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January 31, 2015 21:06
Screenshot from Ruptly video
Thousands march in London to protest housing crisis
Thousands of people have taken part in the 'March for Homes' in London, to demand solutions to the escalating housing crisis.
Reuters / Paul Hackett UK witnesses ‘dramatic’ jump in road fatalities after slashing traffic cop jobs - report
Road deaths have continued to surge for a third consecutive quarter, new figures are anticipated to show, after a significant number of traffic patrols have been eliminated from Britain’s road system.
Reuters/Omar Sobhani New British army elite unit to hone social media and psychological warfare
The British military is to form a new specialist force in “non-lethal” forms of psychological warfare using social media such as Twitter and Facebook to tackle the “asymmetric battlefields” of the 21st century.
Reuters/Jim Young UK territory was used for CIA interrogation, torture – Bush-era whistleblower
The CIA carried out interrogations on British territory, according to a senior Bush administration official. The claims, if true, contradict the official line of the British government that it was not complicit in torture in the years after 9/11.
Reuters/Toby Melville Generation fat? Third of English kids overweight or obese – study
One in three English kids aged between 2 and 15 are classified as overweight or obese, a new study has revealed.
Sir Winston Churchill. (Image from Wikipedia by United States Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs division) Winston Churchill: Hero or villain? You told RT your views
Britain commemorated 50 years since the death of wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill on Friday. But how is the historic figure remembered? asked readers for their views.
Image from by John Morin ​Child abuse victims suffer ‘death threats’ after minister published names online
Survivors of child abuse claim they have endured death threats after a Commons committee chairman published swathes of emails containing the names of victims online.
Reuters/Pascal Lauener ​Revolutionary ‘Da Vinci’ robot performs breakthrough micro-surgical treatment
In a huge breakthrough for medical science, a robot fitted with multiple arms has performed its first operation on a human patient, meaning revolutionary new treatments will be available for the first time.
Central Criminal Court - The Old Bailey, London. (Image from by 
Amanda Slater) ​Terror suspects in court over ‘ISIS-inspired’ plot to target London police, soldiers
Five British terror suspects are due to stand trial on charges of plotting an Islamic State-inspired attack on police officers and soldiers in London.
Reuters/Arnd Wiegmann ​Google forced to change privacy settings after official UK investigation
Online search engine giant Google has been forced to change its privacy policies and handling of sensitive information following an investigation by Britain’s data protection regulator.
Image from the Focus E15 Mothers facebook page ​#MarchForHouses: Thousands to descend on London mayor’s office, demand decent housing
Thousands of demonstrators will to take to the streets of London on Saturday afternoon to demand Mayor Boris Johnson deliver solutions to the capital’s deepening housing crisis.
Reuters/Paul Hackett ‘Corruption for sexual gratification’: Damning report reveals rising police misconduct
Rising numbers of British police officers deal drugs or use their power for “sexual gratification,” a previously shelved report claims.
(Reuters/Tomas Bravo) British prisons ‘awash’ with drugs, weapons, cash & smartphones
A glaring lack of security at UK prisons has been exposed, as inmates post pictures of illegal drugs, cash and weapons online. The Prison Officers Association (POA) said poor security oversight was a result of funding cuts.
Fiji's Prime Minister Commodore Josaia Bainimarama (Reuters/Eduardo Munoz); FILE PHOTO: An aerial view of Mururoa atoll, site of nuclear weapons testing. (Reuters/HO New) Fiji compensates victims of 1950s UK nuclear tests
Fiji’s prime minister said his island nation would compensate soldiers exposed to radiation during British nuclear tests in the Pacific more than 56 years ago.


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