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Air Force plans to arm sixth-generation fighters with laser weapons

21.11.2013 18:33

The Pentagon wants to put high-powered lasers on its fleet of fighter jets in the not-so-distant future to ensure that enemies of the United States don’t stand a chance against America’s state-of-the-art arsenal.

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Edmund Cornu 20.08.2014 02:48

All we need now is to change the shape a little and bingo!
Tie Fighters from Star Wars.


Jeremy Scott Ringley 12.02.2014 12:30

We already have Gatling lasers mounted on Secret Space Satellites.


DS 11.02.2014 19:33

Poor matahari. Free Electron Lasers can already burn through 20 inches of steel a second. It needs to be shrunk in size, but they'll be on ships in ten years. No mirroring will negate that kind of power. Next step, by 2035 energy shields to scatter laser beam.


Victor Pirie 26.12.2013 15:31

I have a knowledge of Lasers. I have devised a Crystal Onion, that collects all light and focuses it to a Collimated beem. any kind of light can be magnified to a destructive beam.

The words Crystal Onion should say it all.


Alex Semiletow 20.12.2013 17:00

Arms races start with one nation arming itself to the teeth... Imagine all this money re-routed to health care, education, eradication of hunger and abject poverty in out great country... what a dream that would be!!! On the other hand, why is that we have so many enemies? For a fight two sides are needed. Do the actions of a few deranged terrorists warrant a destruction of a several sovereign nations... really?


matahari 20.12.2013 15:04

Some reader once commented that the best defence against lasers is simply, use mirrors, as cheap defensive counter measures.


Buford Longshanks 20.12.2013 07:20

Where do these images come from? Might as well put a picture of Luke Skywalkers X-Wing fighter up there.


Mian Humayoun 14.12.2013 06:22

What a "criminal" country, warmongering, blood thirsty people.


Manny Carvajal 14.12.2013 04:37

One big drawback of lasers is the glare they make any ship using a laser system will have a huge glare when the weapon is being fired kind of puts a huge target right on top of the ship which other planes can then see. The glare of the ship can be seen and the ship blown out of the water. Sure a laser on one plane is fine but try that out with a squadron of F-16 or F17 Hornets, or maybe some F 22's and the whole game changes bye bye laser and the ship its attached too.


Alan Ward 25.11.2013 14:08

Yawn,a little unlikely,since they can't even get their 5g fighters to fight or even fly........


Yanga 25.11.2013 13:35

We may go down but someone is coming we us Russia China no be so sure we are no going to pay our debt before fight be ready because we are


Moein Mirghaderi 25.11.2013 09:32

US is a threat for the World!!!


William Wilgus 23.11.2013 16:42

That's assuming that there's any money left after paying for the Joint Force Fiasco.


m breisch 22.11.2013 22:17

Russia should use her resources to pay lucrative salaries to all the intelligent men from the US to hasten the emigration of European Americans back to Europe (specifically, Russia). I would emigrate to Russia if the salary compared to the UAE. The US will be crippled once the European middle class and upper middle class are decimated -- something that is not too far in the future.


Craig Yates 22.11.2013 19:22

Once China demands the debt be paid America will be lucky to afford pea shooters, nevermind state of the art laser weapons. Finance is the most important thing to maintain military status, not technology as that can always be bought. And economically America has been led by the globalist enemies of the west, to deliberate bankruptcy.


Troy 22.11.2013 13:52

[quote name='Brian Wills' time='22.11.2013 12:52']Anyone can create a laser, so the USA can forget about domination, they are not the only game in town.. USA is going down cause they are criminals of humanity!
[/quot e]

nobody has as of yet successfully weaponized them, and the US is closest. If this is successful, we WILL be the ONLY game in town, at least for a little while. Its been a while since we WEREN'T the STRONGEST game in town.


R. Brian English 22.11.2013 13:22

NSA has taps into every aspect of life on computer. Lets imagine a system like Watson with access to it, and now unmanned drones with lasers. Can anyone say SkyNet?

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