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Syria unrest

Ambassadors' retreat from Syria 'incomprehensible' - Lavrov
As international efforts to bring an end to Syria's 11-month political crisis falters, Russia says the decision by some countries to remove their ambassadors only complicates matters.

08.02.2012 11:54

Ta-ta Qatar? A storm in a media teacup
Better keep checking your Google map the next couple of days just to see if Qatar continues to occupy its customary place on the Persian Gulf - because if certain media reports are to be believed, the chances of this happening seem decidedly slim!

07.02.2012 20:15

‘Two or three days’ needed to pass Syria resolution – Churkin to RT
With many accusing Russia of deepening the crisis in Syria by vetoing the recent resolution at the UN Security Council, Russia's ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, says the document could have been signed if more time had been allowed for talks.

07.02.2012 19:43

Destination dialogue: Russia eager for negotiations in Syria
The visit of a Russian delegation to Damascus has raised hopes of talks between the Assad government and the opposition. Experts say Moscow is eager for negotiations in Syria, while the West is only interested in toppling the government.

07.02.2012 16:39

Syrian opposition agrees to Russian mediation
The opposition Syrian National Council does not object to Russia coordinating the talks with the Syrian government.

07.02.2012 14:12

Watch them go: Western powers, Gulf States withdraw diplomats from Damascus
France, Italy, the Netherlands and Gulf countries have joined the US and the UK in recalling diplomats from Damascus, as a Russian delegation is in Syria holding talks with the President Bashar Assad.

07.02.2012 13:21

Assad ready for talks, 'fully commits' to end violence - Lavrov
Syria’s President Assad has agreed to talks with the opposition and will follow the Arab League’s roadmap, increasing the number of observers in the country, even in the most hostile areas in Syria.

07.02.2012 12:04

Showdown in Syria: All roads lead to Tehran
While Israel believes that the road to Tehran is a straight “pre-emptive” military attack super-highway, the US and UK seem to believe that the road to Tehran runs through Damascus.

February 07, 2012 14:02

‘We hear war drums throughout our lives’
In global politics the cries for battle never stop and they will not stop in the near future, leaving the Persian Gulf region unstable due to interference on behalf of various forces, shared Bahrain's Foreign Minister with RT.

07.02.2012 06:33

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