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Fukushima nuclear disaster

Fukushima radiation ‘unlikely’ to increase cancer rates – UN report
Fallout from the Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown is unlikely to increase cancer rates in Japan, a UN study has found. Nevertheless investigators say that children most exposed to radiation could run a greater risk of contracting thyroid cancer.

02.04.2014 09:49

Japan lifts evacuation order near Fukushima for first time since nuclear disaster
Japan has lifted the evacuation order on part of the no-entry zone around the crippled Fukushima plant for the first time since the nuclear disaster struck three years ago. But many evacuees say they won't return, citing fears over radioactive fallouts.

01.04.2014 17:45

​TEPCO under-calculated radiation exposure for 142 Fukushima workers
Tokyo Electric Power Co. underestimated internal radiation exposure of 142 workers involved in immediate emergency operations at the damaged Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant in March 2011, according to Japan’s Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry.

27.03.2014 01:01

​TEPCO fails to restart Fukushima water decontamination process
The water decontamination process at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant has once again been halted, only about six hours after the plant’s operator TEPCO announced it was resuming the purification process following a previous failure.

25.03.2014 00:28

Japan prepares to ship nuclear materials to the US
Japan agreed to transfer a share of its highly enriched uranium and weapons grade plutonium stockpiles to the US as part of the global effort to secure nuclear materials. Other nations are also urged to deposit excess nuclear materials in the US.

24.03.2014 11:00

Fukushima water decontamination suspended indefinitely
Treatment of radioactive water at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant might be indefinitely suspended after malfunctions crippled the water purification process and recontaminated thousands of tons of partially purified water, Japanese media report.

20.03.2014 12:25

Fukushima nuclear workers stage low pay protest against Tepco
Workers who helped to clean up the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant rallied outside the headquarters of operator Tepco on Friday, protesting that they were forced to work for low pay in dangerous conditions.

14.03.2014 17:32

'Inadequate equipment, workforce for Fukushima decontamination'
All the measures undertaken at Fukushima have been done on emergency basis and the management lacked forward thinking and adequate expenditures and equipment, nuclear historian Robert Jacobs told RT.

12.03.2014 09:55

Thousands hit Tokyo streets in anti-nuke protest (PHOTOS)
As the third anniversary of the Fukushima disaster nears, tens of thousands rallied in the country’s capital Sunday to protest against the nuclear industry and speak out against the government’s plans to resume nuke energy production to power the economy.

09.03.2014 16:58