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Thousands of wartime explosives dislodged as Balkans flooding leads to landslides (PHOTOS)
While dozens of people have died as a result of massive floods sweeping the Balkans, leaving tens of thousands displaced, a new risk has been posed by unexploded wartime landmines that are now being exposed by 3,000 landslides.

19.05.2014 14:54

Extreme drought forces Texas town to use toilet water for drinking
After suffering from three years of extreme drought, citizens in Wichita Falls, Texas, are left pondering an unsavory solution to their H20 problem: using waste and toilet water for drinking.

07.05.2014 19:10

$350k govt drone mistakenly sent to Mass. college student
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration seems to have accidentally mailed parts of a $350,000 drone to a Massachusetts college student, according to evidence posted online by its lucky recipient which was verified on Monday.

05.05.2014 22:36

Wildfire triggers mass evacuation near Los Angeles (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
A rapidly spreading wildfire in Southern California forced the evacuation of more than 1,600 homes Wednesday, as powerful winds drove it closer and closer to a city just east of Los Angeles.

01.05.2014 16:07

Deadly storms cause massive flooding in Florida and Alabama (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
As a deadly weather front continued to make its way across the Southern United States late Tuesday and early Wednesday, both Florida and Alabama were struck with severe flooding that’s left at least one person dead.

30.04.2014 15:08

Deadly tornadoes ravage US Gulf-coast, leaving at least 34 dead
At least 34 people have been killed in tornadoes that have ripped through Mississippi and Alabama, flipping trucks over on highways and leaving tens of thousands without power.

29.04.2014 11:01

Large tornadoes sweep across Mississippi causing deaths and major damage
Much of northern Mississippi remained on tornado watch Monday afternoon after a twister made its way through Tupelo, according to a National Weather Service report. Major damage was reported, while state officials said up to seven people had been killed.

28.04.2014 20:58

Mayflower Arkansas devastation: Deadly tornado destroys everything in its path
Fourteen people have been confirmed dead after a swarm of tornadoes swept through the US Midwest and South, leaving a trail of destruction. More stormy weather is expected in the coming hours.

28.04.2014 13:11

Casualties, massive damage as multiple tornadoes rip through US
A powerful tornado storm system has ripped through several US states, killing one person in Oklahoma and at least 16 others in central Arkansas while causing major damage in the Great Plains, Midwest and Southern states.

April 28, 2014 09:40

Winter comes again suddenly for Russia’s Urals (PHOTOS)
Russia’s Urals region has been hit with freak winter weather, with severe snowstorms causing massive traffic jams, flight delays, power blackouts and school closures.

26.04.2014 09:17

NASA worried by unusually big iceberg six times the size of Manhattan (PHOTO, VIDEO)
Dubbed “B31,” the iceberg could pose some significant problems for ships if it continues to melt or break apart in the Southern Ocean.

25.04.2014 18:27

Bureaucratic mess: 3,000 agencies leave California water system in disarray
While Californians try to counter one of the worst droughts to hit the state in a century, a well-structured and organized water management system appears to be anything but evident.

25.04.2014 14:21