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August 01, 2014 15:33
A missile is launched by an "Iron Dome" battery, a short-range missile defence system designed to intercept and destroy incoming short-range rockets and artillery shells (AFP Photo)
'We are with you. Here are the missiles!' US Senate passes emergency funding for Israel's Iron Dome
The Senate overwhelmingly approved an emergency measure early Friday that could give $225 million in additional revenue to Israel for the country’s Iron Dome missile defense system. 352
US President Barack Obama makes a statement in the briefing room of the White House on August 1, 2014 in Washington. (AFP Photo / Nicholas Kamm) Obama on CIA’s post-9/11 tactics: ‘We tortured some folks’
President Barack Obama made a rare acknowledgment during a Friday press briefing concerning the United States’ past use of enhanced interrogation tactics in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks. 43
US National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden (AFP Photo / Frederick Florin) Al-Qaeda adapted to avoid surveillance post-Snowden leaks - report
The National Security Agency has consistently argued that terrorist groups have developed more sophisticated methods to avoid surveillance in the wake of the Edward Snowden revelations, and a new report seems to back these claims.
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images / AFP Obama signs law allowing cell phones to be unlocked
​President Barack Obama has signed into law a bill making it legal for consumers to “unlock” their cell phones in order to use a different wireless network.
This photo provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows one form of CRE bacteria, sometimes called "nightmare bacteria." 'Nightmare bacteria' spreading rapidly in Southeastern US
Deadly, nearly untreatable superbugs known as CRE, dubbed “nightmare bacteria,” have spread at an alarming rate throughout the southeastern region of the US in recent years, new research indicates. 36
Still from YouTube video/The Colorado Independent Shackled inmate attacked by deputies in courtroom (VIDEO)
A Colorado man is suing the city of Denver and two sheriff deputies for $5 million over a 2011 incident in which one of those officers assaulted the man in court and left him with permanent injuries. 26
An air tanker drops retardant on the fast-moving wildfire called "Sand Fire" near Plymouth, California July 26, 2014. (Reuters / Max Whittaker) Severe drought in California spreading at unprecedented rate
The drought in California is getting worse as more than half the state now suffers from the most severe drought conditions possible, according to a new report. 33
Photo from ‘Impossible’ space drive tested by NASA foretells future of deep-space travel
NASA has conducted long-awaited experiments to prove that the fabled space drive, capable of generating its own thrust and breaking a fundamental law of physics, works. If the find survives fresh scrutiny, space ship construction will be revolutionized. 49
Members of the National Socialist Movement "salute" a speaker during a neo-Nazi rally at the Jackson County Courthouse November 9, 2013 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Reuters/Dave Kaup) Neo-Nazis want ‘monument to the white race’ built in North Dakota town
A group of Neo-Nazis who unsuccessfully attempted to take over a small North Dakota town last year now say they’re considering erecting a monument there to honor the white race. 85
German general becomes first non-American to serve as US Army Europe's chief of staff
A German Army brigadier general who served with NATO forces in Afghanistan has been named to be the chief of staff of US Army Europe, the first non-American officer to hold the position with the Army’s oldest overseas command. 26
Reuters/Adrees Latif Dying man crashes into house, releasing 60,000 raging bees
A freak accident involving 60,000 bees took place when a man in dire need of medical attention accidentally crashed into an empty house where the insects had built a giant hive, releasing them. The enraged bees took over the neighborhood instantly. 15


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