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Arab world protests

Cairo: million-strong demonstration
The streets of Cairo are empty. Cars are pulled over by the police after every 50 or 100 meters.

01.02.2011 19:44

Egypt’s web of protesters
The unrest that has been sweeping North Africa over the past month is now raging in Egypt. Protesters use Facebook and Twitter to organize and coordinate rallies, and calls for new protests gather several thousand supporters within hours of posting.

01.02.2011 11:19

Two million rally in Cairo against regime
A mass anti-government rally, reaching almost two million, has filled the streets of Cairo on Tuesday demanding the Egyptian president steps down.

01.02.2011 09:14

“ElBaradei suits everyone but only as an interim leader”- Russian political analysts
Amid ongoing violence in Egypt, political analysts all over the world try to predict whether Mohhamed ElBaradei could be a compromise leader and finally oust President Mubarak.

31.01.2011 20:11

Mubarak hopes to thwart "mega protest" with new government
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, in an effort to defuse a precarious political standoff that has entered its seventh day, has sworn in a new government.

31.01.2011 14:39

Egyptian opposition unites against Mubarak
The Egyptian opposition has come together as a united force after six days of bloody anti-government riots. The nationwide demonstrations to remove President Hosni Mubarak from power have resulted in more than 100 killed and thousands injured.

31.01.2011 06:35

Egypt torn in clashes for 6th day in a row, over 100 killed
More than a hundred protesters have been killed in Egypt since Tuesday in what is the biggest challenge to President Hosni Mubarak's three decade rule.

29.01.2011 04:20

Egypt puts a lid on internet to disrupt rioters’ communications
Egypt’s internet service providers have shot down access for all users in the first-ever such move for a large country. This is apparently aimed against the thousands of protesters who have been co-ordinating their actions online.

28.01.2011 10:39

You say you want a revolution, but be careful what you wish for
The images of angry protesters in Egypt in Tunisia gathering in the streets are may look similar to the color revolutions that have rocked the world in recent years. However, they may differ in at least on one crucial point: spontaneity.

28.01.2011 08:01