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April 18, 2014 19:45
Students protesting against the proposed Keystone XL pipeline march to the residence of US Secretary of State John Kerry in Washington,DC on March 2, 2014 before going on to the White House. (AFP Photo / Nicholas Kamm)
Obama administration delays decision on Keystone XL pipeline again
The Obama administration said Friday that it is giving federal agencies more time to assess a proposed trans-national pipeline, likely keeping a decision about the controversial Keystone XL project from being made anytime soon. 44
AFP Photo / Getty Images / John Moore US drone pilots are 'stressed' and 'demoralized' – official report
​The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) has produced a scathing report detailing the Air Force’s mismanagement of its active-duty drone pilots, who are responsible for the most demanding and deadly missions in the entire US military. 41
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (Reuters/Hans Pennink) New York joins fight to elect US president by popular vote
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed legislation that could help revamp future presidential elections by agreeing to award the state’s 29 electoral votes to the candidate that is most favored on a national level. 29
AFP Photo / Mandel Ngan Number of cable ‘cord cutters’ continues to rise
TV and movie audiences have known for years that streaming services provide an on-demand viewing experience, but a new report has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Hulu and Netflix are now a legitimate threat for traditional cable companies. 2
Artist's rendering of the possible communications application of an upward falling payload. (Image from ​DARPA producing sea-floor pods that can release attack drones on command
The Pentagon’s research arm, DARPA, is developing robot pods that can sit at the bottom of the ocean for long stretches of time, waiting to release airborne and water-based drones to the surface upon an attack command. 9
Concept art showing LADEE over the lunar surface (NASA) NASA crashed LADEE spacecraft into moon at 3,600 mph
After spending months in space analyzing the lunar atmosphere, NASA’s latest robotic space explorer crashed and burned onto the moon’s surface. 35
File photo. (AFP Photo / Kevork Djansezian) Alabama inmates plan strike against prison labor
Inmates in at least one Alabama correctional facility are planning a prison-wide work stoppage that threatens to bring production to a halt over pay and court conditions, according to an inmate who spoke to reporters from his cell. 8
Photo by Thomas Anderson / Woman claims discrimination against atheists in NJ license plate lawsuit
A New Jersey woman is suing the state’s Motor Vehicle Commission for denying her attempt to keep God off her vanity license plate by proclaiming her atheism. 4
US President Barack Obama (AFP Photo / Jim Watson) Obama signs bill banning Iran's proposed UN ambassador from entering the US
United States President Barack Obama signed a bill on Friday that bars Iran’s proposed ambassador to the United Nations from legally gaining entry to the US. 13
AFP Photo / Don Emmert ​US Special Ops forces committing suicide in record numbers
US special forces have been committing suicide at record levels for the last two years, the head of the US Special Operations Command (SOCom) admitted in a speech on Thursday. He blamed the high numbers on the length and difficulty of combat. 11
AFP Photo / Getty Images / Erik S. Lesser Espionage fears delaying Israeli visa exemption – report
US politicians and members of their staff have admitted fears that, if Israel enters a specialized program that would admit more Israelis into the US, Israeli espionage against the US would increase, according to a new report. 5


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