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Fountains blast off in Moscow to hail spring and cosmonautics
Despite spring’s late arrival, fountain season has finally kicked off in Moscow.

12.04.2012 16:45

Deadly wildfires engulf Siberia
Hundreds of firefighters are battling to put out massive wildfires in Siberia. The fires started earlier this month and have now spread to cover 15,000 hectares.

10.04.2012 17:17

Global warming affects Russia more than others – meteorologists
Russia is suffering from global warming more than any other country, say state meteorologists. The weathermen’s latest report focuses on climate indicators in 2011, as well as on the trends of the last 35 years.

05.04.2012 17:47

Violent storm kills four, injures hundreds in Japan (VIDEO)
Police say a huge storm has killed at least four people and injured over 400 in Japan as violent winds and rain continued to batter the nation, leaving thousands of homes without electricity.

04.04.2012 16:59

Moscow’s wait for spring goes on with more snow forecast
While weather forecasters say spring is about to arrive, Mother Nature is putting Muscovites' patience to one more test.

04.04.2012 16:35

Winds at 140 km/h: Strongest storm in decades batters Japan (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
A powerful rainstorm is battering Japan, paralyzing traffic and leaving thousands of homes without electricity. The storm halted commuter trains and grounded more than 500 domestic flights in and around Tokyo.

03.04.2012 10:58

Spring officially cancelled in Moscow
Russia's weather forecasters say the temperatures in Central Russia will not improve before April 5.

29.03.2012 17:34

5-times size of Earth: Giant solar tornado caught in rare NASA tape (VIDEO)
A giant solar tornado - five times the Earth’s diameter - swirling at incredible speed of some 186,000 mph has been captured on video by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory.

29.03.2012 14:04

Six pedestrians hit by falling icicles in Moscow
With temperatures rising after the cold snap, the authorities have warned Muscovites to watch out when walking near big buildings.

23.02.2012 16:59

Moscow is poisoned with toxic snow, say scientists
Chemicals used to clear Moscow's streets of snow have put the capital on an environmental collision course.

22.02.2012 17:08

Topless activists fight Russian ‘gas terror’ in -25C (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Ready to stand up and stand out for justice despite severe frosts, FEMEN activists have staged a new provocative stunt against the yoke of Russia’s gas giant.

13.02.2012 16:36

Euro-freeze zone: Extreme frost blankets Europe (PHOTOS)
Thick ice and heavy snow have locked the entire European continent, already claiming the lives of nearly 500 people. And while Europeans are struggling to warm themselves, frigid temperatures are showing no signs of rising in coming weeks.

11.02.2012 14:39