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March 26, 2015 19:44
New York City Fire Department firefighters and police stand by as firefighters fight a fire at a residential apartment building in New York City March 26, 2015.(Reuters / Mike Segar)
19 injured, 4 critically, after explosion & fire in Manhattan's East Village
Nineteen people have been injured, four of whom are in critical condition after an explosion caused a fire over four buildings in Manhattan’s East Village. Two of the buildings have collapsed, and another is still on fire and in danger of collapsing.
Reuters / Larry Downing Cyber threat-sharing bill clears House committee, would give immunity to companies
The House Intelligence Committee unanimously approved its cyber threat data-sharing bill on Thursday. The measure provides liability protections for companies when sharing cyber attack information with government agencies.
Reuters / Carlo Allegri $214bn Medicare reform bill passed by House
In an unusual bipartisan effort, House lawmakers approved a bill that makes sweeping changes to the Medicare program and extends a children’s health insurance program. Eyes are on the Senate to see whether it approves the bill before recess on Friday.
Senator John McCain (Reuters / Michael Dalder) McCain blasts Pentagon's 'bomb-sniffing elephants', wants more money for military
​The Pentagon’s budget is anything but peanuts, yet one outspoken lawmaker says the US military is wasting its defense spending on produce and elephants, rather than weapons and technologies to ensure dominance in the world.
Reuters / Mike Stone Arizona bill claims drug-induced abortion is 'reversible,' bans subsidies
Legislators in Phoenix passed a controversial bill prohibiting the purchase of abortion coverage through the federal healthcare exchange and requiring doctors to state that drug-induced abortions are “reversible.”
 Indiana Republican Governor Mike Pence. (Reuters / Mike Theiler) Intense backlash hits Indiana after religious freedom law passes
Indiana is under fire by corporations and celebrities after adopting a religious freedom law denounced as discriminatory and offensive to LGBT individuals. It was originally designed by the Clinton administration to protect Native Americans.
Reuters / Andrew Burton ​Excessive yawners, beware! Leaked TSA document reveals list of suspicious airport behavior
Arriving late to a flight with a confused look on your face and sweaty palms is enough to arouse suspicion among airport security screeners, according to an internal Transportation Security Administration document released by The Intercept.
Reuters/Stephen Lam ​Inmates allegedly forced by jailer into ‘gladiator-style fights’
Accusations that a California sheriff’s deputy forced inmates at a local to jail to fight one another for his own amusement has landed an official with an already sordid past in hot water once again.
Screenshot from ​Monsanto lobbyist claims 'safe to drink a quart of pesticide' – but bolts when offered a glass (VIDEO)
A lobbyist for Monsanto claimed that it was safe to drink “a quart” of the company’s Roundup pesticide, but pointedly refused to try even a sip when offered a glass during an interview with French TV before storming off the set.
Protestors block a police vehicle from entering the City of Ferguson Police Department and Municipal Court parking lot in Ferguson Missouri, March 11, 2015. (Reuters / Kate Munsch) Police settle Ferguson protesters’ lawsuit, agree to restrict use of teargas
Three police agencies in St Louis have agreed in response to a federal lawsuit brought by six Ferguson protesters to restrict the use of teargas and other chemical agents on crowds.
U.S. President Barack Obama.(Reuters / Jonathan Ernst) White House declares war on 'superbugs'
The Obama administration has unveiled a $1.2 billion plan to combat drug-resistant bacteria, also known as 'superbugs.' Five out of six Americans are on antibiotics, and 23,000 die annually of drug-resistant infections.
New York City Fire Department firefighters walk on 2nd Avenue towards the site of where a residential apartment was engulfed in flames in New York City March 26, 2015. (Reuters / Mike Segar) 2 missing after explosion & fire in Manhattan’s trendy East Village
Two people are missing as firefighters work to put out pockets of fire at four buildings in Manhattan’s East Village. A gas explosion in one of them ‒ where inspectors found faulty work ‒ injured 19 and caused three buildings to collapse.
Image from Twitter by ArlingtonCountyPD Shopping mall near Pentagon evacuated after bomb threat
A shopping mall in suburban Washington, DC was evacuated on Friday afternoon after authorities received an anonymous bomb threat.
U.S. Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid.(Reuters / Senate TV) Harry Reid hangs up his ‘rusty spurs’ as Senate minority leader
US Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid says he won’t seek re-election when his current term expires in 2016, ending a 30-year run that made him the top-ranking congressional Democrat under President Barack Obama.


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