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UFC president says he helped put hackers behind bars
The FBI was instrumental in arresting two dozen hackers this week that allegedly bought and sold credit card numbers over the Web. If you ask Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White, though, he had something to do with it too.

28.06.2012 17:17

SOPA opponents release Digital Bill of Rights
Two leading opponents of SOPA are taking their fight for Internet freedoms to a whole new level. This time a team of bi-partisan lawmakers are offering a Digital Bill of Rights to help ensure that Americans continue to have an open Internet.

12.06.2012 21:35

SOPA, Canada style?
A number of SOPA-style anti-piracy amendments to Canadian laws have been introduced by the Canadian Intellectual Property lobby in its report to policymakers. If implemented, the proposals could reshape Canada’s IP policy altogether.

09.06.2012 00:52

E-Batmen to the rescue: Craigslist, Reddit onboard Internet Defense League
Inspired by fruitful virtual protests against the SOPA and PIPA online piracy bills, Internet activists have united their forces and formed an organization to protect the web from “bad laws and monopolies.”

27.05.2012 15:26

Secret US-corporate negotiations creating SOPA on steroids?
Pro-SOPA industry giants urged the White House in secretive international trade talks to adopt stronger intellectual property protections. Critics say the negotiations could usher in “draconian” provisions capable of strangling Internet freedom.

12.05.2012 16:43

Feds seized music blog for a year — without any proof of infringement
Even without passing new legislation regulating what Americans can and can’t do on the Web, recently unsealed court records reveal that federal authorities took down a music website for one year without ever filing charges.

04.05.2012 19:17

Online chats, off the record: Cryptocat puts privacy back on the Web
“It’s been suggested to me that what I’m doing might be perhaps dangerous,” recalls Nadim Kobeissi. The 21-year-old, frizzy-haired computer programmer is alert and astute when talking to RT, and he suggests that others should be as well.

20.04.2012 05:56

Concerns Dot Com: Inventor of the Web is worried about Facebook, Google, Apple and CISPA
He revolutionized the world by inventing the World Wide Web. Decades later, though, MIT professor Tim Berners-Lee is warning consumers of his creation against Google and Facebook, as well as the government’s attempts to censor the Internet.

18.04.2012 20:40

Falkvinge exclusive: Battle for internet on, Big Brother at the gate
The battle over control of the internet is not just about the freedom of speech, but our global future. It is the choice between a Big Brother and democracy unseen before, insists Rick Falkvinge, the founder of the Swedish Pirate Party.

18.04.2012 09:34