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South Carolina governor’s unfortunate education tweet goes viral

Published time: June 09, 2014 21:26
Image from @nikkihaley

Image from @nikkihaley

The governor of South Carolina created a mini-Twitter firestorm among the chattering class on Monday by mistakenly announcing that the state, in the process of passing education reform, “will no longer educate children.”

Governor Nikki Haley, a Republican, seemed to type out a complete tweet only to attach an Instagram link at the end of it, a situation in which Twitter likely chopped up the message at an unfortunate point. The tweet has since been deleted, but screenshots of the image remain thanks to a number of political pundits and a mounting number of re-tweets.

While Haley removed the tweet before long, the Instagram link she provided at the end provided some insight into what her initial intention probably was.

South Carolina made history this year by passing education reform. We will no longer educate children based on where they are born,” she wrote on Instagram Monday afternoon. “Through reading coaches, technology investments, and expanding charter schools we just confirmed that we want our children to be the future workforce for our growing high tech jobs! #ItIsAGreatDayInSC”

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Matt 10.06.2014 02:14

Trust me, I've been there, and SC never educated anyone in the first place.


Jonathan Pate 09.06.2014 22:14

TruthNow 09.06.2014 21:57

The real Tweet is still disturbing. It points to the assumption that education is NOT for the development of the individual but to increase productivity in the workplace ... human potential subjugated to and converted into the interests of capital.


Powerful words... powerful words indeed. It's all about that capital.


100K 09.06.2014 22:13

Hilarious. She obvioulsy took lessons from Jen Psaki.

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