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At least 1,600 flights put on hold as nor'easter storm prepares to dump snow across East Coast
With the new year still only hours old, the Northeastern United States is ringing it in with a major winter storm that’s threatening to upend travel plans and create dangerous driving conditions in numerous states.

02.01.2014 15:51

Passengers of ice-bound Russian ship in Antarctic rescued
All the passengers of the Russian ship Akademik Shokalsky, stuck in the Antarctic since Christmas Eve, have been rescued after a Chinese helicopter delivered them to an Australian icebreaker.

02.01.2014 06:05

Icy New Year: Trapped Russian ship celebrates New Year in Antarctic
The passengers from the Russian scientific research vessel Akademik Shokalsky have celebrated New Year in the ice. The ship remains stuck off the coast of Antarctica, with a Chinese rescue vessel also reportedly being in trouble.

31.12.2013 07:41

​Antarctic weather foils Australian icebreaker rescue mission to trapped ship
Snow showers, strong winds and poor visibility are hampering the rescue mission of an Australian icebreaker to reach the Russian scientific research vessel, Akademik Shokalskiy, stuck in sea ice off the coast of Antarctica since Christmas Day.

30.12.2013 12:04

Antarctic trap: Stranded ship awaiting Australian rescue after Chinese, French turn away
An Australian rescue vessel trying to reach the Russian ship, MV Akademik Shokalskiy, trapped in Antarctic ice since Christmas Eve, after Chinese and French icebreakers failed to get through heavy sea ice.

29.12.2013 08:46

2013 saw fewest weather disasters in recent history - but will luck hold?
The year 2013 was historically kind to the US, with tornadoes, wildfires, hurricanes, and other weather-related disasters occurring at near-record infrequency. Still, meteorologists say that global temperatures have continued to rise.

27.12.2013 20:08

UK braces for more storms, dozens of flood warnings in place
With more than 50 flood warnings in place across the UK and almost 20,000 people still without power, the Met Office is warning of more gale force winds and heavy rain next week.

27.12.2013 19:40

Australian ship stuck in Antarctic ice over Christmas, 70 on board
Seventy people have been trapped in the ice of Antarctica at Christmas, on a voyage to the remote and frozen continent. The nearest vessel able to come to their rescue is almost 3,000 kilometers away.

25.12.2013 10:20

Christmas chaos: Hundreds of flights delayed as fierce storms rage worldwide
Over a million homes and businesses without power, holiday plans destroyed over flight cancelations – that’s how Christmas panned out for some people across the globe, as deadly storms swept the planet.

25.12.2013 04:30

Ice storm plunges Canadians into darkness and travel chaos (PHOTOS)
Thousands across Ontario and Quebec provinces in Canada may have to spend Christmas by candlelight. Over 300,000 homes have been left without power after a winter storm swept through eastern Canada damaging power lines and causing mayhem for travelers.

23.12.2013 00:41

Gigantic snowstorm paralyses North East US
A heavy snowstorm pounded the northeastern United States on Sunday, dropping snow, sleet, and freezing rain across the region and causing plane delays as well as multi-car accidents on congested travel routes.

09.12.2013 16:09

Minus credibility? Antarctic record low temperature disputed
American scientists claim they have found the coldest place on Earth - in Antarctica, where temperatures can fall below -91C. One Russian scientist calls this into question, pointing out the new record was made using remote measurements.

09.12.2013 04:54

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