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Valenki: from Russia with warmth
Keeping the winter snow from freezing your feet is something Russians mastered centuries ago. Valenki boots, made from lambs’ wool, have been worn by generations of people to protect their toes from the chills.

20.01.2011 07:37

Killer icicles chill Muscovites to death
As the mass media boils with reports of ice-related accidents in the Russian capital, City Hall claims that the ice threat is no more than a “chilling fantasy.”

19.01.2011 15:32

Russian winter through expats’ eyes
A snowy wonderland for some and a sludge-filled inner circle of hell for others, the Russian winter is an inevitable part of any expat’s experience. Learn more about the white season’s alarms and surprises.

17.01.2011 19:43

Breaking ice bonds: giant icicle melts under media spotlight
For several weeks, residents of the city of Nizhnekamsk in the republic of Tatarstan in Central Russia have had the chance to admire a new sightseeing attraction in the city – a house-sized icicle.

14.01.2011 11:28

Hottest-ever Russian summer resulted in worst natural disaster
Russia’s meteorological service says the 50-day heat wave in Central Russia was the worst weather-caused natural disaster in the northern hemisphere in 2010. On average, the year was the hottest since at least 1891, when records were first kept.

14.01.2011 10:56

Icy saga in Sea of Okhotsk nears end
The end is in sight for the final ice-bound ship that has been stuck off Russia's Far East coast. More than 300 crew members have endured a two-week ordeal, but are now being escorted through the frozen seas by two icebreakers.

12.01.2011 06:45

Yakutia – weathering the extremes
Life is tough in Yakutia - hardly surprising for a place which is arguably the coldest inhabited area on Earth. For the residents of this remote eastern Siberian region it means they need to turn the landscape's frozen features to their advantage.

11.01.2011 08:40

Breaking ice: trapped ships finally moving
A refrigerator vessel, "Bereg Nadezhdy", stuck in frozen waters off Russia's Far East, has been towed by two icebreakers to safer waters. They are now heading for a supply ship stranded for almost a fortnight with more than 300 people on board.

11.01.2011 05:43

Ship in distress: Search for missing schooner and crew continues
The search for the missing fishing ship "Partner" that issued a distress signal from the northern part of the Sea of Japan continues, with no sign of the ship or those on board.

07.01.2011 11:36

A Chrismas gift of light – electricity restored in Moscow region
While Russians celebrate the Orthodox Christmas Friday, the Ministry of Emergency Situations has finally announced that all power lines were fully restored in the Moscow region.

06.01.2011 22:16

Big Apple rots in huge mountains of trash
While the average American is said to produce about 50 tons of garbage in their lifetime, New York City accumulated an estimated 50,000 tons of trash in just one week as an echo of a snowstorm.

05.01.2011 22:57

Icebreakers saving ships stranded in Russia’s Far East
Another Russian icebreaker is on course to help rescue the three remaining ships and 400 sailors trapped by ice off the country's Far East coast.

05.01.2011 05:04

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