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Heat makes Muscovites swim through the air – expat
Moscow’s unbearable heatwave and lenient anti-smoking policies as well as Russia’s initiative to give economic criminals the chance to pay fines instead of serving prison sentences have grabbed the attention of Moscow-based expats this week.

29.07.2011 17:03

Muscovites under grip of scorching heat
A massive heat wave has hit the Russian capital, making July 2011 the third-hottest month in years.

28.07.2011 15:40

Fears of 2010 wildfires returning to Moscow
As the mercury heads for 40 degrees Celsius in Moscow, memories of last summer's smoke-covered city loom large. The extreme heat-wave has already caused an outbreak of wildfires.

28.07.2011 05:54

Forest fires: smoke screen for illegal lumber trade
Those who say that money does not grow on trees have obviously never been to Russia. Illegal logging is thriving all across the country as people learn how to profit from natural disasters.

27.07.2011 05:03

Moscow covered by “non-existent smog”
Residents in the Moscow region and the capital’s southeast say they could see and smell smog over the weekend.

25.07.2011 14:00

Moscow temperatures to reach 35C
After a slight cooling off, temperatures in Moscow are set to rise again.

18.07.2011 18:26

Meteorologists promise Muscovites heat and tornados
Forecasters say Moscow is likely to be hit by a two-week heatwave from July 17.

13.07.2011 17:05

Turkmen authorities polish over blast aftermath
While the authorities are busy cleaning up the trails of the explosions that shook the city of Abadan in Turkmenistan, human rights defenders claim that the government is concealing the real scale of the event.

09.07.2011 12:09

Blasts in Turkmenistan: reports claim numerous casualties
Witnesses say massive explosions in the Turkmen city of Abadan have resulted in casualties, despite the government stating that nobody was injured in the blasts that reportedly left half of the city’s population without electricity, gas and water.

July 08, 2011 13:46

Amazing time-lapse of Arizona dust storm
Impressive video of a sandstorm that gobbles the city of Phoenix, Arizona, has gone viral on the internet charming users all over the world with nature’s irresistible power and beauty.

07.07.2011 13:10

Katrina cops admit cover-up after shooting the innocent
In the ongoing investigation of police brutality and misconduct during the Hurricane Katrina aftermath, the latest person to take the stand against New Orleans officers says he was kicked, punched and beaten after cops opened fire on him.

06.07.2011 19:19

Heavy rain saves Moscow from smoke apocalypse
Residents of Russia’s capital have successfully escaped a repeat of last summer’s smoky scare. Moscow's weather service says heavy rains have stopped smog from reaching the city.

05.07.2011 17:06