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Moscow fights heat by growing olive trees and opening city beaches
As last year’s heat returns to the Russian capital exhausting citizens and visitors alike, meteorologists insist that the anomalies will not last.

01.07.2011 17:00

Los Alamos nuclear waste almost on fire
The New Mexico wildfire that has turned America’s heads towards the Los Alamos nuke plant is inching closer and closer to the laboratory, where the Associate Press says it is now a few miles from a dumpsite.

29.06.2011 18:05

Katrina cops on trial for conspiracy
Michael Lohman has already admitted to participating in the cover up by New Orleans cops to conceal the truth behind a barrage of bullets that killed two and wounded four in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

28.06.2011 19:20

Fires and floods threaten nuclear facilities
If you were to go ten miles out from each of the 65 nuclear power plants in the country, you’d find around four million Americans living within range of a catastrophic disaster. But what are the odds of one ever happening, right?

27.06.2011 17:45

Air conditioning for troops costs more than NASA
If you think your electricity bill is a joke, get a load of this. The United States spends more than $20 billion per year on air conditioning for troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. As NPR reports, that’s more than the entire operating budget for NASA.

27.06.2011 16:29

Russia in the grip of a heat wave
Nearly all regions across the country have recorded abnormally high temperatures. In some places it is 10 degrees Celsius above normal.

27.06.2011 15:27

Harsh survival lessons in cruelest climate
Antarctica has one of the most unpredictable climates in the world, but for people who go there in the name of science, dealing with environmental extremes is a daily reality. RT's Sean Thomas has seen how people survive at the ends of the Earth.

25.06.2011 05:25

White House breaks another promise
In the ongoing list of promises gone broken by the Obama administration, the White House added a new one this week that has environmentalists seeing red.

21.06.2011 16:58

Thousands denied FEMA assistance
The Stewart family home in Jefferson County, Alabama suffered a little bit of damage during last month’s tornado. As a notice from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) puts it, in fact, the damage was only “minor.”

13.06.2011 19:23

Emergencies Ministry reports progress in fighting wildfires
The area affected by wildfires in Russia was cut in half over the weekend, but around 40,000 hectares of forest and peat bog are still burning.

30.05.2011 17:05

Does society only think short term? The Big Apple speaks
With the ecologic situation worsening and the recent nuclear crisis hitting Fukushima, the question is whether society is capable of really thinking long-term.

28.05.2011 06:27

Antarctica: testing ground for climate change
To get a proper grip on global warming, you’ll have to spend some time in the planet's coldest climates. In Antarctica, scientists are observing glaciers to give us clues as to which way our world is heading.

28.05.2011 05:36