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Fukushima nuclear disaster

High level of radioactive strontium discovered in seawater near Fukushima
Dangerous radioactive strontium has been detected in seawater near the Fukushima-1 plant, at 240 times over the safe limit. Some 100,000 tons of contaminated water stored in the plant threatens to put out its drainage system in days.

13.06.2011 04:31

Fukushima disaster drives into Ukraine
The Fukushima nuclear crisis has sent the motor industry into turmoil. Officials say all Japanese vehicles are thoroughly checked for radiation before shipment, but reports suggest that contaminated cars could still find their way into the market.

13.06.2011 04:31

Nuclear protests in Japan mark three months since disasters
As Tokyo residents take to the streets of Japan’s capital to mark three months since the natural and nuclear disasters hit the country leaving over 15,000 people dead and displacing another 100,000,TEPCO starts filtering air in Fukushima’s reactor 2.

11.06.2011 05:02

Fukushima radiation leaks greatly underestimated
Radiation that escaped into the environment in the first week after the tsunami damaged the Fukushima nuclear power plant, is double the initial estimate according to a new report.

07.06.2011 11:50

Radiation level extremely high in Fukushima
An extremely high radiation level – approximately 4,000 millisieverts per hour – has been detected in the first reactor of the Fukushima nuclear power plant on Saturday.

04.06.2011 10:02

Mutant rabbit born near Fukushima plant
The birth of a white rabbit with no ears not far from the damaged Fukushima power plant in Japan has sparked fear in locals.

03.06.2011 11:44

Does society only think short term? The Big Apple speaks
With the ecologic situation worsening and the recent nuclear crisis hitting Fukushima, the question is whether society is capable of really thinking long-term.

28.05.2011 06:27

Missile defense and the Euro priority for G8 leaders
Deauville, a historic World War II site and paradise for the French elite, is seeing an invasion of the G8 machine. Russia, the USA, the UK, Japan, Italy, France, Germany and Canada – are discussing their top priorities.

26.05.2011 09:20

Japan should have made core meltdown public – Russian minister
The Japanese company that runs the Fukushima nuclear plant admitted three of six reactors damaged by the tsunami actually suffered meltdown within days, a shocking revelation that's left many wondering why the information was not made public sooner.

25.05.2011 01:00