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EU may reject ACTA
The controversial pan-global anti-piracy agreement, ACTA, may soon be dead in the water. The Member of the European Parliament responsible for monitoring its progress through the European Union says it should be rejected.

18.04.2012 00:56

CISPA is US ‘cyber-security loophole’
The readiness of the internet community to self organize for mass protests against censorship and online privacy curtailment has taken US legislators aback, believes Trevor Timm, web freedom activist from the Electronic Frontier foundation.

17.04.2012 10:17

SOPA lobby games: Why Netflix PAC agenda is NOT convincing
After an RT article caused, as Netflix calls it, "a bit of a firestorm," the streaming video service requested a clarification from our side. We are happy to offer it and explain exactly why we still have a lot of unanswered questions.

10.04.2012 18:27

Netflix creates pro-SOPA super-PAC?
As US lawmakers consider anti-piracy legislation, they may have found an ally in Netflix. The streaming content giant has created its own super PAC, raising claims that it will support anti-piracy measures in Washington to promote SOPA-like laws.

09.04.2012 16:36

Even worse than SOPA: New CISPA cybersecurity bill will censor the Web
An onrush of condemnation and criticism kept the SOPA and PIPA acts from passing earlier this year, but US lawmakers have already authored another authoritarian bill that could give them free reign to creep the Web in the name of cybersecurity.

03.04.2012 21:18

FBI: ‘We are losing to hackers’
If you thought hacktivists only messed with the FBI on Fridays, think again.

29.03.2012 22:12

SOPA’s father gets a not-so-subtle warning
With America’s largest Internet providers only weeks from their next attempt at curbing copyright crimes by way of a coast-to-coast anti-piracy campaign, opponents of online censorship are taking their own message to the streets — literally.

15.03.2012 19:52

Official: US govt already seized hundreds of foreign domains
US seizure of a Canadian gambling website caused online outcry as it was registered abroad and thought to be outside American jurisdiction. But this is far from isolated; it has emerged that the US has seized hundreds of foreign domain names.

10.03.2012 12:08

Anonymous take down anti-virus giant and Vatican, warn of ‘March storm’
Hacktivist group Anonymous has launched an online assault on anti-virus company Panda Security after Tuesday’s arrest of members of the hackers’ LulzSec collective. The group also raided the Vatican website in protest against the Catholic Church.

08.03.2012 01:17