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Syria unrest

Guns & Glory in Syria: Al-Qaeda, US recipe for disaster
The US spy chief has told the Congress President Bashar Al-Assad is fighting against Al-Qaeda of Iraq. James Clapper is the first top US official to acknowledge US might indirectly support insurgents.

17.02.2012 11:16

Friendly advice: France, UK to command ousting of Assad?
Coordinating help for Syrian opposition was high on the list in Paris talks between the French and British leaders on Friday. Anti-government troops lack unity and training, so sending military advisors could change the situation, the sides agreed.

17.02.2012 10:19

Groundhog year: Cooking Syria ‘Libya-style’
Libya is marking the first anniversary of the revolution that brought the country plenty of destruction, but not as much democracy. And while NATO denies intentions to interfere with Syria, Libyans have learned the hard way “freedom” is exported.

17.02.2012 03:52

MSM Information war over Syria
As the anti-Syrian government resolution gets pushed through at the UN General Assembly, RT looks at the way the mainstream media have been fighting the battle of American officials.

16.02.2012 23:44

UN passes symbolic condemnation of Syrian government
The UN General Assembly has called on Syrian President Assad to step down. The resolution passed Thursday is worded similarly to a document vetoed in the UN Security Council by Russia and China. The adopted resolution has no executive power.

16.02.2012 21:27

Pro-Assad Imam shot dead in Damascus
A leading religious figure has been assassinated in the conservative Midan area of the Syrian capital Damascus.

16.02.2012 14:19

US double standards: Indirectly arming Syrian rebels?
The conflict in Syria is intensifying and the UN is unable to agree on a solution to end the bloodshed. Meanwhile, US politicians are calling to arm opposition forces, amid suspicions the US may already be supplying weapons through its Arab allies.

16.02.2012 12:24

UN stalemate over Syria resolution
The UN General Assembly is due to vote on a second draft resolution stipulating the removal of President Assad to end the spiraling violence in Syria. It is the third attempt at passing a resolution after China and Russia vetoed the first two.

16.02.2012 06:41

‘Elections in Syria better late than never’ - Lavrov
As Syrian authorities announce the adoption of a new constitution, Russian and European diplomats discuss a new UN Security Council resolution aimed at ending the civil strife in the embattled Arab republic.

15.02.2012 14:47