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Mystery blue snow fallout in Chelyabinsk alarms residents
Residents of Chelyabinsk – the Russian Urals city hit by a meteorite explosion back in 2013 – have sounded alarm over a strange bluish snow that covered the city streets.

12.02.2015 23:02

100 cars in massive pile-up on foggy Russian road (VIDEO)
A misty, gloomy morning and icy roads have led to a freak road accident in the town of Zhukovsky, near Moscow, where some 100 cars have crashed in a massive pileup.

10.02.2015 14:01

Groundhog bites Wisconsin mayor’s ear
Six more weeks of winter wasn’t the only bad news that the mayor of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin received Monday morning: Jonathan Freund participated in a local Groundhog Day celebration that ended in physical pain for the local celebrity.

02.02.2015 20:57

​Boston snowstorm forces new delay on Tsarnaev trial
The trial of accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been delayed yet again on account of a snowstorm expected to soon blanket the region.

02.02.2015 15:51

Orange snow covers Russian city, bewilders residents (VIDEO)
Residents of the city of Saratov, some 858 km from the Russian capital, have been shocked as they looked out of the windows and saw their neighborhoods covered with orange snow.

02.02.2015 15:45

'Pretty hard workout': Gym in Sweden offers free snow cleanup
Remember that movie where Rocky braves the Russian winter to get in shape before a historic boxing match? Well, one Swedish crossfit gym is now offering free snow-clearing as “the perfect workout” for its members.

01.02.2015 09:53

Kerry snow job: Secretary of state fined for failing to clear sidewalk
US Secretary of State John Kerry has been fined for not clearing the snow from the sidewalk in front of his house after a blizzard hit Boston. The excuse, according to his spokesman, was “Diplomats – they’re just like us.”

30.01.2015 08:23

-40C in Siberia: Town buried in ice, residents turn to social media for help
Apocalyptic images of the Siberian town of Dudinka, where a powerful storm has left residents without water or electricity, have reemerged on social media. Users are pleading for help from local authorities.

29.01.2015 09:04

One year on: How the Western media finally changed its tune on Sochi
Almost a year after the Sochi Olympics wowed winter sports enthusiasts worldwide, it’s possible to review the initial impact of their legacy. The former Soviet resort city has been transformed into a luxury destination the equal of anything in Europe.

23.01.2015 15:08

‘Storm of the century’ a bust in NYC as blizzard piles on other states
In the wake of warnings from city and state officials about an impending and “historic” snowstorm, New Yorkers dutifully prepared for the worst. Grocery store shelves were emptied. Cars were banned from the roads. Even public transportation was shuttered.

27.01.2015 14:41

​Pollution damaging English economy, public health – experts
Pollution in England is damaging its economy, an independent advisory group has warned, as it urged the government to rethink its attitudes to environmental wellbeing.

27.01.2015 15:47

Mysterious 'ice booms' across North America linked to wet, cold weather
Cold booms? Frost quakes? A winter-time meteorological phenomenon has scientists debating whether blasts heard across North America are, indeed, cryoseisms. Most agree that the loud, inexplicable booms are associated with cold, rainy conditions.

22.01.2015 18:05