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Grand Canyon covered by sea of clouds in amazing weather event (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
The Grand Canyon, one of the seven wonders of the natural world, became even more wondrous on Thursday, thanks to a rare weather event. A sea of clouds filled the chasm from the bottom up, ebbing and flowing like a seaside tide.

12.12.2014 20:18

#WeatherBomb: Extreme wind & waves batter northern Britain (VIDEO)
As an area of low pressure, dubbed the ‘weather bomb’, makes landfall in Scotland and northern England, Brits have taken to social media to share their experiences of battling high winds and traversing snow. Others, predictably, are more flippant.

10.12.2014 10:25

4 killed, 1 mn evacuated as Typhoon Hagupit engulfs Philippines (PHOTOS)
In one of the world’s largest peacetime evacuations, 1 million people in the Philippines have flocked to shelters to take cover against Typhoon Hagupit, which has brought heavy rains and strong winds. At least four people are feared dead.

06.12.2014 20:25

Climate change could damage NASA’s space program
The effects of climate change are already showing up along American coastlines from Miami to Alaska, but Florida geologists are particularly concerned about sea level rise at Cape Canaveral – home to the Kennedy Space Center.

06.12.2014 01:17

Ice danger! Huge rogue icicle targets Serbia’s energy minister (VIDEO)
Winter ice can be completely ungovernable, as Serbian Energy Minister Aleksandar Antic found out when he came to check repair work at snowstorm-hit power grid lines. Lying in wait was a huge, menacing icicle with his name on it.

05.12.2014 14:37

Freak Russian blizzard: Mad snow storm swallows cars, streets, buildings in Far East
Winter has come with a vengeance: Russia’s snow-and-ice-bound Far East regions have declared states of emergency. Traffic chaos is rife, with cars stuck or sliding uncontrollably. Residents are trying to push cars, and also stop them with their bodies.

03.12.2014 13:37

Flood leaves Gaza in ruins, UN declares state of emergency
An estimated 100,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged as the streets of Gaza City. They were flooded with water and sewage after a week of torrential downpours, prompting the UN Palestinian refugee agency to declare a state of emergency in the area.

28.11.2014 04:29

Wet waltz: Rare twin waterspouts elegantly dance off Italian coast (VIDEO)
Two enormous waterspouts have been captured twisting together in a miraculous show, connecting sea and sky. The dual waterspouts, or ‘le dragoni’ in Italian, are extremely rare to observe.

27.11.2014 08:42

Thanksgiving mess: Airlines cancel hundreds of flights as storm rips through Northeast
Airlines in the United States have cancelled nearly 300 flights thus far Wednesday given rain and snow along the East Coast and Appalachians. The heaviest snow through the day is expected just west of the I-95 corridor between Philadelphia and Boston.

26.11.2014 15:13

–52C in Siberia: Over 70 passengers 'push' frozen plane to runway (VIDEO)
Freezing temperatures didn’t stop intrepid passengers from “helping out” a Russian plane that couldn’t move, because its wheels were frozen to the ground. The "selfie" won the day in a remote Siberian town beyond the Arctic Circle.

26.11.2014 08:34

Antarctic ice thicker than thought, drone submarine finds
A new type of 3D mapping revealed Antarctic sea ice could be much thicker than previously estimated, shows a study done with the help of a yellow robotic submarine named SeaBed.

25.11.2014 01:38

​Western New York braces for flooding after record snowstorm (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
After a huge snowstorm struck the state of New York covering it with up to 2 meters of snow it took emergency services several days to clear the mess. Now authorities fear the melting snow could cause major flooding in the area.

24.11.2014 01:17