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911 reasons why 9/11 was (probably) an inside job. Part 3: Osama bin Laden

12.09.2009 16:30

Osama bin Laden was suspect number one on 9/11, yet the U.S. authorities commit yet another inexplicable act: they release all members of the bin Laden family who were residing at the time in the US.

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J.A. Dingman 17.05.2014 08:20

The article doesn't begin to mention evidence that it was a false flag operation with Bin Laden used as a straw man. Israel's Mossad was involved in planning according to some members and certainly present on the ground. Several were held for a short time and then quietly released to go back to Israel. Remember, it is not conspiracy theory, but probability. If there is a lottery, you theoretically could win, if you buy a ticket, there is a probability that you might.

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