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Megaupload finished: Feds shut down file-sharing giant without SOPA
A lot of good those Wednesday blackouts did for the Internet. Not.

19.01.2012 20:54

Wiktory? Key sponsors abandon SOPA/PIPA after web blackout
Opposition to the controversial Stop Online Piracy and Protect Internet Privacy Acts has caused a major stir among Republicans and Democrats alike, with 18 Senators – including seven co-sponsors – turning against the legislation.

19.01.2012 14:54

Web blackout ends: SOPA bleeding, but not dead
The Internet strike opposing the US anti-piracy bills SOPA/PIPA has ended. The webquake spearheaded by giants like Wikipedia, Reddid and Google led to key sponsors withdrawing their support for the acts. However, they are not dead, activists warn.

19.01.2012 06:53

SOPA, PIPA would change free and open web – Jay Walsh
As Wikipedia joined a 24-hour protest against two anti-piracy bills making their way through the US Congress, Jay Walsh of the Wikimedia foundation told RT he hopes the new laws will not be passed.

18.01.2012 21:53

Wikipedia to RT: SOPA sledgehammer could smash any site on web
John Davies, the Chief Executive of Wikimedia UK - the umbrella foundation in charge of Wikipedia - said the site's unprecedented blackout was a tough decision to make, but a necessary one in the bid to raise global awareness.

18.01.2012 17:59

‘BoingBoing’ editor: SOPA bill ‘badly written and open to abuse'
Rob Beschizza has told RT that the Stop Piracy Online and Protect IP Acts will not, in fact, stop piracy or protect anything – but they will damage the very founding ideals of the world wide web.

18.01.2012 16:31

Facts without Wikipedia: Star Wars based on Shakespeare
While Wikipedia is down in a blackout protest against the SOPA bill, the Twittersphere has erupted with a new sort of fun: facts without Wikipedia. They are, err, unreferenced and unverifiable, presumably because Wiki can’t do the job.

18.01.2012 09:42

Kill the Bill: Internet-ional 'Stop SOPA' day sweeps the web
­Thousands of websites have joined the blackout in protest against the SOPA bill, as the controversial legislation is put to a vote in the US Congress. Participants range from giants like Wikipedia and Craigslist to tiny individual pages.

18.01.2012 09:14

Wikipedia blackout: 24-hour strike against SOPA, PIPA is on
The Internet's largest and most popular general reference has gone dark. Wikipedia has joined a protest against something it believes is even darker: passage of the Stop Online Piracy and Protect Intellectual Property Acts.

18.01.2012 05:01