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September 15, 2014 15:56
Syria's President Bashar al-Assad heads a meeting of his new cabinet in Damascus August 31, 2014. (Reuters/Handout via Reuters)
Airstrikes against ISIS in Syria ‘illegal’ without Assad’s OK – report
UK airstrikes against Islamic State extremists in Syria could be illegal without the agreement of President Bashar Assad’s government or a UN Security Council resolution, according to a House of Commons Library assessment.
'Yes' campaign people gather for a rally outside the BBC in Glasgow, Scotland September 14, 2014. (Reuters/Paul Hackett)
‘Stick your license fee up your a***!’ Pro-indy Scots denounce ‘liar’ BBC journo in protest
Pro-independence Scots rallied outside the BBC’s Glasgow headquarters on Sunday to protest the public broadcaster’s pro-union “bias” and demand the resignation of political editor Nick Robinson.
Reuters/Dylan Martinez #indyref 2014: Social media's best reactions to Scottish independence campaign
Scotland’s drive for independence may signal the most historic moment in UK history. Despite the gravity of the vote, some are taking a more light hearted approach. From memes to trolling, here are a few of the best social media moments’ of #indyref 2014.
(Reuters/Kyodo) ‘Hai’: Okinawa pro-independence campaigners look to Scotland for inspiration
Campaigners from the southern Japanese region of Okinawa have traveled to Scotland to find inspiration in the ‘Yes’ campaign and boost support for their own independence bid.
Image from ​Strasbourg court to rule on whether UK mass surveillance is threat to journalism
The London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism has filed a case with the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg challenging current UK legislation on mass surveillance and its threat to journalism.
Britain's Commission on Sex in Prison estimates one in every 100 UK prisoners suffer sexual abuse at the hands of fellow inmates or prison staff each year. (Reuters/Peter Macdiarmid) Rising prison rape ‘shames Westminster’, requires urgent investigation – report
Urgent action is needed to determine the nature and scale of sexual abuse in Britain’s penal system, a leading prison rights group says. The plea follows recent estimates that hundreds of inmates in the UK are subject to rape and sexual assaults annually.
Reuters/Siegfried Modola UK edges towards military assault on ISIS
Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond will meet leaders and foreign ministers from over 30 countries in Paris to discuss plans to fight Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria. The summit comes two days after the beheading of a British aid worker.
AFP Photo / Site Intelligence Group Second British aid worker facing ISIS murder threat
A second British hostage facing execution by Islamic State (IS) militants has been identified as Alan Henning, a taxi driver from northwest England who was kidnapped during an aid mission to Syria.
Loyalists march past a Union flag during a pro-Union rally in Edinburgh, Scotland September 13, 2014 (Reuters / Dylan Martinez) ‘Proud to be British’: 15,000 ‘No’ campaigners rally for union through Edinburgh
Thousands of both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ campaigners have marched through Edinburgh as the two sides of Scotland’s independence debate vie for a vote that will decide the fate of the UK on Thursday.
Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond addresses the International Media Conference at the EICC in Edinburgh, Scotland September 11, 2014. (Reuters/Russell Cheyne) BBC accused of anti-independence bias after editing out Salmond’s reply to ‘bank exodus’ question
The BBC faces accusations of anti-independence bias after its political editor, Nick Robinson, produced a report that wrongly claimed Alex Salmond had ignored his question during a heated press conference.
A BOE report says crypto currencies could compromise Britain’s economic stability in years to come if their use becomes widespread in the UK. (Reuters/Benoit Tessier) Can Britain Bank on Bitcoin?
Crypto currencies like bitcoin could threaten Britain’s financial stability if widely adopted, the Bank of England (BOE) says. Despite admitting digital currencies are still marginal, the Bank suggests they are no longer the purview of cypherpunks.


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