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Euro-freeze zone: Extreme frost blankets Europe (PHOTOS)
Thick ice and heavy snow have locked the entire European continent, already claiming the lives of nearly 500 people. And while Europeans are struggling to warm themselves, frigid temperatures are showing no signs of rising in coming weeks.

11.02.2012 14:39

Killer cold snap can’t curtail kid-play (VIDEO)
The coldest snap for decades has killed over 100 in Ukraine. But one kindergarten has found a way for the very young to withstand the biting freeze.

11.02.2012 07:17

Money to burn: 50 tons of cash used as firewood (VIDEO)
Hungary’s Central Bank is burning billions of forints, as the national currency is called, to offer the needy a hand with their heating bills.

10.02.2012 10:56

Right reaction? Cold spell forces Germany to switch back to nuclear reactors
When a country declares its abandoning nuclear power, you don’t expect it to backtrack just one year later. But that is exactly what Germany is doing – because it’s gotten too cold for principles.

09.02.2012 17:05

Surf not to be mist: 'Cloud tsunami' envelops Florida city (PHOTOS)
A misty “tsunami” has hit the coastline of Panama City, Florida, USA. A helicopter pilot managed to capture rare phenomenon and has posted breathtaking photos on Facebook.

09.02.2012 14:34

Moscow braces itself ahead of year’s coldest weekend
If you have had enough of Moscow's cold weather, brace yourself – there is more coming.

08.02.2012 19:19

Ukraine freezes to death
Decades-record colds that are freezing out Europe have brought far more serious consequences to Ukraine, where the harshest winter in recent history has claimed lives of 122 people, who died of hypothermia in the last fortnight alone.

08.02.2012 06:08

Deadly freeze: Hundreds dead in Ukraine, Russia and Eastern Europe
The wave of frost that has rolled over Eastern Europe has carried away hundreds of lives, paralyzed road traffic, and pushed the cost of heating homes and offices sky-high.

03.02.2012 15:15

Monkeys go happy with wine
Some like it hot, especially when it’s bitter cold outside. Monkeys at the zoo in the former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan have been ‘rewarded’ with… mulled wine in their high-energy diet to help them fight the cold.

03.02.2012 09:06

Hedgehog day: groundhog’s cousin predicts long winter for Russia
It seems that Russian frosts are not likely to let up in the near future. Ekaterinburg's resident hedgehog – the Russian relative of the American groundhog - has forecast a cold spring ahead.

02.02.2012 17:21

Peeing boy suffers from frost
“Manneken Pis”, a bronze sculpture of a little boy peeing into a fountain, has stopped his daily routine due to Siberian frosts that have reached the Belgian capital.

02.02.2012 11:22

Abnormal cold paralyzes Eastern Europe
As weathermen across Eastern Europe report abnormally cold temperatures, Russia’s Emergencies Ministry is advising citizens to stay home.

31.01.2012 17:34