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Fukushima nuclear disaster

Fukushima operator says “sorry” as workers erect protective cap
The leadership of TEPCO, the company operating the crippled Japanese Fukushima plant, has apologized for the disaster earlier this year.

28.06.2011 09:55

Non-nuclear energy failed Fukushima – nuclear energy expert
Events at Fukushima should not be called a nuclear disaster, says John Ritch, Director General of the World Nuclear Association. He explains to RT why he thinks nuclear energy is still one of the safest sources of power – and getting safer.

27.06.2011 22:29

Fukushima Prefecture “like another universe” to Greenpeace activist
Jan Beranek, who is with a team of Greenpeace activists investigating the fallout from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, says Japanese are encouraged to return to their normal lives unaware of the dangers they face in the contaminated area.

27.06.2011 05:21

Japanese fear authorities hide ugly truth about nuclear risks
The Japanese government is starting radiation checkups for more than two million people living near the crippled Fukushima plant. But many citizens of the country fear those in charge prefer face-saving public ignorance to life-saving knowledge.

27.06.2011 04:17

“Japanese authorities honest about Fukushima” – analyst
It is unlikely Japan and the International Atomic Energy Agency are hiding the truth about Fukushima nuclear plant disaster, believes Malcolm Grimston, political analyst with the London-based Chatham House think tank.

20.06.2011 15:33

No Japan without nuclear energy – Japanese official
Despite concerns over Japan's government hushing up the dangers, the second highest-ranking nuclear official in the country thinks the issue is simply too complicated for the general public to come to terms with.

20.06.2011 06:50

Fukushima city: officially safe thanks to new creative safety standards
Some residents of Fukushima city believe the government is neglecting radiation risks and are trying to alleviate the damage on their own. Meanwhile the UN watchdog is to report on the crisis in Vienna on Monday.

20.06.2011 04:10

Japanese government too slow - IAEA
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has criticized the government of Japan for its slow reaction to the disaster at Fukushima-1 NPP that broke out in March, following a devastating earthquake and tsunami.

18.06.2011 10:22

High level of radioactive strontium discovered in seawater near Fukushima
Dangerous radioactive strontium has been detected in seawater near the Fukushima-1 plant, at 240 times over the safe limit. Some 100,000 tons of contaminated water stored in the plant threatens to put out its drainage system in days.

13.06.2011 04:31