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Japan lifts evacuation order near Fukushima for first time since nuclear disaster
Japan has lifted the evacuation order on part of the no-entry zone around the crippled Fukushima plant for the first time since the nuclear disaster struck three years ago. But many evacuees say they won't return, citing fears over radioactive fallouts.

01.04.2014 17:45

6.3-magnitude quake strikes off S. Japanese island of Kyushu
A 6.3 magnitude earthquake has struck off the south coast of Japan, 13 kilometers north of the city Kunisaki-shi, located on the southern Kyushu Island, according to the US Geological Survey.

13.03.2014 17:21

3 years on: Contaminated Fukushima water may be dumped as problems mount
Contaminated water at the battered Fukushima plant has taken precedence over everything else. As the larger cleanup effort continues and storage space for the water is rapidly running out, scientists suggest dumping it into the Pacific Ocean.

11.03.2014 08:43

Study claims USS Reagan crew exposed to extremely high levels of radiation near Fukushima
A new report on the nuclear crisis that started to unfold in Fukushima, Japan almost three years ago suggests that American troops who assisted with disaster relief efforts were exposed to unheard of radiation levels while on assignment.

20.02.2014 19:58

Officials reject concerns over 500 percent radiation increase on California beach
Health officials in California are now telling residents not to worry after a video uploaded to the internet last month seemed to show high levels of radiation at a Pacific Coast beach.

06.01.2014 15:13

‘Fukushima fish ends in garbage’: Radioactive fears blight Japan’s seafood industry
Due to radiation fears, Fukushima Prefecture fishermen have to dump most of their catch. Two years into the nuclear disaster, the world is growing weary of Japan’s seafood, with South Korea even banning Japanese fish and seafood imports.

25.12.2013 08:03

Record outdoor radiation level that ‘can kill in 20 min’ detected at Fukushima
Outdoor radiation levels have reached their highest at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant,warns the operator company.Radiation found in an area near a steel pipe that connects reactor buildings could kill an exposed person in 20 minutes,local media reported.

08.12.2013 17:49

‘It’s a crime what’s happening at Fukushima’
It is beyond tragic that people resettling near Fukushima have to figure out how bad the contamination there is, with Japan’s government allowing it to happen, Kevin Kamps, a nuclear waste specialist from the Beyond Nuclear organization, told RT.

08.11.2013 15:29

Japan to begin removal of fuel rods from Fukushima plant
TEPCO is preparing to begin the dangerous task of extracting over 1,500 nuclear fuel rods from the Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant. The risky operation is an essential step in to stabilize the site, in a process that could take decades.

07.11.2013 08:25

Big quake near Fukushima would ‘decimate Japan, lead to US West Coast evacuation’
The stricken nuclear plant at Fukushima in northern Japan is in such a delicate condition that a future earthquake could trigger a disaster that would decimate Japan and affect the entire West Coast of North America, a prominent scientist has warned.

06.11.2013 06:54

1 million tons of Fukushima debris floating near US West Coast?
Over a million tons of Fukushima debris could be just 1,700 miles off the American coast, floating between Hawaii and California, according to research by a US government agency.

05.11.2013 17:08

Fukushima moves radioactive water as it braces for Typhoon Francisco
Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant is bracing itself for Typhoon Francisco, set to hit the country this weekend, by quickly securing new storage space for contaminated rainwater that has already taken up the facility’s entire storage tank capacity.

24.10.2013 06:49