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Russia's expats rejoice at benefits from cutting of red tape
Radical changes in Russia’s immigration laws, the country’s ever-changing weather, and the final shift to summer time have impressed Moscow expats this week.

25.03.2011 18:21

Strong winds rip roofs off Moscow buildings
The weather in Moscow has taken a dramatic turn for the worse, as the city is hit by very strong winds.

24.03.2011 19:41

Russian weathermen mark professional holiday with warm predictions
While the world is celebrating Meteorologists Day, Russian weathermen have yet another reason for partying.

23.03.2011 19:39

Unconditional air conditioners: Muscovites to enjoy cool air without red tape
Whatever the weather, the capital’s residents are likely to have a much cooler summer than last year – all thanks to the City Hall.

22.03.2011 17:29

Nuclear power is safe - UK's ex-chief nuclear inspector
The big challenge for the nuclear industry is getting the message across to the public that nuclear power is safe, says Professor Laurence Williams, who headed the NII – Britain’s watchdog for nuclear installations – for almost three decades.

22.03.2011 06:20

Icy road costs St. Petersburg officials $5,000
A retiree in St. Petersburg was awarded over $5,000 in damages after slipping on ice in February.

21.03.2011 16:18

Rare kind of snowflakes cover Moscow
An intense graupel shower has hit the streets of the Russian capital, postponing the arrival of spring and freezing the hearts of warmth-loving Muscovites.

21.03.2011 16:13

Snow and sub-zero temperatures to put four-day damper on Moscow spring
If you have already put your winter coat at the very back of your wardrobe, take it out because Moscow’s spring has a rather unpleasant surprise in store.

14.03.2011 15:37

Snowstorm to hit Moscow while citizens say goodbye to winter
Before Muscovites get a chance to burn winter symbolically during the Maslenitsa celebrations, winter plans to freeze them for real.

04.03.2011 18:12

Aeroflot gives up
Russia's largest air carrier, Aeroflot, has claimed it is ready to pay out compensation to passengers affected by last December's flight-delay chaos.

28.02.2011 19:25

Russian spring lags behind the schedule
Those who are not yet tired of the snow and freezing temperatures have several more days to enjoy this weather.

28.02.2011 19:23

Russian weathermen argue with birds on spring’s arrival
Although Moscow’s birds are already preparing for warmer weather, it is unlikely that the spring will come to the Russian capital in the next four weeks, says the head of Russia’s Meteorological Center.

21.02.2011 18:48