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Christmas chaos: Hundreds of flights delayed as fierce storms rage worldwide
Over a million homes and businesses without power, holiday plans destroyed over flight cancelations – that’s how Christmas panned out for some people across the globe, as deadly storms swept the planet.

25.12.2013 04:30

Ice storm plunges Canadians into darkness and travel chaos (PHOTOS)
Thousands across Ontario and Quebec provinces in Canada may have to spend Christmas by candlelight. Over 300,000 homes have been left without power after a winter storm swept through eastern Canada damaging power lines and causing mayhem for travelers.

23.12.2013 00:41

Gigantic snowstorm paralyses North East US
A heavy snowstorm pounded the northeastern United States on Sunday, dropping snow, sleet, and freezing rain across the region and causing plane delays as well as multi-car accidents on congested travel routes.

09.12.2013 16:09

Minus credibility? Antarctic record low temperature disputed
American scientists claim they have found the coldest place on Earth - in Antarctica, where temperatures can fall below -91C. One Russian scientist calls this into question, pointing out the new record was made using remote measurements.

09.12.2013 04:54

9 dead, thousands affected as storm Xaver sweeps east across Europe (PHOTOS)
Hundreds of thousands have been left without power or stranded by transportation chaos as the storm Xaver is sweeping across northern Europe. At least nine people have died in the disaster.

06.12.2013 15:02

Deadly winter storms ravage US, threatening nightmarish Thanksgiving travel for millions
Those planning to trip home for Thanksgiving should brace themselves: a deadly winter storm is scheduled to hit the East Coast just in time to cause plenty of travel problems.

26.11.2013 16:15

Fatalities, flights delayed as heavy storm lashes US East Coast ahead of Thanksgiving
A wintry storm system is heading for the US East Coast, bringing snow, sleet and rain, according to the National Weather Service. 13 people have already been killed in weather related incidents in the West and Mid-West of the US.

25.11.2013 07:08

US military set to increase presence in ‘melting’ Arctic
The US wants to be “very involved” in Arctic waters, as melting ice caps open opportunities for sea routes, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has said. However, unlike other Arctic nations such as Russia, the Americans still lack the necessary hardware.

22.11.2013 13:49

Western warships, Japanese troops dispatched to aid ‘corpse-choked’ Philippines
The US and UK have dispatched warships to the typhoon-ravaged Philippines to help facilitate relief efforts. Japan is also set to deploy troops to the country to aid affected areas gruesomely described as a corpse-choked wasteland.

12.11.2013 12:46

Death, hunger, looting: Typhoon-ravaged Philippines' state of national calamity
In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, which left thousands dead, many more displaced and survivors battling for survival amid devastation and chaos, the Philippines has declared a state of national calamity to help restore order to the reeling nation.

11.11.2013 14:35

Haiyan landfall in Vietnam as hundreds of thousands flee in fear of devastation
Typhoon Haiyan has made landfall in Vietnam after bashing through the Philippines leaving an estimated 10,000 people dead in the central province of Leyte alone, and devastating over 9.5 million residents.

10.11.2013 04:40

St Jude storm hits Russia after devastating parts of Europe
The deadly St Jude storm is making its way across north-western Russia, toppling roofs, uprooting trees, leaving tens of thousands residents without electricity and putting the historic city of St Petersburg under threat of flooding.

29.10.2013 13:06

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