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November 27, 2014 05:01
AFP Photo / Jim Watson
‘No Justice, No Profit’: Hollywood stars join #BlackoutBlackFriday online campaign
The ‘No Justice, No Profit’ campaign – led by a movement of celebrities and activists – is calling for a nationwide boycott of retail outlets to protest the recent grand jury decision not to indict a white officer for killing an unarmed black teenager.
Screenshot from YouTube user THEEYEINTHESKY Cleveland cops shot boy holding air gun 2 seconds after arriving at scene (VIDEO)
New video released from a police shooting in Cleveland, Ohio, shows a patrol car arriving on the scene and officers barely hesitating before fatally shooting in the stomach a young boy playing with an air gun.
A City Marshal tries to stop a group of protesters from entering St. Louis City Hall in St. Louis, Missouri November 26, 2014. (Reuters / Lucas Jackson) ​Pepper spray, arrests as Ferguson protesters storm St. Louis City Hall (VIDEO)
A crowd of protesters stormed St. Louis City Hall on Wednesday, forcing the building into lockdown and adding to rising tensions in the wake of the Ferguson grand jury decision. Three people were arrested and pepper spray was deployed.
AFP Photo / Jewel Samad Background checks expected to slip past FBI as Black Friday gun sales skyrocket
Black Friday, the biggest retail day in the US, has been a boon for gun sales in recent years – but that’s a problem for the small FBI division handling background checks, as more sales slip through the cracks each year.
Reuters / Yaseen al-Bushy Drone near-misses with piloted aircraft surge in US airspace – watchdog
Pilots and air-traffic controllers have reported a sharp rise in near-collisions with drones in the past six months, the Washington Post reports, citing Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) records.
Police arrest protesters in Los Angeles, California, following Monday's grand jury decision in the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, November 26, 2014. (Reuters/Lucy Nicholson) 400 Ferguson protesters arrested across US, unrest persists
At least 400 protesters have been arrested over the past three days across the US, as they rallied against the grand jury decision on the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, and police violence in general.
A police car burns on the street after a grand jury returned no indictment in the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri November 24, 2014.(Reuters / Jim Young) 2 journalists attacked in Ferguson riots, police refuse to help
Two journalists from a Russian news agency were attacked by a group of youths during unrest in Ferguson. Police then refused to help them get to their car. After later discovering their vehicle had been burnt, they struggled to file a police report.
Still from 13newsnow video Virginia man protests Obama’s immigration reform with Nazi flag
​An anti-Obama protest waged by an outraged resident of Norfolk, Virginia has raised eyebrows after the individual took to flying a Nazi flag outside his home to declare his disappointment with the president's policies.
Reuters / Athit Perawongmetha Only 30% of HIV-positive Americans have virus under control ‒ CDC
The number of Americans living with HIV who have the virus under control has plummeted to just 3 in 10, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Youthful nonchalance and the cost of the antiretroviral drug cocktail may be to blame.
Reuters / Jonathan Alcorn Brit’s vision of Black Friday in America goes viral
A Reddit user from the UK has made an imagined image of a Walmart parking lot on Black Friday go viral by attracting hundreds of thousands of hits to their computer-crafted critique of the major American shopping day.
AFP Photo / David McNew Cop fires shots at Florida man rushing home during daughter’s asthma attack
A Jacksonville sheriff fired shots at an unarmed suspect during a traffic incident on Monday, but will not be placed on leave. Officer J.C. Garcia shot at Brian Dennison as the latter was rushing his daughter home in the midst of an asthma attack.
British actor Russell Brand (Reuters / Gus Ruelas) Russell Brand: Ferguson symbolizes 'centuries of racial oppression’
British comedian Russell Brand took to his web series 'The Trews' to criticize US mainstream media's reporting of the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, which he described as a “microcosmic cauldron of centuries of racial oppression.”
Screenshot from Ferguson brave: Female manager defends her business from looters (VIDEO)
Video has surfaced out of Ferguson, Missouri showing a brief but tense impasse that ends with a mask-clad looter standing down to a female pizza shop employee as nearby businesses burn to the ground.
Screenshot from Inside fireball: Close-up footage from the Antares Rocket explosion (VIDEOS)
Video footage from a rocket crash in Virginia a month ago has only just come to light, giving some spectacular close-up shots of the explosion. There were recordings from different angles to capture the moment the $200 million rocket went up in flames.


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