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A little bird says…
With the freezing temperatures still dropping in Russia it may seem like winter is not leaving anytime soon. But the behavior of birds suggests that spring will come sooner than expected.

15.02.2011 16:07

Jack Frost holds his grip on Moscow
A record-breaking freeze is coming to Moscow next week. The temperature is expected to drop to below minus 30 degrees Celsius, the coldest for this time of year in a century.

10.02.2011 16:30

Organic art encourages Muscovites to jump on eco-friendly bandwagon
Following last year’s smoke-filled summer, more Russians have started looking for a way to make the city more eco-friendly. Some are trying to go green with the help of art.

09.02.2011 19:13

Winter’s coldest spell to sprinkle -25C magic upon Moscow
Heavy frost, strong wind and a lot of snow are expected to hit the Russian capital within the next few days.

09.02.2011 17:07

Russia’s Far East rescue operation ends - all vessels released from ice
A month-long rescue operation in Russia's Far East has officially ended as two ice-breakers, the "Krasin" and "Admiral Makarov", successfully towed to safety the last of five ships - the "Sodruzhestvo" - which had been stuck fast in solid ice.

31.01.2011 07:19

St. Petersburg roof collapse kills one, injures 14
One person, a 35-year-old sales clerk, was killed and 14 injured in a roof collapse at a shopping mall in St. Petersburg.

26.01.2011 00:15

Vessel rescued from month-long ice trap
Two icebreakers in Russia's Far East have rescued a fifth and final ship that had been stuck in ice for nearly a month.

24.01.2011 08:10

In the frozen fairytale
Put on something warm and join RT on a tour around an exhibition of ice sculptures embracing the best pieces of Russian culture, from fairytale characters to royal treasures.

20.01.2011 19:00

Valenki: from Russia with warmth
Keeping the winter snow from freezing your feet is something Russians mastered centuries ago. Valenki boots, made from lambs’ wool, have been worn by generations of people to protect their toes from the chills.

20.01.2011 07:37

Killer icicles chill Muscovites to death
As the mass media boils with reports of ice-related accidents in the Russian capital, City Hall claims that the ice threat is no more than a “chilling fantasy.”

19.01.2011 15:32

Russian winter through expats’ eyes
A snowy wonderland for some and a sludge-filled inner circle of hell for others, the Russian winter is an inevitable part of any expat’s experience. Learn more about the white season’s alarms and surprises.

17.01.2011 19:43

Breaking ice bonds: giant icicle melts under media spotlight
For several weeks, residents of the city of Nizhnekamsk in the republic of Tatarstan in Central Russia have had the chance to admire a new sightseeing attraction in the city – a house-sized icicle.

14.01.2011 11:28