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Occupy Wall Street

Voting either Democrat or Republican is waste of vote – Scott Olsen
Both the main US parties are working for the same system and taking money from the same people, so choosing between them makes no sense, war vet and Occupy Wall Street icon Scott Olsen told RT.

08.08.2012 23:22

Occupier charged with terroristic felony for protesting in front of bank
A protester belonging to an Occupy Wall Street group in rural Pennsylvania is being charged with felony attempted bank robbery and a terrorism-related charge for holding signs up during a demonstration at a local Wells Fargo branch.

08.08.2012 20:24

Police disperse Occupy Frankfurt camp (PHOTOS)
Police have cleared an Occupy Frankfurt camp after ten months of demos outside the European Central Bank headquarters.

06.08.2012 19:53

New York City refuses to defend the cop who pepper-sprayed OWS protesters
New York City will not provide a defense attorney for Police Officer Anthony Bologna, who was caught on camera pepper-spraying Occupy Wall Street protesters and now faces a civil lawsuit.

03.08.2012 18:31

UC Davis pepper-spray cop finally off the force
Lieutenant John Pike’s long reign of burning, eye-watering terror is over. The University of California, Davis, cop that made headlines for blasting peaceful protesters with military-grade pepper-spray last year is no longer employed by the school.

01.08.2012 16:30

US/NATO/Israel attack on Iran would be a catastrophe for everyone - Bill Ayers
US wars of “invasion, aggression and occupation” are no longer sustainable economically and socially, veteran war critic and US scholar Professor Bill Ayers told RT. He adds that if NATO, the US or Israel attack Iran, it would lead to a catastrophe.

26.07.2012 15:07

Confirmed: NYPD used excessive force on ‘Occupy’ protesters
A group of legal experts have published a report which contains 130 cases that can be qualified as police brutality against Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York.

26.07.2012 09:57

LAPD clashes with Occupy protesters at Art Walk, 19 arrested (PHOTOS)
Police have clashed with crowds in downtown Los Angeles, where the monthly Art Walk event was being held. Officials say 4 policemen were treated for minor injuries.

13.07.2012 06:15

Seattle SWAT raids home of Occupy activists
A Seattle, Washington apartment rented by members of the local Occupy Wall Street chapter was raided and ransacked by the local SWAT team early Tuesday as part of an investigation into alleged anarchist actions.

11.07.2012 16:39