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Climate change could cost US $700 billion by year 2100 – report
If the United States and the world fail to adequately respond to climate change, a new report estimates Americans could be staring down tens of billions of dollars in damages annually, in addition to other negative economic consequences.

24.06.2014 14:41

New high-tech lampposts in Chicago will collect data on weather and people
The streets of Chicago, Illinois will soon host some state-of-the-art new technology, but privacy advocates have concerns about certain data collection tools coming to the Windy City.

23.06.2014 18:21

3 million affected by deadly floods in China (PHOTOS)
Rainstorms and floods sweeping eastern and southern China since mid-June have left 14 people dead, four missing and up to 3 million people affected. The cost of the flooding is estimated at $250 million in one province alone.

21.06.2014 14:42

Unexpected tornado hits Istanbul (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
A rare tornado descended on eastern Istanbul Thursday as Turkish officials warned that up to 50 kilos of rain per square meter were expected to fall.

20.06.2014 12:30

HAARP's future uncertain as Air Force plans to dismantle program
The US Air Force has given Congress official notice that it plans to start dismantling its Alaska-based High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program ahead of the site’s shutdown later this summer.

19.06.2014 20:19

Rare double tornado rip through Nebraska: 5-yo dead, 19 injured (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Several tornadoes tore through northeast Nebraska on Monday, leaving one child dead and 19 injured and a path of destruction in its wake as governor declares a state of emergency.

17.06.2014 00:29

​Future climate regime: The Russian point of view
The world’s climate and weather patterns are changing. Global temperatures are rising, causing more extreme weather events, like flooding and heat waves.

10.06.2014 08:19

Nebraska storm: Here's what happens when baseball-sized hail strikes (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Baseball-sized hail has pounded homes and cars across Nebraska, as powerful thunderstorms swept the Midwest, wreaking extensive damage, severe flooding and even reportedly tornado touchdowns in some areas.

04.06.2014 06:48

US economy contracts for the first time since 2011
The US Department of Commerce said Thursday that the economy contracted between January and March of this year at a rate of 1 percent, defying initial estimates from economists who expected to see a slight uptake during the first quarter of 2014.

29.05.2014 14:18

Research center or weather weapon? US military is shutting down HAARP
Adepts of conspiracy theories might well take a deep breath: the HAARP program could be dismantled as soon as this summer, so from now on a tornado destroying your house will be a mere whirlwind, not a DARPA prank. Or will it?

27.05.2014 09:02

Thousands of wartime explosives dislodged as Balkans flooding leads to landslides (PHOTOS)
While dozens of people have died as a result of massive floods sweeping the Balkans, leaving tens of thousands displaced, a new risk has been posed by unexploded wartime landmines that are now being exposed by 3,000 landslides.

19.05.2014 14:54

Extreme drought forces Texas town to use toilet water for drinking
After suffering from three years of extreme drought, citizens in Wichita Falls, Texas, are left pondering an unsavory solution to their H20 problem: using waste and toilet water for drinking.

07.05.2014 19:10