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Anna Chapman goes topless… in doll form

Published time: July 30, 2010 22:29
Edited time: July 30, 2010 22:29

Fans of Anna Chapman can now play with her for just 30 dollars – dolls of the would-be spy have just gone on sale in the US.

Customers can choose from two Chapmans. The first one is labeled “Predator” and shows Anna dressed in a white top and blue jeans, holding a gun in her hand. While the second – "Spy I Could Love" – is a topless version of the Russian agent.

The real Chapman, however, seems less willing to get her kit off – the femme fatal has just turned down an offer to star in a porno flick coming from Hollywood's largest adult-film making company.

Anyway, the filmmakers do not lose heart: they say they will offer her so much money, she will not be able to say no.

Meanwhile, each doll is available for purchase online for around thirty dollars – but Chapman herself will not benefit from the sales due to the conditions of her release from arrest.

Herobuilders, the company responsible for the figurine, specializes in the production of action-figures of political and movie heroes.

Ex-Governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich, the largest financial fraudster in US history Bernie Madoff, former US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, and Michelle and Barack Obama can all be found among its other products.