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Fukushima nuclear disaster

Removal of radioactive water begins at Fukushima
The operator of Fukushima-1 has started transferring highly radioactive water from the nuclear power plant’s basement to a waste processing facility to prevent ocean contamination and implement the “cold shutdown” plan.

19.04.2011 10:20

TEPCO aims to stabilize Fukushima plant in six months
The operator of Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant aims to restore the cooling systems of the reactors at the troubled facility within three months and achieve “cold shutdown” of the plant in six to nine months.

17.04.2011 07:45

Fukushima operator to start compensation payouts with $600 million
TEPCO will pay up to $12,000 to each of over 50,000 families residing in the 30km evacuation zone around the disaster-stricken nuclear plant.The company has also decided to dispense a radiation absorbing mineral along the coastline near the facility.

15.04.2011 09:36

Radioactive Japanese cars detained in Russia’s Far East
Customs officials in Vladivostok seized a radioactive cargo of 50 cars from Japan. Their level of radiation is two times higher than normal.

14.04.2011 15:19

Flight risk: Russia in search for radioactive birds
Migrant birds coming to Russia's Far East are now targets – for scientists, rather than for hunters.

13.04.2011 17:17

Record-high radiation levels near Fukushima power plant
Water samples from the shores near the Fukushima prefecture have shown double the normal level of radioactive iodine.

13.04.2011 09:53

Fukushima disaster rated at highest level, same as Chernobyl
Japan has upgraded the severity rating at the paralyzed Fukushima nuclear plant to seven on the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES), a level only ever previously assigned to the Chernobyl disaster.

12.04.2011 08:57

Radiation filmed: journalist reaches heart of Fukushima exclusion zone
While the Japanese government is extending the 20 kilometer evacuation zone around the Fukushima plant over risks of long-term radiation, video journalist Tetsuo Jimbo braved the area and went within 1.5 kilometers of the facility.

11.04.2011 13:09

Major search operation underway in tsunami-hit Japan
Japanese and US troops have launched a search for the bodies of those killed by the severe earthquake and tsunami which hit the country on March 11. This comes as the Fukushima plant workers prepare to pump radioactive water from their premises.

10.04.2011 09:09

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