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Pro-gun activist Adam Kokesh arrested after posting YouTube video

10.07.2013 14:49

Second Amendment activist Adam Kokesh was arrested Tuesday evening following an armed raid on his home in the Washington, D.C. area.

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Al J. C. 05.08.2014 04:22

I suspect the drugs were planted by the police.


Rich Silva 30.09.2013 22:32

Anonymous user 11.07.2013 14:20

How do we know his gun was not simply a movie prop? Thats why this video cant prove a crime.


"I was here, and I loaded a shotgun on Independence Day, but I didn't kill anybody. I didn't drone any children," he said. "I didn't steal any children's future. I didn't sell this country into debt. I didn't do any of the crimes that the man two blocks over at the White House is responsible for."


Rich Silva 30.09.2013 22:27

I would like to think those drugs were planted in Adams home before or during the raid, because that would mean he is an idiot. I have one question for Adam Kokesh, did you really have drugs in your home, or did they set you up?


EdwardGlen 06.08.2013 20:54

Son... What's wrong with your eye's?

Anonymous user 24.07.2013 21:04

We have the right to bear arms and have freedom of speech. That was obviously the point. Free him!!

Anonymous user 20.07.2013 07:02

Lay off the 'schrooms guy. The revolution (and civil war) already's come and gone.

Anonymous user 20.07.2013 02:20

if kokesh wasnt an agent, and called for the overthrow of the u.s regime, he'd be dead, not in jail


Decontrol Decontrol 13.07.2013 06:00

Free Adam.

Anonymous user 12.07.2013 18:08

too bad he didn't use a blue screen to erase probable cause.

Anonymous user 12.07.2013 14:37

Danny Adams said all that needs to be said.


Danny Adams 12.07.2013 13:05

The idea that Hitler confiscated everybody's guns--and the quote that usually accompanies it on the Internet--is false. The only Germans who had their guns confiscated en masse were Jews. For the most part Hitler let Germans keep their guns because he knew one truth: A dictator knows that a population having guns isn't a threat if they agree with the dictator. THAT is the real lesson we need to learn here in the U.S.

Anonymous user 12.07.2013 04:10

Drug addicts shouldn't be around firearms.

Anonymous user 12.07.2013 04:00

That's why i always stash my shrooms at Grandma's :)

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