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Deadly fires in Chile kill 12, force 10,000 people to flee (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
A wildfire in Chile has destroyed over 2,000 homes in six hours and continues to sweep the area, with strong winds fanning the flames. A state of emergency has been declared by the country’s president in an effort to help the army battle the fires.

13.04.2014 03:46

Scientists debunk fears of a Yellowstone eruption over viral video
A bison herd stampeding through Yellowstone National Park is not proof of an upcoming volcanic eruption, geologists and park officials have said, despite a recent viral video that implies the animals' instincts tipped them off to an upcoming disaster.

05.04.2014 03:34

No April Fool’s! Moscow spring disappears under piles of snow
In a freak turn of events, temperatures have plummeted in the Russian capital from 17 degrees to minus 4 over the last week. Over 10 centimeters of snow fell in Moscow overnight, bringing the city to a grinding halt on April 1.

01.04.2014 07:24

Earth Hour: Millions switch off lights around the globe to raise funds for green projects
Millions of people from at least 150 countries all over the world are switching off their lights to celebrate a symbolic holiday, known as Earth Hour, which this year aims to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for environmental projects.

29.03.2014 10:02

1999 study predicted catastrophe in Washington mudslide area
With the death toll in last weekend’s deadly Washington mudslide likely rising to two dozen, a report commissioned by the US Army Corps of Engineers well over a decade ago predicted that a catastrophic landslide in the area was all but inevitable.

26.03.2014 12:14

8 killed, 18 missing in Washington state landslide
A devastating mudslide in the state of Washington has killed at least eight people. Eighteen others are missing as houses were buried under rubble. The incident prompted the evacuation of a nearby town in case of a “potentially catastrophic flood event.”

23.03.2014 08:56

Water-energy crisis threatens earth’s future - UN
Craving for water and energy will swell in the near future, amid surging populations and economies. This increase could badly strain earth's limited resources, says the UN.

21.03.2014 05:10

March snowstorm pummels East Coast, shuts down federal government (PHOTOS)
Weather continues to cause trouble in the United States, as yet another powerful snowstorm is blanketing the mid-Atlantic region and the East Coast on Monday.

03.03.2014 16:10

Mandatory evacuation ordered in Los Angeles suburbs ahead of storm
Police in two California cities have ordered mandatory evacuations for 1,000 homes due to the threat of mudslides, as a powerful rainstorm prepares to drench the drought-stricken state.

28.02.2014 15:56

Scientists liken Chinese smog to ‘nuclear winter’
Air pollution in parts of China is now so extreme it could lead to conditions similar to a “nuclear winter,” scientists say. The smog that covers the country has become so thick it is impeding photosynthesis, potentially disrupting China’s food supply.

27.02.2014 11:11

California gold prospectors hope state-wide drought will help them strike it rich
Much of California is enduring extreme drought conditions that have left farmers hoping for any rain to water their crops. Prospectors say there’s an upside to the harsh conditions, though, with the depleted conditions exposing previously invisible gold.

25.02.2014 20:18

​Chinese man sues hometown over air pollution
A resident in a polluted city in northern China has become the first person in the country to launch a case against the local government over high levels of pollution. He is also seeking compensation for those affected by the smog.

25.02.2014 06:00

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