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Famous Russian winter is put on ice
Fans of the famously cold Moscow winter will have to wait a bit longer, as there are no signs of its arrival to the capital in the next week.

06.12.2011 16:59

Russian governor badly injured in car crash
The governor of Sverdlovsk Region has been seriously injured in a road accident. The circumstances surrounding the accident are unclear.

02.12.2011 18:14

Muscovites take a spin on Europe’s largest skating rink
As the winter slowly but surely takes a grip on the Russian capital, Moscow's Gorky Park has opened its legendary ice-skating rink.

01.12.2011 17:00

Flood averted: St. Petersburg breathes freely as disaster streams back
Russia’s northern capital has narrowly avoided a flood, as an unusually warm cyclone gripped the European part of the country.

28.11.2011 17:23

Climate change scare: Hot hype 'exposed'
The climate’s vulnerability to carbon dioxide may be not as critical as scientists thought, a new study suggests. If correct, it would mean that urgent calls to policymakers to curb emissions have actually been based on exaggerated forecasts.

25.11.2011 10:32

Global warning: New Climategate leaks
The Climategate scandal is back, as more emails between leading climate scientists are posted online. The latest leak from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia has re-ignited the wrangle around manmade climate change.

23.11.2011 13:38

Winter joys to warm hearts of Muscovites
Moscow looks to be in for a big chill, as the real Russian winter is back on track.

17.11.2011 18:13

Snow nightmare to grip Moscow
A sub-zero temperature drop, snowstorms and strong winds are expected to hit Moscow on Tuesday night.

14.11.2011 19:32

UK carnage: 2nd massive road accident in days
UK motorways have turned into demolition derby sites as another car crash involving 11 vehicles occurred on one of the country’s busiest roads. It follows Friday’s massive pile-up that claimed seven lives and left 51 injured.

06.11.2011 14:06

Let it snow, but why New York?
America’s East Coast is pinching itself with surprise: Halloween might be right around the corner, but it is snowing like mid-winter, with New York hit by only its fourth October snowfall since the Civil War.

29.10.2011 20:14

Polarbeargate father must take polygraph test
If you’re going to make claims that an environmental catastrophe is killing the lives of polar bears, you better pray to god that he has your back.

28.10.2011 19:18

Bloomberg gets creative with Occupy evictions
Determined to defy the protesters at Occupy movement encampments across the country, mayors and law enforcement agencies from coast-to-coast are attempting to crack down on the growing movement.

28.10.2011 15:54