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Viktor Bout case

Investigators launch criminal case against US agents over pilot kidnapping, torture
Russia’s top law enforcement agency has launched a criminal case against 11 US DEA officers, alleging they are complicit in a sting operation that ended in the detention and trial of Russian citizen Konstantin Yaroshenko.

06.04.2015 10:18

US Appeals court upholds Viktor Bout’s sentence
A Federal US Appeals Court has upheld the conviction of Russian businessman Viktor Bout despite defense suggestions of investigation irregularities, and repeated claims from the Russian authorities that Bout’s extradition to the US was illegal.

27.09.2013 14:00

Russia warns citizens against visiting countries that extradite to the US
With Russian citizens being arrested abroad and being subsequently extradited to the United States become more frequent, the Russian Foreign Ministry has issued a warning advising travelers to carefully choose their destinations.

02.09.2013 12:49

Viktor Bout’s wife sets up foundation to help Russians convicted abroad
Alla Bout has registered a non-commercial organization that will help defend the interests of Russian citizens convicted and jailed in foreign countries, as well as inform Russians back home of all such situations around the world.

23.07.2013 07:46

Bout’s defense team appeals 25-year prison term
The attorney for Russian businessman Viktor Bout say his conviction was revenge conducted for political or personal reasons and is unprecedented in US history.

31.01.2013 11:22

US rejects Russia’s extradition request for jailed businessman Bout
The US Justice Department has turned down Russia’s request to extradite businessman Viktor Bout, currently serving a 25-year prison term. Moscow condemned the decision, saying it will continue to advocate for Bout.

10.11.2012 10:50

US pressured Thai officials in Bout extradition case – attorney
The defense team of Russian businessman Viktor Bout claim US authorities used bribery and intimidation to get a 2010 extradition order from a Thai court.

12.10.2012 09:12

Russia officially requests US to hand over Bout
The Russian Justice Ministry has officially requested that businessman Viktor Bout, currently serving a 25-year prison term in the United States, is sent to his homeland to complete his sentence.

23.08.2012 14:59

Bout says ‘yes’ for Russia to ask US for extradition
Moscow will shortly file a request to the American Department of Justice for the extradition of Viktor Bout back to his homeland. The Russian businessman was sentenced to 25 years in prison in the US.

21.08.2012 09:38