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January 30, 2015 21:17
Reuters / Eduardo Muno
Review group says Obama can stop NSA phone surveillance 'at any time'
​A review group assembled by the White House to recommend changes concerning the United States’ intelligence gathering operations is calling out the Obama administration for not yet halting the bulk collection of Americans’ telephone records.
Reuters / Chip East NYPD reversal: Anti-terror unit armed with machine guns won’t police protesters
One day after saying a newly-created police unit armed with machine guns would police protesters, the New York Police Department has backtracked, saying the unit will only work on counter-terror initiatives.
Aerial view of the United States military headquarters, the Pentagon (Reuters / Jason Reed) LA Times sues Pentagon over bonus payouts for contractors of flawed $40bn defense system
The Los Angeles Times is asking a federal court to compel the Pentagon to release information on bonuses and incentives paid to contractors for delivering a $40 billion ground-ballistic missile system that doesn’t seem to work well.
FBI logo FBI’s Cold War plans included martial law, rounding up 13,000 people
Documents show the FBI created a “Plan C” during the Cold War, which could have been triggered in the event the US underwent a nuclear attack. It included putting the nation under martial law, rounding up “subversives,” and interning enemy diplomats.
Reuters/National Human Genome Research Institute/Handout Got genes: Obama proposes genetic biobank of 1mn Americans’ DNA to fight disease
A new $215 million US government proposal would seek more than 1 million American volunteers for analysis of their genetic information in an initiative to fight disease, while developing targeted health care based on one’s DNA.
U.S. Army General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, speaks with soldiers in Iraq November 15, 2014. (Reuters/Phil Stewart) US may send troops to Iraq as spotters, scouts - Hagel
Outgoing US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has acknowledged that neutralizing Islamic State in Iraq may require American troops on the ground with non-combat roles, such as gathering intelligence and locating targets.
Muslim women kneel for the prayer service at the Women's Mosque of America in downtown Los Angeles, January 30, 2015. (Reuters/Lori Shepler) A mosque of their own: Women-only Muslim religious center opens in LA
The first all-female mosque has opened its doors in America, with up to 150 women coming from across the country not to miss the historical prayer lead by a female imam at a former synagogue that's now a multifaith center in Los Angeles.
Screenshot from NYC asks new parents if 'mother giving birth' is male or female
​A peculiar part of paperwork that’s presented to new parents in New York City is raising eyebrows around the Big Apple. The new form, according to recent reports, asks parents to specify if a newborn’s mother is male or female.
Reuters/Shannon Stapleton Minnesota proposal would keep police body camera footage private
Video footage recorded on a police officer’s body camera should stay private to protect the confidentiality of innocent people caught on film, according to a proposal in the Minnesota state House. Some say the argument blocks police accountability.
Reuters / Vivek Prakash Delhi rape survivor sues Uber taxi app
A woman who was allegedly raped by an Uber taxi driver in New Delhi last month has filed a lawsuit against the service in a US court. She is also seeking a permanent injunction to make sure the company introduces safety precautions.
Reuters/Mike Stone ​Bill would let Texas teachers legally kill students
Schoolteachers in Texas will be allowed to use lethal force against students without risking legal repercussions if a new bill being considered in the Lone Star State’s legislature becomes a law.
Reuters/Robert Galbraith ​Reddit’s first transparency report reveals compliance with 58% of user info requests
Reddit has released its first transparency report, revealing that the social news site complied with 58 percent of user information requests and 31 percent of takedown notices from authorities in 2014.
Image from MPAA forces brewery to change name of 'Rated R' beer
​The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), Hollywood’s top trade group, isn’t only targeting movie pirates anymore. A Minneapolis-based brewery says it had to change the name of its “Rated R” beer after being approached by the association.
Rap mogul Marion "Suge" Knight. (Reuters/Jim Ruymen) Rap mogul ‘Suge’ Knight arrested for murder after fatal LA hit-and-run
The founder of one of America’s biggest record labels has been arrested for murder. Marion ‘Suge’ Knight, the creator of Death Row Records, is being held following a fatal hit-and-run incident in Los Angeles.


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