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‘Winter hell’: Snowstorm paralyzes major Russian highway (PHOTOS)
Russia has seen many harsh winters – but even here, drivers don't welcome wintry roads. Heavy snow and hail turned part of a highway running from Moscow to Rostov into a parking lot. Cars were reportedly buried under snow upon stopping for just a minute.

28.12.2014 19:43

French Alps hit by massive snowfall, thousands of cars stranded (PHOTOS)
Massive snowfall, aggravated by strong winds and ice in the French Alps, has trapped thousands of holidaymakers, with up to 15,000 people forced to spend Saturday night in emergency accommodation centers in the Savoie region in southeastern France.

28.12.2014 06:15

UK travel chaos as snow and delayed engineering works wreak havoc
British commuters who are wearily used to travel and public transport hold-ups found that snow and delayed engineering works on the East Coast mainline meant that many had to abandon their journeys.

27.12.2014 20:17

Chupakabra or drunk aliens? Mexico barley field boasts new mysterious crop patterns (VIDEO)
Hundreds of people have flocked to the Mexican municipality of Texcoco, attracted by a curious phenomenon of crop circles that appeared on Christmas Eve. The mystery of a seven-hectare pattern hasn’t been solved yet.

27.12.2014 11:36

UK under snow barrage: Airport shut down, skidded car explodes, Twitter tracks weather
Heavy snow in parts of the UK forced the Liverpool airport to shut down and caused holiday traffic mayhem with multiple road accidents. The Met Office and police issued weather warnings, while people took to Twitter to rate the snow-in.

27.12.2014 02:09

500 accidents an hour: Snowbound Moscow stuck in worst ever Christmas traffic (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Moscow was gripped by the worst gridlock ever seen as unexpectedly severe snowfall hit the Russian capital on Christmas Day, literally paralyzing the city. Police registered up to 500 road accidents an hour and 200 flights were delayed.

25.12.2014 19:13

​Virtual model of Arctic to monitor human impact and climate change
Russian scientists are working on a high-tech virtual map of the Arctic in order to keep track of climate change developments and monitor human impact on the area, in what may help pave the way for safer mining of the region’s oil and gas reserves.

19.12.2014 18:23

New York state bans fracking for natural gas
New York has become the first state to enact a ban against fracking despite sitting on rich natural gas deposits, a decision that goes against the energy orthodoxy of the rest of the United States.

17.12.2014 22:11

Evacuations as storm strikes Southern California, mudslides bury homes (VIDEO)
Authorities are still on the lookout for mudslides after a major storm hit draught-suffering Southern California on Friday, causing floods and burying homes. Tens of thousands were left without power and dozens of evacuations were ordered.

13.12.2014 02:06

Grand Canyon covered by sea of clouds in amazing weather event (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
The Grand Canyon, one of the seven wonders of the natural world, became even more wondrous on Thursday, thanks to a rare weather event. A sea of clouds filled the chasm from the bottom up, ebbing and flowing like a seaside tide.

12.12.2014 20:18

#WeatherBomb: Extreme wind & waves batter northern Britain (VIDEO)
As an area of low pressure, dubbed the ‘weather bomb’, makes landfall in Scotland and northern England, Brits have taken to social media to share their experiences of battling high winds and traversing snow. Others, predictably, are more flippant.

10.12.2014 10:25

4 killed, 1 mn evacuated as Typhoon Hagupit engulfs Philippines (PHOTOS)
In one of the world’s largest peacetime evacuations, 1 million people in the Philippines have flocked to shelters to take cover against Typhoon Hagupit, which has brought heavy rains and strong winds. At least four people are feared dead.

06.12.2014 20:25