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Syria unrest

Christians flee Syria’s Kessab, Twitter cries atrocities, Armenia accuses Turkey
The Syrian Army is trying to retake the Christian majority town of Kessab reportedly seized by al-Qaeda-linked forces. The attack made hundreds of ethnic Armenians flee and caused international outcry with Armenia blaming Turkey for supporting extremists.

31.03.2014 11:38

​Russia slams ‘one-sided’ UNHRC resolution on Syria
The resolution on Syria passed by the 25th session of the UN Human Rights Council is biased and neglects mentioning the violence of the rebels drawn up in a recent report by an Independent Commission, said the Russian Foreign Ministry.

29.03.2014 16:50

​Turkish conspiracy to provoke Syria war ‘unlikely’ to go as planned now
Turkey’s plan, recently leaked to the media, to stage an attack in Syria to trigger a military intervention was most likely being pushed forward and backed by the US, still desperate to depose President Assad, political analyst Lew Rockwell told RT.

29.03.2014 02:33

‘No solution for Syria without involvement of Russia and Iran’
Western policy towards Syria is rather like Western policy toward Crimea and Ukraine at the moment – it’s floundering around, talking big but really not having the will to act, political analyst Chris Bambery told RT.

26.03.2014 08:34

Turkey downs Syrian jet near border 'for airspace violation'
A Syrian military jet has been intercepted near the Syrian-Turkish border after it violated the Turkish airspace, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said. Conflicting reports said the jet was shot down from the ground and crashed on the Syrian side.

23.03.2014 12:41

Syrian army reclaims legendary Crusader castle from rebels (VIDEO)
The Syrian army secured the Crac des Chevaliers – one of greatest medieval castles in the world – on Friday after Assad's forces reclaimed the UNESCO World Heritage site from rebel fighters a day earlier.

21.03.2014 23:37

Israel airstrike on Golan Heights leaves 1 dead, 7 wounded - Syrian army
Retaliatory air strikes carried out by Israel against Syrian army positions killed one person and injured seven, according to Syria's armed forces said. The strike came just hours after four IDF soldiers were wounded by a bomb attack in the Golan Heights.

19.03.2014 11:12

'The US disables diplomacy to escalate Syrian civil war, degrade Assad regime'
The US could quickly find a path to peace in Syria, but instead it’s prolonging a bloody civil war that is devastating the Syrian people in order to overthrow Assad’s regime, Eugene Puryear, foreign affairs analyst from the ANSWER coalition told RT.

19.03.2014 08:12

US shuts down Syrian embassy, tells diplomats to leave
Washington has closed the Syrian embassy and two of its consulates, and has told all Syrian diplomats that they must leave the country, after Damascus decided to call back its mission last week.

18.03.2014 16:38

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