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Canada blackout: Heavy snowfall leaves over 150,000 without electricity in Quebec
More than 150,000 Canadians are left without electricity in Quebec due to the snowfall, which caused trees branches to fall, damaging power cables.

05.01.2015 08:18

Thousands flee as wildfires rampage through Australia (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Thousands of Australians are fleeing their homes as wildfires tear through the south of the country, prompting officials to declare a major emergency and advise people to leave the “extremely dangerous” area.

03.01.2015 16:47

Snow squalls cause massive car pileup in New Hampshire (PHOTOS)
At least 35 cars got into a massive pileup in New Hampshire on Friday due to a fast-moving morning storm that induced snow squalls and icy slick.

02.01.2015 17:30

‘Nuclear winter’ threat dismissed by Thatcher govt, papers reveal
Threats of a “nuclear winter” in the wake of a catastrophic war with the Soviet Union were rejected as alarmist scaremongering by the late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s government, Home Office papers reveal.

30.12.2014 14:59

​31 dead, 7 missing in Philippines storm (PHOTOS)
Tropical storm Jangmi has left 31 people dead and seven missing after triggering massive landslides and flash floods in the Philippines, officials said Tuesday.

30.12.2014 16:50

‘Winter hell’: Snowstorm paralyzes major Russian highway (PHOTOS)
Russia has seen many harsh winters – but even here, drivers don't welcome wintry roads. Heavy snow and hail turned part of a highway running from Moscow to Rostov into a parking lot. Cars were reportedly buried under snow upon stopping for just a minute.

28.12.2014 19:43

French Alps hit by massive snowfall, thousands of cars stranded (PHOTOS)
Massive snowfall, aggravated by strong winds and ice in the French Alps, has trapped thousands of holidaymakers, with up to 15,000 people forced to spend Saturday night in emergency accommodation centers in the Savoie region in southeastern France.

28.12.2014 06:15

UK travel chaos as snow and delayed engineering works wreak havoc
British commuters who are wearily used to travel and public transport hold-ups found that snow and delayed engineering works on the East Coast mainline meant that many had to abandon their journeys.

27.12.2014 20:17

Chupakabra or drunk aliens? Mexico barley field boasts new mysterious crop patterns (VIDEO)
Hundreds of people have flocked to the Mexican municipality of Texcoco, attracted by a curious phenomenon of crop circles that appeared on Christmas Eve. The mystery of a seven-hectare pattern hasn’t been solved yet.

27.12.2014 11:36

UK under snow barrage: Airport shut down, skidded car explodes, Twitter tracks weather
Heavy snow in parts of the UK forced the Liverpool airport to shut down and caused holiday traffic mayhem with multiple road accidents. The Met Office and police issued weather warnings, while people took to Twitter to rate the snow-in.

27.12.2014 02:09

500 accidents an hour: Snowbound Moscow stuck in worst ever Christmas traffic (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Moscow was gripped by the worst gridlock ever seen as unexpectedly severe snowfall hit the Russian capital on Christmas Day, literally paralyzing the city. Police registered up to 500 road accidents an hour and 200 flights were delayed.

25.12.2014 19:13

​Virtual model of Arctic to monitor human impact and climate change
Russian scientists are working on a high-tech virtual map of the Arctic in order to keep track of climate change developments and monitor human impact on the area, in what may help pave the way for safer mining of the region’s oil and gas reserves.

19.12.2014 18:23