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1,500 missing in US tornado aftermath
At least 122 people died and over 1,500 people remain unaccounted for across a region of Missouri hit by the largest tornado on record for the region.

25.05.2011 17:19

Pentagon's number one enemy
The CorrDefense agency, set up in 2003, has the most unlikely enemy of any Pentagon office.

24.05.2011 19:42

Antarctic tourism: big business with eco-angle
Though Antarctica lacks luxury resorts, it still attracts many people who are ready to spend thousands of dollars on a ten-day trip. RT’s team went to the Earth's southernmost continent to check why Antarctic tourism is flourishing.

20.05.2011 07:23

Greens follow political agenda carping science – climate-change skeptic
The demonizing of manmade CO2 is nonsense, because it is only a tiny part in the atmosphere and man produces only a miniscule quantity of that, believes climate change skeptic journalist Johnny Ball.

18.05.2011 09:21

Smog to cover Moscow in a week – Greenpeace
The Russian wing of Greenpeace says unless action is taken now, the Russian capital will be covered in smog in less than seven days.

13.05.2011 16:05

Two out of five Russian cities are not ready to fight fires – Emergencies Ministry
The wildfire situation in Russia is fast getting worse, with flames covering about 8,000 hectares in the country.

12.05.2011 14:38

Heavy showers flood capital of southern Russian republic
The water level in several streets of the city of Vladikavkaz in the Republic of North Ossetia has risen to two meters, with over 40 houses reported up to their windows in water.

07.05.2011 15:56

Greenpeace blowing smoke on wildfires – Emergencies Ministry
While Greenpeace activists are allegedly fighting wildfires in the Moscow region, the Emergencies Ministry claims they know nothing about the reported disaster.

05.05.2011 14:37

Tornadoes devastate America’s south
Dozens of tornadoes touched-down across the southern states destroying homes, schools, and killing at least 214 people in the deadliest swarm of tornadoes in almost 40 years.

28.04.2011 16:22

Weathermen spot long-lost Russian spring
While Muscovites are wondering where on earth spring has gone, meteorologists say the runaway season is lurking somewhere near the end of this week.

28.03.2011 18:16

Russia turns clocks forward for one last time
Abolishing a 30-year tradition, Russia will turn forward its clocks for one last time early on Sunday morning, following a presidential decree not to switch to daylight saving time in October.

26.03.2011 16:34

Russia's expats rejoice at benefits from cutting of red tape
Radical changes in Russia’s immigration laws, the country’s ever-changing weather, and the final shift to summer time have impressed Moscow expats this week.

25.03.2011 18:21