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Navy considers 3D-printing future fleets of drones

29.05.2013 16:10

Three-dimensional (3D) printers are quickly proving to be capable of creating just about anything out of little more than thin air, and that could be the military’s key to keeping an endless arsenal of drones at its disposal.

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Giovanni 26.06.2014 09:45

This is really true! It's the last development of the Blue-Beam Project! So long, fairy tale of UFOs!!

Anonymous user 25.07.2013 06:04

USA should concentrate on getting Detroit solvent and stop spending money on foreign policy and arms

Anonymous user 25.07.2013 06:02

USA says we have to be green but leave enormous footprint around Globe by deploying navy all over it

Anonymous user 12.07.2013 18:29

ok what absolute rubbish,you carnt print explosives,or a rolls royce trent engine for a jumbo,dumbo

Anonymous user 06.06.2013 08:50

"What has Russia or the USSR contributed to the betterment of mankind?" Space and Laser at least.

Anonymous user 03.06.2013 02:47

Without the Americans, there would not be the Internet and other developments for you all to enjoy.

Anonymous user 03.06.2013 02:45

Besides having nothing but weapons, Russia's contribution to the world is its inferiority complex.

Anonymous user 03.06.2013 02:44

Let's see... What has Russia or the Soviet Union contributed to the betterment of mankind? None.

Anonymous user 02.06.2013 01:46

When you operate a dozen nuclear powered carriers you can talk. Now shut your third world traps.

Anonymous user 01.06.2013 04:17

These Americans .. the first thing they think of is machine that kills not development.

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