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Syria unrest

ISIS have fetish for kinky underwear, Viagra, and ‘abnormal sex’ – report
“Perverted” ISIS fighters in the Syrian stronghold of Raqqa indulge in “brutal and abnormal” sexual practices, in sharp contrast with the austere religious image they try to project, claims a new report compiled by local activist journalists.

18.02.2015 19:25

RT Arabic crew comes under militant fire in Syria
A crew from RT's Arabic channel, together with a group of other TV journalists, came under fire from Al-Nusra Front militants near the Syrian city of Daraa.

14.02.2015 17:20

20,000 foreigners have joined ISIS in Iraq, Syria – reports
Some 20,000 foreign fighters – including at least 3,400 Westerners – have joined the Islamic State's cause and are now fighting on the frontline in Iraq and Syria, according to estimates in a number of testimonies by American intelligence officials.

11.02.2015 03:45

Inter-Syrian contacts in Moscow: Step in the right direction
The four-day inter-Syrian meeting in Moscow has come to an end. It was the first time since the talks were suspended in 2014 that representatives of the SAR Government engaged in direct contact with the Syrian opposition.

06.02.2015 01:41

At least 3 killed, 35 wounded in Damascus rocket attack - reports
Syria’s capital has suffered massive bombardment from terror group Islam Army, which fired at least 40 rockets at homes, reportedly leaving dozens of civilians wounded and at least three dead.

05.02.2015 08:13

​Moscow hosts fractured Syrian opposition in attempt to break peace-talks deadlock
Thirty members of the highly-fractured Syrian opposition are in Moscow for talks among themselves, as well as with Assad government representatives. The negotiations come almost a year after the last attempt to find a political solution to the crisis.

28.01.2015 09:44

Israel launches airstrikes on Syria following rocket attack, ‘red line’ warning from Iran
Israeli jets struck several targets in Syria in response to Hezbollah rocket fire into the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, the IDF said. The exchange came as Iran warned Tel Aviv of crossing a “red line” with the murder of an Iranian general in Syria.

27.01.2015 23:50

Pentagon dispatches first batch of US forces to train Syrian rebels
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is sending the first wave of about 100 US forces to the Middle East in the coming days to train and equip Syrian opposition fighters battling Islamic State militants.

24.01.2015 08:04

Pentagon to deploy 400-plus troops to train and equip Syrian opposition
The US military has announced it will send about 400 specialists and hundreds more “enabling forces” to train the rebel Syrian opposition as Washington takes its fight against the Assad government and Islamic State to a new level.

16.01.2015 06:59