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Syria unrest

Syria would not send troops to protect protesters at OWS – envoy to UN
UN is applying double standards towards Syria, the country’s envoy stated while addressing the General Assembly. He said that his country, like any sovereign state, has exclusive responsibility for maintaining security on its national territory.

13.02.2012 21:16

Arab League is ‘under Western petrodollar influence’
The Arab League is lobbying for a UN peacekeeping initiative in Syria. Tony Gosling, an investigative journalist, says the organization is heavily influenced by the West, which is moving towards conflict.

13.02.2012 19:15

Al-Qaeda and West in cahoots in Syria?
Al-Qaeda’s presence in Syria is bringing tensions to boiling point in the tumultuous country, given their interests coincide with those of the West, this could lead to a marriage of convenience for the seemingly opposing forces.

13.02.2012 15:14

Moscow seeks full Arab League Syrian peacekeeper brief
Russia expects to receive further details from the League of the Arab States (LAS) regarding its proposal to send a joint UN-Arab peacekeeping force to Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

13.02.2012 11:48

Western media ‘selective’ in Syria reports
Reports about hundreds of dead and wounded coming from Syria on a daily basis has become commonplace in Western media, while the sources of such information often are not verified properly, investigative journalist Asa Winstanley told RT.

13.02.2012 09:42

Syria rejects new Arab League resolutions
Damascus has rejected the Arab League’s call to bring international peacekeepers into Syria, labeling it a hostile act aimed at undermining security and stability in the country.

13.02.2012 05:37

Arab League calls for joint UN-Arab peacekeeping mission in Syria
The Arab League has agreed to call on the UN Security Council to pass a resolution creating a joint peacekeeping force for Syria. The group also wants more international support for the opposition and hopes to pile more pressure on the Assad govt.

12.02.2012 14:06

Al-Qaeda joins ranks of Syrian revolt backers
The leader of Al-Qaeda has voiced his support for the Syrian uprising. He called on Muslims to join the opposition in Syria in their drive to oust President Bashar Assad.

12.02.2012 08:13

New UN resolution unlikely to change Russia and China’s minds on Syria
A week after vetoes from Russia and China put an end to a UN resolution on Syria its supporters are coming back with another draft.

11.02.2012 20:07