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Occupy Wall Street

Police claim to arrest Occupy activists with cache of weapons
New York City police claim they found bomb-making materials and a ‘Terrorist Encyclopedia’ at the Greenwich Village home of a young Harvard graduate and his 9-month pregnant girlfriend.

31.12.2012 21:21

Terrorists and criminals: Documents prove FBI monitored OWS
Newly obtained documents confirm that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was monitoring peaceful protesters with the Occupy Wall Street movement before the first OWS demonstrations even began.

24.12.2012 19:47

LAPD in court for abusing journalist
A long-time journalist is suing the Los Angeles Police Department over the alleged manhandling he says he was subjected to while covering an Occupy protest in LA last year.

11.12.2012 22:07

NYPD admits OWS helped fight crime after Sandy
Is this the beginning of a long, loving relationship? Officers with the New York Police Department are crediting members of Occupy Wall Street for helping curb crime in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

06.12.2012 16:21

Veteran who barely survived police beating at Occupy rally sues Oakland
A former US Army Ranger was severely beaten and arrested during an Occupy Oakland protest, suffering a lacerated spleen while being denied immediate treatment. The Californian prison is now facing a lawsuit for its neglect of the injured man.

28.11.2012 22:00

OccupySandy feeds FEMA workers: Government incompetence at its peak
What happens when federally-hired emergency workers can’t handle a federal emergency? FEMA staffers found out the answer firsthand this week when Occupy activists had to lend a hand.

14.11.2012 22:16

Occupy Portland protesters maced by police (VIDEO)
Portland police arrested and pepper-sprayed protesters who were marching against austerity measures on Saturday. The police, dressed in riot gear with several officers on horseback, tackled and sprayed several demonstrators who were carrying signs.

05.11.2012 22:02

Pedal power: NYC museum rolls out OWS bikes to alleviate Sandy fallout
A New York museum hosted at the legendary C-Squat in Manhattan has put an exhibit from the Occupy movement into community service as part of Hurricane Sandy relief. An OWS bike generator is now getting battery-depleted phone-owners back online.

02.11.2012 10:53

'Occupy Sandy': People unite in wake of superstorm devastation
The so-called 99 per cent have come together in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, with Occupy Wall Street using its grassroots strength to organize relief efforts and help those worst effected by the storm.

31.10.2012 03:07