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'Aaron was killed by the government' - Robert Swartz on his son's death

15.01.2013 20:21

The father of information activist Aaron Swartz blames US prosecutors for his son’s death, RT’s Andrew Blake reports from an emotional Tuesday morning funeral outside of Chicago.

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Pranesh Sacher 18.01.2014 02:53

Aaron Swartz threatened the US goverment profits and power over the people. For that he was killed in a way so it looked like he committed suicide. Osho was poisoned by the US gov. for doing the same thing in the year 1985.


Comrade Ogilvy 05.01.2014 17:58

Has anyone actually considered how unlikely it would be to "hang oneself" with a belt? The more likely scenario is that some paid assassin strangled the boy with his own belt, then hanged him with the help other nefarious helpers. The US federal gov is infested with treasonous bodies, and MIT is just a scab on the dole. Swartz threatened someone's profits and/or power over the people. For that he was eliminated.

Anonymous user 13.05.2013 16:17

Remember the Rosenbergs?....

Nothing ever is new under the Sun....

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