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Beijing raises pollution alert to orange for first time as heavy smog blankets capital
Beijing raised its four-tiered smog alert system to 'orange' for the first time on Friday as heavy smog was forecast to roll into the city for the next three days. Officials have urged people to stay indoors and use public transport.

21.02.2014 15:06

Brazil rations water in 140 cities amid worst drought in decades
Over 140 Brazilian cities have been pushed to ration water during the worst drought on record, according to a survey conducted by the country's leading newspaper. Some neighborhoods only receive water once every three days.

16.02.2014 08:52

Record snowfall in Japan kills 12, disrupts power and transport
The heaviest snowfall in decades has left 12 dead and more than 1,500 injured across Japan, local media reported on Sunday. The snow has paralyzed the public transport system and left hundreds of thousands without electricity.

15.02.2014 16:25

35-ft sinkhole opens up in flooded UK as storms leave 3 dead (VIDEO)
A 35-foot-wide sinkhole has opened up in the storm-battered UK as three people have died in a wave of floods spreading havoc across the southern England. A total of 17 flood warnings, denoting a “danger to life,” are in place.

15.02.2014 12:13

Up to 100 cars pile up on icy Pennsylvania highway (PHOTOS)
Several huge multi-car pile-ups totaling 100 vehicles have shut down part of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Friday morning, as icy driving conditions made for a treacherous commute.

14.02.2014 14:49

At least 21 killed as epic snowstorm blankets Northeast US
As the latest winter storm turns away from the southern United States and pounds the Northeast, it’s leaving a cold trail of deaths and destruction in its wake.

13.02.2014 17:27

Southern US struggles through 'catastrophic' winter storm
Thousands of Americans across the country found their plans complicated as wind, snow, and icy rain whipped through the southern states and then made its way north in a blizzard that meteorologists predicted could affect some 100 million people.

12.02.2014 00:28

‘Biblical flooding’ spreads across UK in worst rainfall in over 200 years (PHOTOS)
England’s largest river, the Thames, has burst its banks, devastating homes in the southeast in the worst floods in 50 years. PM David Cameron has called the flooding “biblical,” as economists predict the crisis will cost close on $1 billion.

11.02.2014 05:14

State of emergency in Georgia as second massive snowstorm moves in
Less than two weeks after a rare winter storm paralyzed Georgia and wreaked havoc on the state’s roads and residents, Gov. Nathan Deal has declared a state of emergency as more snowfall is expected this week.

10.02.2014 15:06

'Worst in decades': 11 dead, 1,200 injured in Japan snowstorm (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
The heaviest snowstorm in nearly half a century in Tokyo and other areas of Japan has caused a rash of snow-linked accidents, resulting in nearly a dozen deaths and injuring more than a thousand people.

09.02.2014 09:23

Stormpocalypse: Worst storm 'in quarter of a century' heading for UK
Britain is readying itself for a historic storm set to batter its coast this weekend, with warnings of strong gales and enormous waves. The center of approaching 'Mega Storm Charlie’ is more intense than the Great Storm of 1987, meteorologists say.

08.02.2014 12:20

​Atlanta’s ‘zombie apocalypse’? Rare snowfall paralyzes region, strands many
A freak snowstorm in the southeastern US on Tuesday continued to paralyze much of the region on Wednesday. The weather’s impact on the area was no more stark than in Atlanta, where abandoned vehicles on highways recalled scenes from a zombie apocalypse.

30.01.2014 00:13

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