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US insurance firms unlikely to cover $1 billion in home damage after record-breaking drought
Thousands of US homes are in critical disrepair as the country continues to suffer from this summer’s record-breaking drought. And the damages are unlikely to be paid by insurance companies.

01.09.2012 22:51

Isaac kills seven, cities still underwater after storm hits US (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
The degree of damage handed out by Isaac has thankfully been but a sliver of what Katrina caused seven years earlier, but the latest storm has managed to be impressively ravaging still. Isaac has so far taken at least seven lives.

31.08.2012 16:33

Isaac pushes inland, levee system holding (PHOTOS)
A dusk-till-dawn curfew has been imposed in New Orleans as Isaac, now downgraded to a tropical storm, moves inland. Meanwhile, Louisiana officials are preparing to cut a hole in a levee to prevent the floodwater from damaging the system.

29.08.2012 23:37

Hurricane Isaac makes landfall in southeast Louisiana (PHOTOS)
Hurricane Isaac has made landfall in the southeast of Louisiana. New Orleans has been preparing for the natural disaster, with hundreds of US troops deployed throughout the city to prevent looting.

28.08.2012 03:40

Ten dead as Isaac lashes Hispaniola, hurricane-strength forecast for US (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
With driving winds of up to 112 km per hour and heavy rain, Tropical Storm Isaac has passed over Haiti killing 8, taking two more lives in the Dominican Republic. Storm Isaac is expected to strengthen to hurricane force by the time it hits Florida.

26.08.2012 10:50

Rush Limbaugh blames Obama for Hurricane Isaac
What did the one giant, detestable blob of hot air say about the other? If you managed to catch conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh’s Wednesday morning rant about Hurricane Isaac, you may already know.

22.08.2012 20:42

Philippines brace for tropical storm after devastating monsoon (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
A new tropical storm is expected to slam the Philippines, just one week after a monsoon submerged the country’s capital, killing nearly 100 people.

13.08.2012 17:51

The Great Wall of China collapses after heavy rains
Days of heavy rain have badly damaged a section of the Great Wall of China. Local authorities are now trying to repair the collapsed area.

10.08.2012 13:16

Philippines floods: 11 killed, 1 million displaced (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
The Philippines’ capital has been paralyzed by fast moving floods that poured into the city from surrounding dams, overflowing after 12 days of monsoon downpours. The deluge has already claimed 11 lives as the rescue operation continues apace.

08.08.2012 05:26

US East Coast storms: Grounded planes, ripped roofs, power cuts (PHOTOS)
Almost 300,000 homes and businesses lost power and hundreds of flights were canceled as severe thunderstorms with rain, hail and strong winds swept through Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.

27.07.2012 03:59

Antarctic ice melts into hidden ‘Grand Canyon’
A mile-deep rift valley that could rival the dramatic chasms of America’s Grand Canyon has been found hiding beneath the ice in West Antarctica. UK scientists behind the discovery believe it is contributing to ice loss.

26.07.2012 05:29

Greenhouse in Greenland: 97% of ice surface shows melting
Almost all of Greenland’s ice shield melted at the surface this month, says NASA. The event, unseen at such a scale in more than 30 years of satellite observations, has puzzled scientists.

25.07.2012 04:26