with Russia worth $30mn
The Crimean authorities have signed the first two major contracts with investors since accession to Russia. The contracts deal with energy and are valued at $30 million, said the head of the republic Sergey Aksenov.

16.03.2015 12:09

US and Russia remain world’s biggest arms exporters – study
Russia remains the world’s second biggest seller of arms behind the United States, increasing its share by 37 percent in 2010-2014. China has boosted exports by 143 percent, squeezing out Germany from the top three exporters.

16.03.2015 08:08

​Moscow Exchange to start ruble-yuan futures trading next week
Moscow trading in ruble-yuan futures will begin on March 17 with the currency pair expected to become the third most popular by volume, says Moscow Exchange (MOEX) Deputy Chairman Andrey Shemetov.

12.03.2015 14:41

Shopping mall blaze & collapse: 4 dead, over 30 injured, 650 evacuated in Kazan, Russia
Four people have died and over 30 others have been injured in a shopping mall blaze in the Russian city of Kazan. Over six hundred people have been evacuated, while the cause of the fire is being determined.

11.03.2015 12:38

​Ukraine – EU Association Agreement should consider Russian interests – Spanish FM
Russian interests should be considered in the association agreement between the European Union and Ukraine, said Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Garcia-Margallo, adding that the essential strategic partnership between Russia and the EU should be restored.

10.03.2015 13:23

British MPs say US-EU free trade deal must not leave govts at multinationals’ mercy
British MPs are protesting the US-EU TTIP free trade deal that could enable multinational corporations to sue governments if newly introduced rules harm their businesses, thus weakening essential European health and food regulations.

10.03.2015 06:13

Anglo-Russian business and the ‘Cervix of Hamon effect’
Syntax matters. In these “sanctioned times” it is doubly vital that the nuances of meaning originating in Russian or in English be as fully congruent, tuned and replicated with cultural and contextual relevance when reborn into the other language.

04.03.2015 13:54