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October 22, 2014 16:15
Members of US private security company, Blackwater. (AFP Photo/Antonio Scorza)
Blackwater guards convicted in 2007 Baghdad shooting
A Washington, DC jury has convicted one former Blackwater guard of murder and three more from the private military company of voluntary manslaughter in connection with infamous 2007 shooting in Baghdad that left 14 civilians dead and 17 others injured.
Screenshot from RT video
​Protest against police brutality invades NYC’s Times Square
Under the rainy skies of New York City, several hundred people marched into Times Square, protesting police brutality and calling for reform and justice on behalf of those killed by law enforcement.
Volunteers put on protective suits during an Ebola training session held by Germany's Red Cross in Wuerzburg October 21, 2014.  (Reuters/Michaela Rehle) US to monitor for 21-day anyone coming from Ebola-stricken countries
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will soon begin monitoring all persons entering the United States from West Africa for 21 days as part of the group’s ongoing effort to combat the spread of Ebola.
Chief of Staff Denis McDonough.(AFP Photo / Brendan Smialowski) Obama’s chief of staff personally negotiates redacting of Senate’s CIA torture report
White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough is deeply involved in negotiating how much to redact from a classified US Senate probe into the CIA’s post-9/11 detention and interrogation program, according to a new report.
Demonstrators rally outside the Edward Jones Dome during the NFL Monday Night Football game in St. Louis, Missouri October 13, 2014. (Reuters/Shannon Stapleton) Michael Brown autopsy results may support Ferguson cop’s claim
​A newly leaked autopsy of Michael Brown, the unarmed 18-year-old black man shot by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri more than two months ago, indicates a gunshot wound to the hand from close range, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.
Reuters / Kevin Lamarque Man jumps White House fence, kicks a dog and causes lockdown
Just one month after the last White House fence-jumping incident, another man leaped over the barrier and kicked a Secret Service dog sent to attack him. The man was eventually arrested.
A display of the new memoir 'Worthy Fights' by former U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.(Reuters / Jonathan Ernst) Former CIA chief’s new book may have violated secrecy agreement
Former Central Intelligence Agency Director Leon Panetta may have violated his secrecy agreement with the department over his recently published memoir, a new report claims.
Screenshot from YouTube user TrueStoryASA YouTube pranksters admit NYPD stop-and-frisk video staged
YouTube pranksters, Adam Saleh and Sheikh Akbar, have revealed that their recent viral video, in which they were stopped and frisked by a New York cop for arguing while wearing Muslim cloths, was actually staged “to depict previous events.”
Reuters / German Heart Institute Feds investigating two dozen potential hacks targeting life-saving medical devices
A senior official at the Department of Homeland Security tells Reuters that government experts are now investigating upwards of two dozen instances in which high-tech medical products may be prone to hackers.
Patient mockup of surgical robot designed to treat epilepsy by entering the brain through the cheek. (Laboratory for the Design and Control of Energetic Systems / Vanderbilt) Surgical robot to enter brain through patient’s cheek
Researchers demonstrated a robot that will perform brain surgery to prevent epileptic seizures. During the procedure, the machine enters the brain through the cheek, making it a less-invasive option with a shorter recovery time than traditional surgery.
Jennifer Lawrence.(Reuters / Lucas Jackson) Google fails to remove hacked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence
Google has tried but failed to remove two internet links showing Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence in all her beauty weeks after her legal team threatened to sue.
Mumia Abu-Jamal.(Reuters) ‘Mumia Bill’ signed in Pennsylvania lets prisoners be sued over speech
Prisoners serving time in the state of Pennsylvania can now be sued for speaking up from behind bars after Governor Tom Corbett signed into law this week the Revictimization Relief Act that legislatures rushed to approve only days earlier.
Frankfurt airport.(AFP Photo / Daniel Roland) Three Denver girls escape from home to join ISIS, stopped in Germany
Authorities suspect three teenage girls from suburban Denver, who stole money from their parents and flew to Germany over the weekend, were attempting to reach Syria to join Islamic State, the extremist group now being targeted by US-led airstrikes.
Image from Sex in cars: 'Django Unchained' actress, boyfriend charged with lewd conduct
The ‘Django Unchained’ actress who caused a controversy when she claimed police officers racially profiled her as a prostitute has been charged with lewd conduct, as has her boyfriend. Law enforcement says the two were having sex in a car.


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