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Walking distance

House on the Embankment – A palace for Stalinist nobility
Many buildings in Moscow stand near the Moskva River, but only one is known as the House on the Embankment – one of the city’s most famous apartment blocks, where happiness and fear lived side by side.

14.06.2012 17:48

Guided history walks around Moscow reveal hidden past
From exploring hidden bomb shelters, to taking a ride through a Royal Palace, join RT’s tour around Moscow’s "alternative" attractions.

11.06.2012 13:42

Poet’s love shelter: Tragic story behind Pushkin house
Join RT’s tour around Pushkin’s Moscow home – a perfect place to discover more about the poet’s doomed marriage, as well as his passion for his native city.

07.06.2012 17:39

Century as a centerpiece: RT’s guided tour around Pushkin museum
While the Pushkin museum is celebrating100 years as a jewel in the city's art life, RT pays tribute to the international culture icon.

31.05.2012 17:24

Bolshaya Ordynka – open-air museum with architectural gems
A piece of ancient history in the heart of Moscow, Bolshaya Ordynka is one of the oldest streets in the capital’s historic center.

24.05.2012 18:22

Pokrovsky Boulevard – a whistle-stop tour of Moscow history
A piece of leafy countryside in the heart of Moscow, Pokrovsky Boulevard is not usually a magnet for tourists, who might think it too quiet and unexciting. But RT found this place off the beaten track to be as captivating as any other Moscow street.

17.05.2012 17:48

Open-air museum displays pride of Soviet military production
A unique combination of firepower, sturdiness and mobility, the iconic T-34 has become legendary as the tank that won the Great Patriotic War for the Soviet Union. Join RT on a tour of the museum dedicated to the powerful weapon.

10.05.2012 17:42

Bears great and small gather to mark Teddy’s 110th birthday
As the much-loved children's toy, the Teddy Bear, is celebrating its 110th birthday, a collection of Russia's rarest bear items have gone on display in the capital.

26.04.2012 16:57

Roerich museum: An insight into the artist’s remarkable life
Painter, scientist, traveler, public figure, writer and philosopher, Nikolai Roerich, was a man of many talents. No wonder his Moscow museum is as unusual and multi-faceted as the man himself was.

19.04.2012 18:14

Giant 20th-century filmmaker honored at 80th birthday show
As Russia celebrates the 80th birthday of Russian filmmaker Andrey Tarkovsky, a large exhibition dedicated to his work opened in Moscow. Join RT on a tour around the world of the country’s iconic director.

12.04.2012 18:00

Yusupov Chambers: Splendid residence of Russia’s richest nobles
A former royal residence turned into the home of one of Tsarist Russia’s wealthiest families, Yusupov Chambers is offering visitors a fascinating journey through the centuries.

05.04.2012 17:10

Museum of Forgotten Things: Treasure-trove for antique lovers
A firm confirmation that “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure,” Moscow’s Museum of Forgotten Things is a true feast for the eyes of antique lovers.

29.03.2012 17:16