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Syria unrest

Syrian NGOs: A dual-use technology?
Syrian NGOs have often been the sole source of information for the Western media when it comes to reporting alleged atrocities within the country. Why is it then that so many of these NGO are either funded or based entirely in the West?

27.12.2011 17:10

Arab League observers in Syria: ‘so far so good’
Syrian tanks have started to pull out of the restless city of Homs, report opposition activists. Meanwhile, Arab League observers, who were met by a rally of some 70,000 people in Homs, say their first day in Syria was "very good."

27.12.2011 16:39

‘Confessional war the only way to divide Syrians’
Claims that armed extremists are fighting in Syria are backed by some foreign journalists working on the ground. Independent journalist Thierry Meyssan tells RT how efforts by some forces to turn the conflict into a full-scale civil war are failing.

27.12.2011 11:05

Observers in Syria: Time to separate civilians from insurgents?
Dozens of new civilian deaths are being reported in Syria as a group of 50 Arab League monitors arrives to assess the implementation of a peace plan. But are media failing to distinguish between civilians and armed insurgents?

26.12.2011 19:42

Blast blame: Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood points finger at regime
The Muslim Brotherhood is denying responsibility for twin suicide blasts on Friday that took the lives of 44 people in Damascus, alleging that the Syrian government was behind them.

24.12.2011 20:02

‘Sabotage’ blasts in Damascus: Arab League mission doomed from the start?
The explosions in the heart of Syria were an attempt to force the Syrian regime to clamp down on protesters before the very eyes of the Arab League Observers, who are just beginning their peacekeeping mission, journalist Ibrahim Alloush told RT.

23.12.2011 18:33

Atrocity scouts on the ground in Syria
Arab League monitors are starting their observation mission in Syria in the hope of salvaging prospects for peace in the conflict-torn country. Western nations and some others are increasing their pressure on Damascus and say the regime is doomed.

23.12.2011 06:05

Syrian opposition death toll claim: Thousands dead, zero verifiable sources
The Syrian opposition says 5,000 have been killed during a nine-month crackdown, with more than 250 civilians killed in two last days alone, calling for UN protection from “acts of genocide.” But researchers say the information is tough to verify.

22.12.2011 19:31

Syria observer mission – beginning of the end?
A coordinating group has arrived in Syria to lay foundations for observers from the Arab League to visit the restless land. For Damascus, this long-expected visit may become its final diplomatic battle, RT’s Marianna Belenkaya reports from Syria.

22.12.2011 19:06

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