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Syria unrest

CIA classified review: Covertly arming insurgents doesn’t work
Arming insurgencies around the world has rarely worked for the CIA without direct support from Americans on the ground, according to a still-classified agency review of the practice conducted during debate over arming rebels in Syria.

15.10.2014 16:23

Bikers v ISIS? Dutch motorcycle gang gets green light to fight Islamic State
​Already battling airstrikes conducted by the US and its allies, the Islamic State now has another threat to look out for: a motorcycle gang from the Netherlands.

14.10.2014 23:40

Turkey, Saudi Arabia giving terrorists WMDs, Syria claims
Syria’s UN envoy has accused Turkey and Saudi Arabia of giving weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) to terrorist groups fighting in the country. The charge precedes reports Kurdish fighters battling ISIS militants have been attacked with chemical weapons.

12.10.2014 17:43

US blames news reports for air strike failures
American intelligence officials are trying to blame news reports for failed military attacks against shadowy jihadist groups, arguing that the articles alerted a new terror group to impending air strikes.

11.10.2014 02:58

Material advantage against ISIS does not translate into military success
Given the political neo-conservative environment in the Unites States and the ineffectiveness of the US-led air campaign against ISIS, American troops might soon engage in a ground war, retired US Army Judge Advocate Todd Pierce told RT.

11.10.2014 03:22

At least 10 killed in ongoing unrest in Turkey (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
At least ten people have been killed in Turkey as the unrest in the country enters its fourth day. Overall around 30 people were killed in violent protests over the fate of the Kurdish town of Kobani assaulted by the Islamic State jihadists in Syria.

10.10.2014 00:13

German Kurds continue rallying amid heavy police presence (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
​More than 2 thousand German Kurds have gathered in Stuttgart, Mannheim and Karlsruhe to protest the lack of action by the international community to protect the Kurdish population that face an imminent threat from Islamic State militants in Syria.

10.10.2014 00:12

US airstrikes over Syria targeted French intel officer who joined Al-Qaeda - report
​A former French intelligence officer who joined Al-Qaeda was a prime target for one of the initial US airstrikes in Syria late last month, European intelligence sources told McClatchy news service.

06.10.2014 14:10

Battle for Kobane: Turkey fires tear gas at activists trying to enter Syria (VIDEO)
Turkey’s security forces have fired tear gas at dozens of Turkish and Kurdish activists trying to cross into Syria. On the other side of the border, a major city in Syrian Kurdistan is under increased assault from Islamic State militants.

04.10.2014 12:46