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US courts already enforcing SOPA-style shut-downs
While activists waging for a free Internet advocate against the possible passing of the Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, the US court system is already favoring big business by thwarting third-party competition without any objections.

19.12.2011 23:40

Russia slams US Global Online Freedom Act as ‘Cold War scheme’
The online freedom bill proposed in the US seeks to regulate the web activities of foreign countries and businesses by imposing its own unilateral standards, says Russia’s Foreign Ministry. Moscow insists the UN is the place to pass global laws.

19.12.2011 19:31

Sense & censor ability: Congress defers SOPA vote
Amid heated debates and the uproar surrounding the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act, Congress has postponed its vote. Fears are growing that the law aimed at fighting copyright infringement will ultimately lead to censorship.

19.12.2011 06:16

‘SOPA tramples over the way Internet works’
The battle for the future of the Internet continues as US Congress debates the 'Stop Online Piracy Act.' Programmer and net activist Aaron Swartz says the law tramples over the way the Internet works and is contrary to basic freedom of speech issues.

17.12.2011 00:43

Anonymous declares cyber war on Congress over indefinite detention act
Hacktivists are continuing their mission to take on politicians causing the collapse of constitutional rights in America, with operatives from the online collective Anonymous keeping up a campaign against the signers of controversial legislation.

16.12.2011 18:28

SOPA is China-style censorship say Google, Twitter, eBay
Nine Internet godfathers have taken out full-page ads in the New York Times, saying SOPA is an offer they will refuse. Founders of giants like Yahoo, eBay, Google and Netscape claim the bill will “undermine the framework” of free expression.

15.12.2011 18:12

Info no go: Wikipedia threatens strike over US piracy bill
Wikipedia may temporarily blank out its pages in self-sacrifice to draw attention to the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act. While the bill aims to protect copyrighted material, critics fear corporate manipulation could lead to greater censorship.

13.12.2011 11:51

Google preaches Congress on Wikileaks-style embargo for the Web
A representative for Google testified before Congress this week that legislation proposed in the Stop Online Piracy Act could crush First Amendment rights. So what is Google’s solution? Look to WikiLeaks.

18.11.2011 18:32

Google, Facebook, Twitter worried over ‘rogue websites’ bill
The giants of the digital economy, among them Google, Facebook and Twitter, have voiced their concerns over a proposed US anti-piracy bill. Rights groups are also worried as the law could limit free speech gagging sites like WikiLeaks.

16.11.2011 18:35