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US Navy gets their first squadron of drones

02.05.2013 16:20

The United States Navy has officially entered the drone business.

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Stevan Robinson 19.02.2014 03:23

It is my understanding that the United States Navy has all but relinquished dominance in the Pacific theatre to the Chinese Navy . Given the motives behind China's military build up and its economic implications, I believe that it is necessary, very necessary, to off set this growing situation wit a leaner ,faster, and much more lethal US Navy. Don't let us down.


Christopher W. Hearne 28.11.2013 22:34

good thing the u.s. has stealth drones hahaha

Anonymous user 22.05.2013 01:08


Anonymous user 21.05.2013 19:53

it's the chinese submarines and russian satellites who will have to take them out

Anonymous user 08.05.2013 22:49

Do not sneeze on landing. but seriously can I have a go?

Anonymous user 06.05.2013 12:11

One response to yakhont, sunburn.

mi nuteman ICBM..

Anonymous user 05.05.2013 23:22

American Carrier are floating death traps, for any foolish enough to attack one.

Anonymous user 03.05.2013 07:29

Yakhont. Sunburn. One hit destruction. These 'great ships' are nothing but floating tombs for 1000s.

Anonymous user 03.05.2013 07:28

USA carriers on parade so proud. Same historically as best prancing cavalry soon to be gunned down.

Anonymous user 03.05.2013 06:46

Check your facts, the United States Marine Corps and Army have Unmanned Aerial Systems as well.

Anonymous user 03.05.2013 05:16

This platforms have no more value,as the Chinese have now the DS 21 redy ,a Ballistic/guidet missle

Anonymous user 03.05.2013 01:09

for military use only?!

Anonymous user 02.05.2013 21:54

Guess it's easier for militairy personal to pull the trigger when it looks more like a videogame.

Anonymous user 02.05.2013 20:35

Oh Great, Rise of the Machines! Let's hope they don't come autonomous!

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