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America's nonreligious population on the rise

09.10.2012 17:59

The number of religiously unaffiliated Americans has risen, while Protestants are for the first time ever no longer a majority, a study reveals. The so-called “nones” vote primarily Democratic, giving Obama a boost in the upcoming election.

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ameer jabril 24.01.2014 03:01

Sad but then again u white western c**ts deserve it if u fall for these zionist bigots anti religious propaganda.


ameer jabril 24.01.2014 03:01

Its seems americans especially white americans r falling ever more into the global zionists anti religious propaganda bubble. Shame since the Christian and Muslim peoples have always been the ones most openly resisting the zionist one world governments plans. Is it any wonder the US and white west as a whole is on the global decline. Its atheist population r brainwashed to hate the people fighting against zionist influence all the while the zionists run the US and other western atheist countries into the ground.

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