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India cyclone Phailin leaves trail of devastation, 23 dead (VIDEO)
Cyclone Phailin, India’s strongest in 14 years, has left towns and villages flooded and tens of thousands of homes destroyed. The country managed to avoid a high loss of life, however, by moving about a million people into shelters.

13.10.2013 12:07

Monsanto buys big data weather company to boost yields and profit
Agriculture giant Monsanto has announced acquisition of the Climate Corporation, a climate data research company, expecting that its info will help farmers maximize crop yields with fewer resources.

03.10.2013 11:31

6.8 tremor hits Pakistan's Balochistan days after first quake killed hundreds
At least 22 people have reportedly been killed as a second powerful earthquake has struck Balochistan in southwestern Pakistan, the region where another deadly quake claimed over 500 lives earlier this week.

28.09.2013 08:13

Four confirmed dead, hundreds unaccounted for in Colorado floods
Four people have been confirmed dead and over 500 reported missing following devastating floods in Colorado. Authorities fear the death toll will rise as thousands are rescued from the flood zone.

15.09.2013 01:28

Resident of Russia's flooded Far East won't evacuate to stay with her cats and books
Some 30,000 people have seen their properties submerged in the biggest flood Russia’s Far East has seen in more than a hundred years. RT's Paul Scott has been following emergency crews rescuing residents of the flooded Amur region villages.

20.08.2013 11:50

30,000 evacuated as floodwaters continue to swamp Russia’s Far East
As the floodwaters continue to swamp Russia’s Far East, 30,000 people have already been displaced. An RT team travelled to the devastated area to find out why some people are refusing to leave their homes.

19.08.2013 13:31

Record eruption at Japanese volcano, city covered in ash
Sakurajima, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, has covered the city of Kagoshima in southern Japan in ash and spewed a record-high cloud of smoke 5 kilometers into the sky.

19.08.2013 07:20

Russia’s Far East hit by biggest floods in 120 years
Up to 100,000 people may be evacuated from flood-hit regions in Russia’s Far East. Water levels at local reservoirs have already reached historic highs, and officials say the floods raging in the area are expected to continue rising even further.

18.08.2013 12:04

God of thunder: New Australian supercomputer to help predict weather
A cutting edge supercomputer was unveiled in Australia to help scientists predict extreme weather conditions in the country, officials revealed. The computer is able to calculate vast amounts of data for forecast development.

31.07.2013 12:00

Unearthly blue: Scientists reveal color of planet 63 light years away
For the first time, astronomers have been able to determine the color of a planet outside the solar system, and it turns out that this planet is blue. It circles a star 63 light years away from Earth, and it rains melting glass there.

12.07.2013 12:13

Severe thunderstorms leave Toronto underwater, 300K without power
Severe thunderstorms hammered Toronto Monday, leaving cars stranded throughout the city and over 300,000 residents without power.

09.07.2013 02:25

Canada floods: Troops deployed to help with evacuation of 100,000 people (PHOTOS)
Army troops have been deployed in Calgary and across Canada’s Alberta province as the government declares a state of emergency ordering 100,000 residents to evacuate. Authorities say 3 bodies have been found.

21.06.2013 22:48

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