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Obama's solar panel plant gets raided by FBI
The FBI executed an early-morning raid today on the solar panel plant that President Barack Obama swung by last year and celebrated for their green-friendly products.

08.09.2011 19:02

Perry's budget cuts worsen disastorous wildfires
“Everything’s bigger in Texas” does not apply to the fire department. The toll of the 2011 Texas wildfires has accounted for at least two dead and 1,000 homes destroyed, a magnitude of which Governor Rick Perry told the AP was “pretty stunning.”

07.09.2011 20:48

'Nuclear' cloud over Saint Petersburg
People in northern St. Petersburg on Thursday evening witnessed a strange mushroom-like cloud which bore an unnerving resemblance to a nuclear explosion.

02.09.2011 11:23

Ron Paul wants to abolish FEMA
Move over, Federal Reserve. The latest opponent of Republican Congressman Ron Paul is FEMA.

29.08.2011 20:29

FEMA cuts Joplin relief to cover Irene damages
Fearing another Katrina, the federal government was a bit more ready to lend a hand this time around to those hit hard by Hurricane Irene. All they had to do was stop helping out those already suffering.

29.08.2011 16:09

Irate Irene loses bite on Big Apple
The National Hurricane Center has downgraded Irene to the status of a tropical storm as it headed for New York. After battering the US mid-Atlantic coast with hurricane power, Irene's winds dropped to100 km per hour, says the center’s website.

28.08.2011 16:34

New Yorkers brace themselves as Irene hits town
New York’s mayor Michael Bloomberg has stated that the time for evacuation is now over, as Hurricane Irene approaches New York. Wreaking havoc as it swept along America’s east coast, Irene has resulted in at least ten casualties.

28.08.2011 03:37

New Yorkers prepare to meet Hurricane Irene
More than 8 million New Yorkers are preparing for what could be a historic storm, as Hurricane Irene is forecast to hit the city on Saturday evening. New York officials ordered the first mandatory evacuation in the city's history.

27.08.2011 06:23

Obama issues apocalyptic warning over Irene
President Obama went to the airwaves early Friday urging people to prepare for an apocalyptic nightmare that could strike the East Coast this weekend as Hurricane Irene encroaches across America.

26.08.2011 17:24

Moscow’s summer drawing to a close
Residents of the capital should get ready to say goodbye to the summer heat, as Moscow's weather will change to rain and wind.

18.08.2011 16:40

Icicle scandal spoils summer heat
Investigators in St. Petersburg are blaming a balcony owner for the death of a young woman.

12.08.2011 16:34

It’s raining meteors! Perseids make annual appearance
Starting this Saturday night, people around the globe are able to observe an unprecedented number of shooting stars – up to one hundred every hour. This year, the peak of the Perseid meteor shower is August 13.

12.08.2011 10:45