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April 19, 2015 19:59
ARCHIVE PHOTO: Police officers in Baltimore, Maryland (Reuters)
Man critically injured by Baltimore police has died in hospital
A man who was injured while being arrested in Baltimore last week has died, just hours after hundreds of people rallied outside Baltimore Police Station to protest against how seriously he was injured.
FILE PHOTO.(AFP Photo / Justin Sullivan) Rapidly spreading wildfire prompts evacuation of 300 homes in California (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
A wildfire about 35 miles (56 km) east from Los Angeles, California, has forced the evacuation of 300 homes, burning about 300 acres of land. It’s reported to be quickly approaching residential areas.
AFP Photo / California Department of Corrections Experimental execution: Oklahoma legalizes nitrogen-gassing of death-row inmates
Oklahoma has become the first US state to legalize the gassing of death row inmates if lethal injection drugs are not available. The rushed decision was made without any proper clinical trials, Robert Dunham, Head of Death Penalty Info Center told RT.
Reuters / Stringer ​Mild electric brain stimulation boosts creativity, may tackle depression
If you want to fight depression or boost creativity, all you need is brain stimulation treatment, according to the first results of a placebo-controlled study conducted in North Carolina.
Noam Chomsky Chomsky: 'International law cannot be enforced against great powers’ FULL INTERVIEW
While the International Criminal Court investigates and sentences African dictators, any of the crimes the US commits like the invasion of Iraq, which has destabilized an entire region, go unpunished, philosopher Noam Chomsky tells RT.
Reuters / Eric Gay Family income affects brain anatomy, test scores – MIT study
Kids in low-income households lag behind their peers from wealthier families when it comes to standardized testing. Their brain anatomy could be a factor, with the research exposing a “cost to not living in a supportive environment.”
Screenshot from YouTube user John Azouri That was close: Crash landing of Falcon 9 rocket booster seen at arm's length (VIDEO)
A leaked GoPro video appears to show what exactly went wrong with the reusable first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket when landing on April 15, after it successfully launched from Cape Canaveral.
Mark Lippert. (Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji) North Korea tells US diplomat stabbed in face that a ‘bigger mishap’ is possible
North Korea is warning the American ambassador to South Korea that he could face a “bigger mishap” than being stabbed in the face – an act of violence that he suffered in March.
A firefighter watches the blaze after a gas line exploded near Fresno, California April 17, 2015. (Reuters/Fresno Fire Department) Gas explosion fireball injures 15 workers & inmates at California gun range (VIDEO)
A huge gas pipeline line explosion at the Fresno County Sheriff's gun range, where a construction crew that included jail inmates was using heavy machinery, has injured 15 people, sending a 60 meter tall fireball in the air.
Reuters/Shannon Stapleton Texas pushes forward with bill that would ban fracking ban
The Texas state House of Representatives has passed a bill that would block cities in Texas from banning the controversial oil and gas exploration method known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.
U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. (Reuters/Joshua Roberts) Sell at home, not to US, Treasury chief tells exporters
The world’s leading exporters should boost domestic demand and inflation to stimulate growth, the US treasury secretary said, rather than look to US markets to absorb their products. He also called for flexible currency rates, especially in China.
Researchers have found evidence that a white dwarf star may have ripped apart a planet as it came too close, as seen in this NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory image of a globular cluster designated as NGC 6388 released April 17, 2015. (Reuters/NASA) White dwarf has Napoleon Complex, destroys passing planet
Perhaps the former planet dared give a white dwarf the raspberry. Perhaps the white dwarf was auditioning for the new Star Wars film by doing its best Death Star impression. Either way, the white dwarf obliterated a whole planet that ventured nearby.
Reuters/Mike Blake High seas: Coast Guard shows off 14 tons of captured cocaine
A US Coast Guard cutter docked in San Diego with a 14-ton cargo of cocaine seized off the coast of Central and South America. It is the biggest haul in years, with the wholesale value of the drugs estimated at $424 million.
The John Minor Wisdom U.S. Courthouse, home of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, New Orleans, Louisiana.(Image from Wikipedia) Protesters ask federal court to lift injunction on Obama immigration action
Protesters gathered outside a federal appellate court in New Orleans, Louisiana, calling on a three-judge panel to allow President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration to proceed, thus halting the deportation of millions of illegal immigrants.


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