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Arab world protests

US not impressed with Arab spring reaching Jordan?
Clashes broke out in Amman, as thousands of Jordanians took to the streets, protesting against corruption and a sharp increase in gas and petrol prices. The US is supporting the Jordanian monarch, ignoring a potential Arab Spring there.

16.11.2012 18:34

Jordan bursts into protests over fuel price hike (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
The announcement of a general fuel price hike brought thousands to the streets in Jordan. Protesters rallied overnight in the capital and at least 12 other cities, blaming King Abdullah II and calling for a general strike.

14.11.2012 09:41

Kuwait may employ troops against opposition - report
Kuwaiti authorities are considering bringing troops into the capital Kuwait City, to bring calm amidst protests against the regime. It's thought the army may be involved in the security opposition to contain a march, set to take place on Sunday.

03.11.2012 22:43

Yemen’s tattered reality after 'fairytale' revolution: Photographic perspectives
A year on from the Arab Spring, supposed to usher in a new era for Yemen, for most it is a perilous time. With no clear direction, it is plagued by instability and lawlessness, allowing it to fall prey to further US military expansion.

03.11.2012 10:44

Bahrainis protest against ban on public gatherings (PHOTOS)
Bahraini police fired tear gas at peaceful demonstrators as a few hundred people marched across the country on Friday protesting a government ban on public gatherings. Police also reportedly arrested prominent activist Said Yousif al-Muhafdah.

02.11.2012 23:53

Crowd control: Bahrain bans all public gatherings
Bahraini authorities have prohibited protest gatherings and rallies until further notice, a day after police cracked down heavily on demonstrators, once again during the 20-month fatality-riddled unrest.

30.10.2012 09:31

Hundreds march in Lebanon over murder of top spy (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Hundreds of protesters have formed a human chain in the Lebanese capital of Beirut on Sunday, demanding the current leadership resign. It comes a week after a car bomb killed a top intelligence officer.

29.10.2012 01:17

Arrested development: Tunisia deeply divided one year after first free elections
One year since the mass uprising in Tunisia was vindicated by the election of its National Constituent Assembly, the country remains split on almost every issue, with tensions over a stalled constitution, human rights abuses and sporadic violence.

23.10.2012 21:28

'Age of Mockery': 10,000 protest anti-Muslim video at Google’s UK HQ (PHOTOS)
Thousands of Muslims massed outside Google’s UK headquarters for a protest demanding the company to take down an anti-Muslim YouTube video that has sparked worldwide outrage. Protesters said they would continue until their demand is met.

15.10.2012 10:39