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RT Politics Interview

"Russia is the only political force that has contacts with everyone in the Middle East" - analyst
Political analyst Andrey Pravov talks about the impact that the Russian president’s visit to the Palestinian National Authority had on the world and who benefited from it.

19.01.2011 20:53

“The USSR’s record was a positive one but it cannot be translated for use in modern-day Russia”
Prominent publicist, writer, professor and TV presenter Vitaly Tretyakov analyzes what the USSR’s practical record was with regard to ethnic diversity, and how Russia should now look for a solution to its problem.

29.12.2010 13:30

Rewriting and demolishing history
Russian politician Darya Mitina believes the significance of the memorial in Moscow far surpasses its symbolic meaning – that of securing the long-lasting memory of the USSR’s role in the victory over Hitler in World War II.

22.12.2010 13:05

Social disadvantage meets poor policing
Vladimir Mamontov, the president at “Izvestiya”, Russia’s oldest and biggest federation-wide newspaper, believes Saturday’s nationalist riots in central Moscow should be thoroughly investigated before making conclusions on what measures to take.

15.12.2010 15:34

WikiLeaks: US is only one who looks bad
Professor Aleksey Pushkov assesses the latest publications by WikiLeaks as a serious blow to the United States’ reputation, which has been severely undermined over the last decade.

03.12.2010 13:17

Russia’s foreign view not just to the West
RT Politics asked Russia's leading political commentators for their thoughts on the President's address to the Federal Assembly, which dealt with dozens of issues on domestic and foreign policy.

30.11.2010 11:50

People's consent is crucial to Medvedev
Gleb Pavlovsky, president of the Effective Politics Foundation, tells us what he believes the president meant by suggesting that the degree of political competition needs to be raised.

26.11.2010 14:46

Russia-NATO relationship is one-way traffic
What does NATO offer Russia, and what does Russia get in reality? Would Russia be willing to help NATO stay afloat by participating in its projects? What is the price of improving relations with its Western partners?

October 29, 2010 13:45

"We can’t allow other countries to interfere with our strategic partnership with Russia" - Iran
The Iranian government doubts that the United States will venture to go to war but it is convinced that America will do its best to create tension in the region.

18.11.2010 13:30