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Six hundred sailors imperiled in Far-Eastern ice trap
Ten vessels with about 600 people total onboard are trapped in ice near Sakhalin Island in Russia’s Far East. A rescue operation has been launched on Friday, after crews decided that they cannot handle the situation on their own.

31.12.2010 07:48

Russia’s ups and downs in 2010: the final cut
2010 had its fair share of intense tragedy, as well as a few spy scandals. But it has definitely not been all bad, with the world's biggest nuclear powers making a New START and Russia netting the 2018 World Cup – a crowning moment.

31.12.2010 06:52

Highs and lows of 2010: from sexy spy scandals to Russia’s World Cup bid
RT rewinds to the start of the year, going fast forward to the most interesting and important events that shaped Russia in 2010.

30.12.2010 18:37

Blizzard replaces freezing rain in Moscow
A blizzard has struck Moscow following a devastating freezing rain and worsened the situation on the roads.

29.12.2010 17:18

For flying out loud
While authorities at the Domodedovo airport claim it is returning to normal, the facility is already facing serious administrative checks. The airport might also have to deal with a major lawsuit in the near future.

27.12.2010 22:58

Air travel returning to normal following Moscow's big freeze
Flights are getting back on schedule in Moscow’s main airports, with power returning to one of the capital’s worst affected, Domodedovo, following a 12-hour blackout.

26.12.2010 08:04

RT’s Santa-with-a-mic brings Christmas magic to expats
Moscow weather’s twists and turns, Anna Chapman’s political future and, of course, seasonal celebrations have been on expats’ mind this week.

24.12.2010 18:07

St. Petersburg mulls snow-clearing brigades
The governor of St. Petersburg, Valentina Matvienko, has thought of a new way to keep the streets of the city clean in winter – she has suggested that students, immigrants and the homeless should help shovel snow from sidewalks and roads.

23.12.2010 23:03

Use of force on the Korean Peninsula is unacceptable – FM spokesman
The Korean sides should exercise restraint, responsibility and avoid escalation of tension in the region, said the deputy director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Department.

20.12.2010 20:33

Snowbusters will dig out your car for $50
St. Petersburg entrepreneurs offering to clean a client’s car covered of snow overnight has become an online hit.

20.12.2010 09:52

Ice-rink spill turns town into Arctic landscape
Workers in the South Siberian town of Ulan-Ude have accidentally turned the town into a giant ice rink.

14.12.2010 17:35

Giant snowstorm may hit Moscow
Forecasters say around a third of the average snowfall for December will arrive in the Russian capital in the next couple of days.

08.12.2010 19:22

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