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​Atlanta’s ‘zombie apocalypse’? Rare snowfall paralyzes region, strands many
A freak snowstorm in the southeastern US on Tuesday continued to paralyze much of the region on Wednesday. The weather’s impact on the area was no more stark than in Atlanta, where abandoned vehicles on highways recalled scenes from a zombie apocalypse.

30.01.2014 00:13

Snow causes deadly pileup in Indiana: 3 killed, more than 20 injured
A 46-car pileup on a snowy interstate in Indiana has left three people dead. The vehicles – most of them semi trucks – collided while driving in poor weather conditions.

24.01.2014 16:10

Heavy snowfall prompts ​state of emergency in northeastern US
Heavy snow, strong winds, and frigid temperatures have again slammed the northeastern US, wreaking chaos and causing fatalities. A state of emergency has been declared in several states.

22.01.2014 13:13

Russians take the Epiphany plunge as temperatures drop to -45C in Far East
Almost 94,000 people across Russia bathed in the ice-cold rivers and ponds over the night of January 18-19, braving the freezing winter temperatures to celebrate the Orthodox Christian holiday of Epiphany, the baptism of Jesus.

19.01.2014 10:48

UKIP Councillor blames gay marriage for Britain’s ‘storms and floods’
The wrath of God has been unleashed on Britain after the government’s decision to legalize gay marriage, claimed a UK Independence Party member in an open letter published by an Oxfordshire newspaper.

19.01.2014 01:07

Feds investigate NJ governor over Superstorm Sandy relief funds
Days after a traffic scandal transposed New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to the center of a federal probe, a United States congressman now says the embattled Republican is being investigated for allegations he misspent millions of dollars in relief aid.

13.01.2014 15:23

Weather swap: Is America’s ‘polar vortex’ linked to record warm winter in Russia?
As Americans kept struggling with extreme cold and snow brought on by a ‘polar vortex,’ people in central Russia were puzzled by warm rainy weather that swept all the snow away. Now weather experts say the two anomalies are in fact connected.

11.01.2014 18:40

No 'polar vortex' here: Record heat grips Australia killing thousands of animals
While the US is stricken by freezing cold, Australia is suffering a record heat with temperatures approaching 50C (122F) in some parts of the country and leaving thousands of animals dead.

09.01.2014 20:08

Deadly cold snap in US shatters temp. records, sends even polar bears to shelter
Record freezing temperatures gripped the entire US, including Hawaii, as a major winter storm hit the country. The alarming weather brought ice and heavy snowfall caused by a 'polar vortex', bringing many cities to a standstill and killing at least 21.

07.01.2014 18:03

Hundreds stranded overnight on freezing Amtrak trains as 'Polar vortex' moves in
Hundreds of passengers found themselves stranded overnight on Chicago-bound Amtrak trains as a major winter storm plunged much of the American Midwest into dangerously cold subzero temperatures.

07.01.2014 16:07

NY declares state of emergency due to 'Polar vortex' winter storm
NY governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency ahead of a major winter storm triggered by the “polar vortex,” now sweeping into the eastern US. The state could see as much as 36 inches of snow and wind chills as low as 40 degrees below zero.

07.01.2014 03:43

Bone-chilling 'polar vortex' storm brings Midwest cities to a standstill
Cities across the US Midwest on Monday are grinding to a halt as a deadly “polar vortex” descends, promising to deliver heavy snowfall and potentially record-breaking cold temperatures.

06.01.2014 11:37

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