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Syria unrest

Iraqi gunmen afoot to join Syrian insurgency (PHOTOS)
"Free Syria" inscription on the palm of an Iraqi gunman leaves no doubts where he will end up soon. The vivid pictures of masked militants at Iraq's border with Syria speak for themselves.

20.02.2012 10:07

China: US and allies push Syria into civil war
US and its allies are pushing Syria into civil war by backing the armed opposition, the newspaper of China's ruling Communist Party writes. The article insists Beijing must stick to opposing any attempt to intervene or regime change in Damascus.

20.02.2012 07:52

Third member joins Syrian opposition club
Opposition members in Syria have started a new political bloc, aiming to topple the country’s President Bashar al-Assad. This third anti-Assad group further fragments the Syrian opposition.

19.02.2012 11:11

Humanitarian corridors in Syria: Way out of crisis or way in for invaders?
Europe seeks to bring relief to the Syrian people by creating humanitarian corridors, a seemingly noble idea aimed at winning Russian and Chinese support in the UN Security Council. But some are calling the plan a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

19.02.2012 00:26

Iran to conduct joint exercises with Syria?
An Iranian flotilla has arrived in a Syrian port to provide maritime training to the country’s navy, media reports. It’s only the second time Iranian warships have sailed through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean.

18.02.2012 15:21

Iran cornered with key ally Syria on the brink?
There are no signs of an end to the violence in Syria, Iran’s key ally in the region, with the West keen to change the Tehran-friendly regime. A noose is being drawn, but experts fear it may leave Iran compelled to act.

18.02.2012 12:41

China backs Syria referendum, calls for end of violence
China is ‘extremely concerned’ over the crisis in Syria. The Chinese envoy has called for an end to the bloodshed, and the Assad-backed political referendum in the country which has been torn by protests and surging violence.

18.02.2012 06:32

‘US thinks it can use Al-Qaeda temporarily in Syria’
The US and Al-Qaeda are using each other to topple President Assad, believes Camille Otrakji, editor of online magazine Syria Comment.

18.02.2012 02:39

Guns & Glory in Syria: Al-Qaeda, US recipe for disaster
The US spy chief has told the Congress President Bashar Al-Assad is fighting against Al-Qaeda of Iraq. James Clapper is the first top US official to acknowledge US might indirectly support insurgents.

17.02.2012 11:16