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The Heart for Havel wax sculpture melts in Czech Republic
The heart shaped sculpture commemorating the late Czech President Vaclav Havel is melting from the heat in the town of Litomysl. Local authorities are searching for a solution to preserve the monument.

04.07.2012 12:51

State of emergency declared across Mid-Atlantic after deadly storms, heat wave (PHOTOS)
Violent storms in the DC area have killed at least 13 people, uprooted thousands of trees and left over 1.3 million homes and businesses without power across the Mid-Atlantic during a powerful heat wave. Popular Internet services went down too.

30.06.2012 23:49

Russian weathermen refute conspiracy to rain on opposition’s parade
The head of Russia’s main meteorological center has said that it would have been physically impossible to cause an artificial rainstorm during a recent opposition march.

19.06.2012 13:10

Ominous 'mushroom cloud' lours over Beijing skies (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Video and photos of an unusual glowing multi-colored ”mushroom cloud” hanging over Beijing skyline scared internet users who couldn’t make out what it was.

19.06.2012 08:52

Sunny future: Humankind faces huge solar storms
Get ready for some solar action as Earth heads into a period of increased solar activity with a peak in flares predicted for 2013. Scientists say the number of solar storms will be the highest for a decade.

31.05.2012 19:50

Midweek cold snap to interrupt Moscow heat wave
If you are dying in the Moscow heat, rejoice: cold weather is making its way back to the Russian capital, bringing rains and thunderstorms.

21.05.2012 17:04

Lightning strikes Hollande's plane en route to Berlin, forces return to Paris
The newly inaugaurated French President has struck out on his very first official trip. Forces of nature stopped Francois Holland on his way to a symbolic and much-anticipated meeting with German Chancellor Merkel.

15.05.2012 16:23

Reign over Scotland: Prince Charles tries shift as weatherman
TV viewers in Britain were startled at the sight of a new weather presenter – Prince Charles. Turns out the Prince of Wales decided to try his hand at reading the weather forecast on BBC Scotland.

10.05.2012 22:45

One killed, scores injured as tornado rips through Japan (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
A massive tornado has swept through eastern Japan, killing a teenager and injuring dozens of others. The twister ripped roofs of buildings, smashed windows and toppled heavy billboards.

06.05.2012 13:54

Argentinian expat shares Moscow impressions
A South American currently living in Moscow told RT how he manages to cope with -27C temperatures and what surprised him most in the Russian news this week.

04.05.2012 17:24

Watch out! Moscow gets painted in spring colors
Over the next two weeks, you'd better check before sitting down on a park bench in Moscow – as it may well be covered in fresh paint.

18.04.2012 17:37

Spectacular solar eruption captured by scientists (VIDEO)
The sun has erupted in a spectacular flare, sending an outburst of heated plasma far into space. The eruption occurred along the sun's eastern limb and was not aimed towards Earth, scientists say.

17.04.2012 17:33